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  1. Download: Viril

    Is there any fixes for this file coz it has a lot of bugs on its lightbox like on top when link clicked while viewing one topic...
  2. What's new in IP.Board 3.1.2? (Part 1)

    Hope to have a Kunena Recent Topics/Discussions like feature, that recent topics/discussions displayed like in a Forum Index View. Have a look http://www.kunena.com/forum/latest
  3. Download: Surface

    Is there any payment methods aside from paypal? Thank you very much.
  4. SQL Injection Vulnerability

    Of course the security is our main concern here that's why I put it here as feedback not only for myself but for you as well if you are running IP System, especially the IP.Board. In this way, they will be aware that they should do something for their customers' security. Dont get me wrong here.
  5. Greetings to all! I just want to put this comments for your customer's security and for your awareness of the SQL Injection Vulnerability of the IPB System because I was hacked and made my board inaccessible even I just recently updated to the most stable release 3.0.5 IP.Board. Can you please check all the possible gateways for the attackers to get in IPB.Board? Because if someone successfully get in to my board that easy, all IPB customers will be in danger. Thank you very much and hope you'll pay attention to it.