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  1. Free

    Norwegian (Norsk, bokmål) for all IPS-apps except Commerce

    This is the Norwegian translation of IPS 4.2, the remainder of this text will be in Norwegian.
    Dette er den norske språkpakken for Invision Power Suite 4.2. Oversettelsen er gjort til bokmål. Språkpakken til 4.0 og 4.1 kan fås ved å laste ned tidligere versjoner.
    Disse applikasjonene er oversatt:
    System / Core Forum - IP.Forums Blogger - IP.Blog Kalender - IP.Calendar Galleri - IP.Gallery Nedlastninger - IP.Downloads Sider - IP.Pages Jeg setter veldig pris på om du kommer med tilbakemeldinger, tips til endringer, melder inn feil osv. i dette emnet: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/409197-ips-4-norwegian-translation-norsk-bokmål-for-blog-calendar-and-forums/
    Du kan også ta direkte kontakt med meg her i forumet eller min profil TSP på Diskusjon.no.
    Merk: Selv om alt er oversatt, inkludert admin-panelet, anbefaler jeg personlig at man bruker den engelske språk-pakken inne i admin-panelet. Dette kan man styre for seg selv ved å åpne nedtrekksmenyen som man får ved å trykke på «Signed in as/Logget inn som ...» i toppen av admin-panelet i 4.1 eller ved å trykke avataren sin oppe i høyre hjørne i 4.2. 


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  2. $10.00

    Post Anonymously in Forums

    This plugin allows your members to post their forum posts and topics as an anonymous user. Meaning the post will not be posted under their regular user account they are logged in with.
    You will be able to check the true identity behind posts in the Moderator Control Panel. Posts posted will have a generated identifier code in them, to be able to tell multiple members posting anonymously within the same discussion apart for regular members. Please read further information on this in the setting descriptions.
    This is developed and used with the thought of letting members be able to share or ask about sensitive / personal topics in specific forums. The users will not need to be logged out to ask as a guest and you will not have to enable guest posting.
    If "Notify me of new replies" is checked when the member reply anonymously to the topic, and they don't already follow the topic, then the follow preference will be set as following the topic anonymously.
    This plugin is only made for the Forums-application. There are no immediate plans to make it work for other applications.
    Can post anonymously (Groups) Can post anonymously in (Forums) Posts appear as posted by (Blank for guest with identifer code as guest name or member account) Can check original author (Groups) Generate md5-hash from (Multiple select: Topic ID, Forum ID, Member ID of original author, Email of original author, Joined time of original author, Unique Board Anonymous Key, Community Install Date) Unique board anonymous key Log to the moderator log whenever someone checks the real user behind a post (Yes/No) Installation procedure/requirements
    This hook requires one hook xml-file to be uploaded as a plugin from the AdminCP. It also includes one file to be manually uploaded to applications/core/extensions/core/ModCp/
    Further instructions are found in the attached readme-file.
    If you used the IP.Board 3.3/3.4-plugin
    Most previously configured settings should work, but it’s advised you look over them. You will at least need to re-configure the anonymous user once more, if you don’t wish it to be posted as a guest under a guest name. 
      You may notice that the anonymous identifier code (poster hash) is different within the same topic for the same user compared to before the upgrade to 4.X. This is not considered a bug and new posts posted under this plugin will not necessarily have an identifier code that matches what you would expect from IP.Board 3.4. This should theoretically only be a valid concern for topics where the topic was started by the anonymous user.  

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  3. Free

    Disable Advertisement Impressions

    This plugin will disable the updating of advertisement impressions within the Invision Power Suite.
    Most third-party advertisement integrations already handles impressions counting. This plugin will remove one database query from each page load where advertisement spots defined in the advertisement setup in Invision Power Suite are present. 
    No settings. One language string. One informative message in the Advertisement area. Plug and play. Install it by simply uploading the .xml in the Plugins-section of your admin panel. No bugs. (Faults in grammar or spelling does not count) Please note: This plugin does not disable form options related to impressions or the display of "Impressions" in the advertisement list or any other areas (for example in Commerce) where it may display. There is however a message reminding you about the presence of the plugin in the Advertisement setup area in the admin control panel. 


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