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  1. R.I.P. Peter Falk

    1. AndyF


      I just saw it too :(

    2. dogpatch


      bummer.. i used to watch colombo when i was sick at home from school when i was a kid..

  2. Download: GlassWorld

    Halloween preview :)
  3. Has to be more of people like Him!

  4. 312_sept_patch

    In the original package there is a "custom" folder, so you should have that and that other 2 zip file you don't need, just use the php file.
  5. iPhone & GlassWorld Skin Updated to: 3.1.2

  6. Download: GlassWorld

    Updated to: 3.1.2
  7. Download: iPhone Skin

    Updated to: 3.1.2
  8. Download: iPhone Skin

    Mobile friendly a little, coz you can navigate quicker inside the forum. It's cool if you are using phone ;)
  9. Download: GlassWorld

    Ip.Chat - Ok
  10. Download: iPhone Skin

    Ip.Chat - Ok Tony we will talk about this, in pm... Thanks!
  11. Download: iPhone Skin

    IP.Chat the only addon what I have...that I will check now. Give me few days and we see, I have to ask my friends maybee they have these other addons, where I can skin.
  12. Download: iPhone Skin

    Which addons do you need?
  13. File Name: iPhone Skin File Submitter: m4ss4 File Submitted: 07 Jul 2010 File Updated: 18 Aug 2010 File Category: Dark Skins iPhone Skin Professional iPhone Skin with extras! Board, Calendar, Portal, Ip.Chat, IP.Shoutbox ready. Updated to: 3.1.2 Price: $25 - Change the logo (psd included) - Scroll up to the top, or down to the bottom of the page in the topic (Mouse and hand saver) - Navigate easily in the forum by pushing the forum table (It's important if you use mobile) - Custom forum & topic icons - Nice profile icons in user navigation If you want this skin, just pm me! Click here to download this file