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  1. Jeg har oppdatert språkpakken for å løse problemet som ble nevnt og oversette noe mer tekst som har blitt lagt til.
  2. Hello, I was wondering if you could add the admantx service-fetcher to be considered as a search engine spider: http://www.admantx.com/service-fetcher.html/ The browser column in the sessions-table for these guests are admantx-adform/2.4 (+http://www.admantx.com/service-fetcher.html) and uagent_key is admantx-adform. Thanks for your consideration.
  3. [4.2.3] Breadcrumb JSON empty?

    I see it's still not back in 4.2.4 pre-release. Could someone from IPS give us an idea on when it's coming back?
  4. Hi, Currently there is a difference in presentation between when a post is hidden, and when the topic is hidden. When a post is hidden, then there is for example the following text next to it: Hidden by TSP, Just now - No reason given While if the topic is hidden, then on the first post it just says: Hidden To see information about who was hiding the topic you have to hover the hide icon next to the topic title. However, moderators on our forum say they would also like this information presented in the same manner as on any post in the topic. It could for example change Hidden to «Topic hidden by TSP, Just now - No reason given», to clarify it's the whole topic. Another problem is that the information about who has hidden a topic is not readily available on mobile. Clicking on the hidden icon next to the topic title on a mobile doesn't show anything. Below are example images of how it is presented today.
  5. Here is an updated version. Show IP Address on Mobile Devices.xml
  6. I would also like to exclude groups from the leaderboard, but they should still be able to receive reactions on their posts.
  7. Hello, There is no indication in the mobile menu on which account you're logged into. There is no profile image or member name. I suggest that you add the member name to the Sign Out-button, so it'll say for example: Sign Out TSP Alternatively you could have a small line at the top of the mobile user menu with the avatar and user name next to it, above the sign out-button or the message/notification/report-icons. Thanks for considering this small change that I feel will improve the mobile user experience.
  8. There is no such button INSIDE the topic, unless Im missing something obvious. Please read my post again
  9. If you're in a topic/item with multiple pages and on a page where the first unread post is either "not on the same page" or "first unread is not the top post on the page"; could you add a button at the top of the page you could click to go to the first unread post in the topic. It could be something as simple as adding the unread marker next to the page title, for example. Or a button positioned on the right hand side, on the same line as the pagination. Thanks for considering.
  10. Hello, Could you make the URL to the comments area go to the first unread comment instead of your current link? I'm quite tired of having to maintain my own template edits in this area. Your link is for example: <li><a href='{$entry->url()}#comments' title='{lang="view_comments"}' class='ipsType_light'>{lang="num_comments" pluralize="$entry->num_comments"}</a></li> Without the following custom template edit instead, our members complain a lot: <li><a href='{{if \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_id}}{$entry->url('getNewComment')}{{else}}{$entry->url()}#comments{{endif}}' title='{lang="view_comments"}' class='ipsType_light'><i class='fa fa-comment'></i> {lang="num_comments" pluralize="$entry->num_comments"}</a></li> Thanks for considering improving how the comment links in the blog area works.
  11. I've now released an update here: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7862-post-anonymously-in-forums/ These are the release notes: 1.1.0: A new setting has been added that lets you log to the moderator log who have checked the identity behind anonymous posts The "Check anonymous" link on posts have been moved from the IP address area to the post controls below the post "Check anonymous" will now display the result inside an ipsDialog, so you don't leave the page upon left-clicking it Some safe guards have been put in place in order to prevent issues elsewhere in the suite from causing a post to be double-posted or be posted as the actual user. I also changed some of the images on the file page. Price for new customers has been increased from 7 USD to 10 USD. This file is no longer 4.1 compatible or tested for 4.1. This version is made for 4.2.
  12. On my growing list of RSS improvement wishes today: How about an RSS-feed on the "Our pics"-page? The <description> would be the text you write in the promotion. The <pubDate> would be the date for the promotion item. <link> would go to the item being promoted. <title> would be the title for the item on the promotion page. Thanks for your consideration.
  13. Hello, Your activity streams doesn't contain <guid> like expected. For example: https://invisioncommunity.com/discover/all.xml/ Could you please add this. Thanks.
  14. Hello, Could you provide author information in the various RSS-feeds generated by the software. As an example of feeds I would like it in: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/files.xml https://invisioncommunity.com/discover/all.xml/ https://invisioncommunity.com/news/?rss=1 But these are just examples, I would like that information in all RSS-feeds generated by the software where author information would be relevant. You can provide the display name under <dc:creator>, since <author> is meant to contain email address as well, which we obviously wouldn't want in this case.
  15. Jeg har nå oppdatert språkpakken for 4.2. Se: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7383-norwegian-norsk-bokmål-for-all-ips-apps-except-commerce/