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  1. Thank you for update and continued maintenance on Minimized Quote

  2. Member Map

    I'm not seeing any events in Australia, just a custom marker down there. Maybe the cache just had to be rebuild?
  3. Member Map

    The fix for the issue @bradl reported above also fixed this. It will take the user's Accept-Language value from the request header and relay that to MapQuest to get the result in a language they are able to understand. I kind of want to blame this on your theme, especially if you're not seeing the search result like in the image above. Try switching to the default theme and see what happens.
  4. Member Map

    I've identified this as a Community In the Cloud issue. When the cache files are written to disk, CIC need to be notified that a resync is needed, if not you'll get a different cache version depending on which server in the cluster you're getting it from. And I think there's something funky going on with your marker group icons. Only enter the "fa-*" name, not an entire "<i>" tag.
  5. Member Map

    It's the server IP, not the one from the user, as the request is routed through the server.
  6. Member Map

    This is so random that I think I want to see this myself. Send me the link to your site, and I'll have a look at what's going on. I think MapQuest looks at where the request originated from, based on the IP address, to determine the format of the address. The "English format" is to put the house number first, but if the request came from a country that doesn't format it like that, you'll get what the unhappy user got. I'll see what I can do about that.
  7. Member Map

    It should work on iOS and other mobile devices and tablets, I've not recently received any other reports about it not working. I've never seen the "hitt and miss" issue either. Mind showing me a couple of screenshots? The house icon identifies your location, the person are other members.
  8. Member Map

    Follow the URL in the error message to get to the site where you sign up for the key.
  9. Member Map

    Take a backup of the table, then run this query: UPDATE membermap_markers SET marker_open=1;
  10. Member Map

    I've been thinking about dropping the popup data from the cache, and instead load that over AJAX when needed. That would minimize the size of the cache even more and speed up load time, but only when the browser cache needs to be updated. Have a look in Moderator CP -> Deleted Content. The markers should appear there.
  11. Member Map

    Not 100% sure if you can "cherry pick" a table from a complete backup. What I would do is import the backup as a new database, then export just the membermap_* tables, which you'll then import to your original database.
  12. Member Map

    Oh my, that is not good. That is not good at all! Expect a new version in a couple of minutes. Unless you have a recent DB backup, getting your markers back is unlikely. Unless they're just "soft deleted", in that case your should still see then if you browse the markers.
  13. Member Map

    That is accidentall hardcoded. Will change that to a translatable string in the next release.
  14. Thank you for update and continued maintenance on Minimized Quote

  15. Member Map

    You can fix it, and you'll then get rid of the red error message