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Entry Comments posted by Martin A.

  1. Quote

    Open normally

    I think you should change that wording to reflect what the "normal" way of opening a topic is. I assume you mean "First post", but using the word "normally" can be something else for someone. If a community have made some template changes or used a plugin to change the normal behavior, the "normal" way for that community isn't the same as yours. 

    Hope you've changed this in the record feed too. Clicking the name of an article and to then be taken to the last comment is the least normal thing to do.

  2. 7 hours ago, The Guy said:

    That looks like a mean machine. What's that power range?

    The only "power adder" on that engine are the aluminium heads (non-branded China version), so I've estimated it to be around 350bhp. But it turned out to be an inconvenient build as the pistons are too high, causing a compression of ~12:1, which means I need to run it on high octane fuel. Going to transfer the heads, cam and valvetrain to the engine that's currently in the truck (stock 350TBI) when my new throttle body arrives.

  3. Looking very good indeed!


    In most iOS apps (maybe Android too) that features a navigation sidebar which slides out have the button and sidebar on the left side, at least on the apps I frequently use. So for the sake of consistency I'd like to request having it moved to the other side.


    And I actually liked the pink colors.

  4. what if i have two licenses, one active one inactive, both domains using same up to date software from the active license

    That's not allowed, as an active license should only be accessible trough one domain. In your case it's accessible from two.


    I could be wrong, though.

  5. This is enough for me to not trust those guys.



        Nikolay Prays        ()     Orion Mall, Suite #118     Victoria     Mahe,248000     SC

    Who are they? Why are they registered in a suite in the Seychelles (And not Russia, where they are based)? Why isn't there any information about them on their own website? Googling the company doesn't return any form of official looking sites (other than WHOIS data).


    And then there's this blog: http://keycaptchaured.wordpress.com/

  6. fpassthru is needed for minifiy isn't it? 





    Too bad there isn't a button that we can click that is labeled 'Dismayed.'


    Not all of us are tech wizards that can skip through the grassy fields, sing aloud, and log on to our dedicated servers or persuade our shared hosting support service to enable or adjust the settings for open_basedir and disable_functions.


    Your blog entry implies that the security patch you have provided is not, in and of itself, enough to protect our ipboard installation and that we must take these other security measures.


    So are IPS products safe as installed or not?  Yes or No.

    There will always be vulnerabilities in software. You are never 100% secure.


    This blog post is mainly intended for those who run their own dedicated server or VPS, or for hosting providers.

    If you run an unmanaged server without understanding what's written here, you really shouldn't. With managed servers you usually have support technicians that takes care of the server, and you can pass them the link to this blog post, asking if these precautions have been taken.


    Also, this is to point out that you can only secure your self as much trough the software on it's own. If vulnerabilities or weak spots are found in the core system (PHP, Apahce, MySQL, etc), IPS can't really do much about it. 

  7. [quote name='Mat (FDNZ)' date='16 October 2010 - 04:42 AM']
    That's really not very feasible at all. In fact, to do that you'd have to open a big giant security vulnerability in the form of CHMOD 777 on all files. It won't happen. (FYI: the rolleyes emoticon you use in every post adds a patronising tone to your comments. I don't know if you realised it).

    Not if you use a FTP framework to transfer the files, which I've done in my Resource Installer (which in theory can be used to update IPS' apps too).

  8. [quote name='Brandon D' date='21 January 2010 - 03:37 AM']
    Nice :-) Loving the changes & additions. Great work.

    The report center plugin and user profile tabs ( /apps/members/sources/tabs/* ) would allow IP.Links to be shipped confined to its own little folder if they were moved to its application directory :wub:

    [edit] Oh and the app icon from /skin_cp/_newimages too

    They changed that to /appdir/skin_cp/appIcon.png in one of the early public betas :P

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