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  1. QOTW: Let's talk about music

  2. Member Map

    Register a free account. After you've verified your email address and logged in, you go to "Manage Keys". Not sure if you create a key during the registration process, or not. If you did not click the button to create a new one. Then click the only item on the list to expand it. The key you want to copy to the Member Map settings is the one labeled "Consumer Key". Ask them if they can check the Javascript console in the browser. If the page is blank it's because an error was thrown.
  3. Member Map

    @Adriano Faria Look at this.
  4. Member Map

    Disable all plugins to see if the problem goes away. Then you have to enable them one by one to see what’s causing it.
  5. Member Map

    @SRFA Do you have any hooks installed that does something related to clubs? I can't find anywhere in my code where this error would trigger, and the file and line number in your error message indicate that it's coming from a hooks/plugin. Seeing any errors in your Javascript console? Send me your URL if you can't figure it out. If the task was able to pick up "Redmond, WA", it should create a marker for him, as that does return a result from the search engine. As mentioned before, I need ACP access to efficiently debug this. If you've enabled the setting to "Enable profile sync", a map marker should immediately be created or updated when the profile is edited.
  6. Member Map

    I’ll look into this tomorrow morning when I get behind my computer.
  7. Member Map

    @SRFA Are you still using IPS 4.1.x?
  8. Member Map

    That looks correct to me. Does it still shut itself off? I might need ACP access to get a closer look at this. Are you saying that you have nearly 300 members who've added their location to a profile field, but only 151 of them show up on the map? Have you turned on the "Import members without a map marker?" setting, or at least used that in the beginning to automatically add markers? I might need ACP access here too.
  9. Member Map

    Make sure that the settings above that toggle is filled out/selected, especially the one that defines what profile field to look for. That setting will only turn itself off when all members are processed.
  10. Member Map

    No, not if the name of the file you downloaded was "membermap_3_4_2.zip", and it shows v3.4.2 in your ACP.
  11. Member Map

    That was weird. I'm sure I did upload the new file, but I might have forgotten to update the version number. All good now.
  12. Member Map

    Yes, was added in 3.4.1.
  13. Member Map

    Yes, search for «membermap_clubnavtitle».
  14. Member Map

    @bradl @jair101 @Wade Nash @Unlucky All your reported bugs and feature requests have been added today.
  15. Member Map

    Yes, send me the KMZ file. Yes. Go to ACP > Menu Manager. Make sure the "Member Map" item is still there, and that you haven't changed the permission on it.