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  1. (NB40) RSS Sidebar Widget

    Thanks for the information, it was a great widget with all the options you had in it. Sorry they pulled the plug on the API. Thanks,
  2. (NB40) RSS Sidebar Widget

    Thanks for the fast response! It is RSS from a Word Press Blog of mine. The Blog link is http://castlekeepdanes.com/depotblog/ The RSS feed link is http://castlekeepdanes.com/depotblog/?feed=rss2 Thanks,
  3. (NB40) RSS Sidebar Widget

    Dang, upgrades always improving something but breaking other nice things. My Rss feed NB40 from my Blog used to work flawlessly but after the recent update to it has stopped. The board RSS feed works to import into a forum section but the sidebar RSS block no longer works. So the RSS from the Blog must be working okay but the NB40 isn't working any longer. Any suggestions on how I can fix it? Any help appreciated because this is such a great widget.
  4. Upgrade from IP. 3.4.x to IPS4.0

    I have a test site up and running 4.x all 3rd party items were removed and then the data base converted and it is running fine. Is there a way I can just convert my present 3.4.x database and then I could import it to the test site and have a current site ready to copy to my live site directory? and change the global.php and re-point the directories etc. and other things that have to be done after a copy from a live to a test. I also will have a copy of my forum and database in another directory just in case. Or would it be better to just try to convert the live site (while off line of course).
  5. I have moaned and groaned about updates and things that break with them, but I also have to say that when I did have to call on support they were super great. It's been 7 years and I'm still here.
  6. Duh, that's my bad. I tried to follow what was being said but got lost in the talk of having to submit several just to get one to take. Weird thing is it has never ever happened automagically on my forum just pasting the link. , it remained a link until you previewed or submitted. At some points during the last year it would stop working unless you used tags around it yet I had not added or removed any mods. Then it started working again on it's own. Thanks for getting me on the right track Tracy I was lost there for a bit.
  7. Not sure if this will help anyone figure out what it is doing, but here is what worked every time on mine using Google Chrome or Firefox Copy either the url link from the browser or the share link for the video Paste the link in the post. Hit Return/Enter (video displays at this point) Click the submit button. If I paste and just click the submit button it leaves it as a link. So if I want just a url in a sentence I paste it in the sentence and it never converts just like it should for a sentence. Someone try my steps and see if it works, I'm curious or maybe it is just my site that does it that way.
  8. IP.Board 3.4 End of Support

    Well, I got 16 more months of good sailing before ending it I guess. I will have made it 8 years with IPB/IPS by then. Good luck and hope you get all the bugs ironed out by then.
  9. Hello Pete, it's been a while but i was checking out the new site you have and wanted to see if I can be validated. I am Windwalker on your site and Windwalker222 on the IPS site and a current client. 



  10. The chat app, bad or good for the forum?

    My Shoutbox is used a lot. We have an understanding that it is used for friendly hellos and not support, same with the Chat room feature. It depends on the forum like many have said. Sadly like The Old Man, the new V4 is just too much worry and strain on resources and you lose so much in the upgrade. The Chat, Shoutbox and Custom sidebar blocks mod. are a vital part of my discussion forum. I have given up and will stay with 3.4.8 till EOL and then close after a run of 9 years. We little forums seem to have been left behind in the quest for business model customers. But to get back on topic, I think a Chat room has a place for certain forums. If it's stealing your posts away from the main site then it isn't being utilized/moderated correctly. JMO
  11. What's holding you back from upgrading to IPB 4.x?

    I apologize for sounding so bitter. Your right that a total re-write is probably not going to happen for a long time now. What I speak of are the tweaks or fixes to maybe the editor or something else that seemed to be constantly going on in the older versions. Then your themes stop working, or a mod. I've just had bad luck with things that make the board "more than basic". Like a good mod for a shoutbox, arcade, or a links system or store. Along comes a tweak for the basic board and breaks things. To get back on topic since I seem to have wandered, let me just say I will hold off upgrading till just before end of life for the pre V4 and then I might attempt it. My apologies to all for getting off topic.
  12. What's holding you back from upgrading to IPB 4.x?

    I'm just going to wait before messing with it further. Maybe by the time they get the bugs out it will be smoother. Of course by that time the next major upgrade will be here and back to square one. Take a look at the numbers (members and guests) visiting here now. They are much lower than the pre V4 days. Those lucky enough to have a smooth install, which I always had up to this upgrade, are touting the new V4. Those of us that need something that "just works" are not. "But it's not going to be something you'll have to do very often" Your new right? Just wait till your themes stop working, or your mod you like breaks with the next latest and greatest "improvement". Total re-writes of software are not always a good thing.
  13. What's holding you back from upgrading to IPB 4.x?

    Well, after 9 years of running a general discussion forum I think when they kill off 3.4.8 I will fold up and throw in the towel. Over the last few years too many upgrades that broke things in the name of becoming the top forum software has worn on many people. Developers are tired of making mods that will have to be remade all over again within months. Skins stop working etc. I realize to be competitive you need to improve once in awhile, but it has become ridiculous. Now with the new IPS4 the upgrade reminds you of the early days where you had to nearly do it all by hand. Instead of a smooth upgrade as in years past, some of us are presented with a plethora of "newly needed" things. PHP, SQL, cURL upgrades it insists on having that stop you in your tracks. The upgrader says you can continue with the issues like php or sql version mismatch, but it won't let you. Now we need to inculde curl php which I haven't needed in 9 years, or if I had it then it was working fine till the new V4. I feel IPS is concentrating on business models more than us little guys that helped get them where they are today. Many will quietly leave since it has been shown in the past that complaining about the "improvements" just falls on deaf ears as IPS charges full speed ahead to be the biggest and baddest business oriented kid on the block. So okay you've outgrown us simple forum owners, cool. Just remember all those you are leaving behind will be going somewhere else, probably the competition because like IPB of the golden years, I hear the other ones seem to just work right out of the box. A lack of mods, fewer custom skins and less developers willing to re-write their mods every few months is killing a great forum software. Sorry for the long post. but In answer to the question I must say no, I will not be upgrading I don't think to V4. It looks nice but after years of smooth running I don't feel like rebuilding my forum from scratch just to have to do it again in a few months when the next "improvement" comes down the pipe. Again, the new format looks good but it "just doesn't work" for many when you loose half your sites personality that was made by the great mods that helped make the basic functionality better like shoutboxes, arcades, and some other items that appeal to other than business users.
  14. Are Chatrooms Dead?

    Since someone is around nearly 24/7 (staff) I find it handy to help with small problems a member may have that needs help right away with doing something on the site.
  15. (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks

    I hope someone picks this up for 4.0 be a shame to lose such a handy mod.