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  1. Paid Service for Upgrading

    ​RC means release candidate. A candidate does not equal to "live". It's pretty close, it's almost there, you can feel it, but it still takes a bit more.
  2. Specifically V3 VS V4

    Nothing wrong with pointing out in a constructive way why one might think the thread is not effective, the rule of "abide by my exact wish or get out" feels a little too strict. There's plenty of documentation available regarding the differences, and everyone's take on them is a little different, so the best way to get through it is to take 20 minutes to go through them, so you can get your idea, rather than someone else's. As for my take on the upgrade, it's a lot of reasons, but it just comes down to: a recent framework compared to a 5 year old one. It results in subtle and not-so-subtle changes in everything.
  3. Thanks! Small changes, big impact.

    I'm with you. While I'm still waiting for fixes and getting around changes, it's so much of an improvement that I can't but thank the team for this wonderful work. Cheers!
  4. When is next beta release

    Damn I went there hoping Pages would be included! I'll be waiting for a while more, I suppose Cheers, nice to see it moving forward
  5. I do very much hope it's going to be available out of the box, but I do not think that will happen, unfortunately! Let's wait and see it would be amazing
  6. For a final release before Dec 10, we would need a RC1 just about this week then. Considering Pages has not entered Beta stage yet and neither has Commerce, that sounds difficult, although utopistically possible. We shall see. I am eagerly waiting for a proper beta with pages to begin working on it all.
  7. ​That would mean there has to be a new beta each friday, thus marking each beta phase just exactly one week long. Isn't that a bit too restrictive?
  8. Wordpress nowadays is a CMS/Blog, Pages and Blog are respectively CMS and Blog, so it's not a weird question. I would assume you can move the same stuff if not more, but let's see what the Staff says, I would be interested too.
  9. Keyword Tooltips

    I see, so the only way to add content is to manually input it there. That's unfortunate, it would've been perfect if it allowed me to pull from somewhere else. Thank you very much though!
  10. Keyword Tooltips

    I see, that's alright. How about topics? Can I pull a topic's content? like the first post or something. That would be equally good. I just don't want/can't add records twice for tooltips.
  11. Keyword Tooltips

    Hello, I'm wondering if you can pull content from ip.content databases just like a normal ip.content page would, through a tooltip. Example: I insert a keyword, let's say "paper", and on hover to that keyword, the content of a record (which we can say is http://www.mysite.com/mydatabase/_/paper )is loaded within the table. I of course would add the link to the page, but still from what I've seen that's not currently possible? Thanks!
  12. Download: (SOS33) Advertising on Posts

    Thank you :) I'll keep checking
  13. Download: (SOS33) Advertising on Posts

    IP.Nexus, and as per the help page here I tried both methods (Help page), I guess it's parsed after the ip code gets worked out so I have to use another method. I'm pretty sure other people would find it helpful aswell if you could help. Thank you in any case :smile:
  14. Download: (SOS33) Advertising on Posts

    Well, it kinda is, as it has to do with your hook :P I'm trying to put that advertisement code inside, and neither with <? code etc ?> nor the tag works, as it's probably parsed after, so I was wondering if you had any idea on how to make it work. It's ok, thanks anyway.
  15. Download: (SOS33) Advertising on Posts

    Nice mod. I'm wondering though how to implement ip.Nexus advertisements, as the usual way doesn't seem to work {parse advertisement="ad_code_board_index_header"} and not even the php code to recall it seems to work