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  1. Portal

    Truncate main topic post - 20 lines
  2. Portal

    @Mike John Please add YouTube, Like/Dislike in future updates.
  3. Portal

    Can you add pagination?
  4. Gallery Rebuild

    ACP > Community > Gallery > Settings > blue link "rebuild existing images"
  5. I found a way around to resolve the stack in rebuilding background tasks without turning on the cron in ACP: in the dashboard below all background processes there is a link "Alternatively, you can manually run them now and wait until they all complete. " which didn't work for 2 days showing only 92% stack in rebuilding posts since we upgraded last Friday, and I opened it many times in the current tab in FireFox, showing "starting...." and then just a blank page in that tab, a few minutes ago I opened it with a right mouse button in a New Window AND - voila! it's working right now and the progress is on! Yahooooo! All tasks took about 3 hours to complete
  6. (NB40) Topic Reputation

    upgrade from 3.4.7?
  7. has not set their status