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    Dolfan23b got a reaction from Admonstrator in CKeditor won't restore to default - no text editor on site now   
    Nevermind... a fresh copy of the suite fixed the issue.
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    Dolfan23b got a reaction from ehku in Some people can't get the editor to open after upgrade to 4.1   
    That actually worked for me! Thanks @Charles now if there were a way to clear my end users caches for them it would end my troubles on this upgrade. 
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    Dolfan23b got a reaction from eGullet in 4.1 editor icons   
    As Charles suggested this worked for me. I added the "Clear Cache" extension for Chrome and it makes it really nice and quick. 
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    Dolfan23b got a reaction from Koby in New Line instead of New Paragraph   
    Just  hit 
    Shift + Enter
    for a new line
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    Dolfan23b got a reaction from Tracy Perry in 4.1 editor icons   
    Just tried changing the Moono skin and that worked perfectly. In fact I think my users would prefer that one as it seems to remember that you did or did not use the source button for your last post. Between the people pissed about losing BBCode functionality (e.g. being able to type in the code directly into the editor without having to use a mouse to do something) and now this editor acting wonky I'm not sure how much more they're going to take of 4.x. 
    I may try and go back to the default skin once I've played around with the Moono skin a bit. 
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    Dolfan23b reacted to Woodsman in How do you convert 3.x subscriptions to 4.x Nexus?   
    Don't call me Sir! I was a working man in the military...  
    But glad to be of help just the same...
    (Can you tell I hate Emoticons lately)
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    Dolfan23b reacted to Woodsman in How do you convert 3.x subscriptions to 4.x Nexus?   
    A quick but tedious fix to this is copy the nexus folder from theme folder 1 to those with the missing folder. Then go into the ACP - Customization (No Designers Mode) -  Theme - (theme with missing Nexus folder - far right down arrow - Manage resources and start adding these images.
    It may also be possible (I believe) to copy the Nexus folders as described above in Designers Mode. As long as the css files are pointing to the images properly.
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    Dolfan23b got a reaction from AndyF in How do you convert 3.x subscriptions to 4.x Nexus?   
    Yessir there's been some data and a good bit of customization. I don't want to create a whole nother can of worms so I will avoid going that direction. I'd be more than happy to test out a subs to Nexus upgrade on the dev site. 
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    Dolfan23b reacted to AndyF in How do you convert 3.x subscriptions to 4.x Nexus?   
    The code exists in 1.5.x I've just looked at it.
    Quick feedback topic posted:

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    Dolfan23b reacted to AndyF in How do you convert 3.x subscriptions to 4.x Nexus?   
    In theory it might but I'd not personally want to copy a database piecemeal as the tables are relational, you could open up a 'difficult to fix' can of worms with things that might not present issues straight away.
    With the db its best as an 'all or nothing' thing really.
    Has there been much data since you upgraded to 4X ?
    I'd be tempted to try a subs to Nexus upgrade on your test site first to see how well it goes before considering a 'restore' of your live site (if that's practical)
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    Dolfan23b reacted to Jim M in Can't upload new emoticons if default group was deleted   
    Please submit a ticket. Thanks
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    Dolfan23b reacted to AndyF in Commerce subs import   
    Reference topic:

    It seems that with Commerce you cannot import (convert) legacy subscriptions data, either from when it was an official IPS app or a third party one. This does seem a little odd as Nexus 1.5.9 (on 3.4.x) *will* read the subs data and import it during install.
    See ~/nexus/modules_admin/convert/convert.php for specifics.
    The only solution to doing this is to install Nexus 1.5.x on board 3.4.x *before* upgrading to IPS4 as it does not appear possible to do this afterwards.
    My suggestion is simply to add some code to Commerce to do this if its practical.
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    Dolfan23b reacted to AndyF in How do you convert 3.x subscriptions to 4.x Nexus?   
    You're welcome. Feedback topic link in my post above.
    I'm not 100% sure on the styling concern. Go to the ACP > Support > Something is not working > Just follow it all the way through (let it rebuild caches etc) until you get to the stage where it wants you to submit a ticket (do not)
    Then check to see if the styling issue is fixed or not. If you're using a custom theme check on the default too.
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    Dolfan23b reacted to Woodsman in Upgrade from IP. 3.4.x to IPS4.0 (updated)   
    Upgrade from IP. 3.4.x to IPS4.0
    I am bringing this back again seeing there are still many that want to know how to upgrade.
    This is an updated version from my original post where the upgrade is explained from start to finish.
    So you think you are ready to take the plunge and try a test install / upgrade from your current IP Board to the current IPS4.0 beta and later to the final release. Well we will see.
    {Comment} The following steps are with the assumption you have already created a test install of your current board and made all the preparations leaving your current live board intact.
    If Not then see the following article. Creating a Duplicate Local Test board from you Live Board. at the bottom of this article.
    Step One.

    1st, Download and run Get Ready For IPS 4.0 1.0.3 to test your current install to see if it is in fact ready. you can get your copy here. http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7046-get-ready-for-ips-40/
    OK! all is green and good to go then skip the next step and continue on.
    But you are showing errors that need to be fixed. OK it's not the end of the world so there is no need to find a cliff or skyscraper to jump from. Download and run IPS UTF8 Database Converter 1.1.13 you can get it here. http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/6823-ips-utf8-database-converter/
    Run the converter and let it do its thing, it will take a while. When this is finished re run Get Ready For IPS 4.0 1.0.3 to make sure all previous errors are fixed. If so we can go forward if not now you can find that cliff or skyscraper. NO Just Kidding!!! But you may want contact support with any errors.

    Step Two.

    1st, Make a backup of your Database call it whatever you like as long as you know where to go if the need comes up.

    2nd, Here is a trick I use on my local due to a few corrupt downloads that failed causing me to start a test installs from scratch.

    1, Create a _347 folder in your root directory and move all your files into it. Another backup you say? Yep! To go along with the above database backup should something go south on you.

    2, Providing you have IP.Downloads copy these files back to your Forum Root Directory from the _347folder.
    Copy the following folders, downloads, public, screenshots and uploads along with your conf_global.php file. Otherwise only public, uploads and conf_ global.php will due.

    3, Copy all the files from the IPS4.0 zip file you downloaded from your clients center to your new test install directory. From your browser go to your test install site http://example.com/admin/upgrade/ and begin the upgrade process.......... Go to Site!
    If the upgrader asks for your license key, add it but remember to use -TESTINSTALL immediately after the license key. 1234567890-12345-123-12345-1234567890-TESTINSTALL
     Creating a Duplicate Local Test board from you Live Board.
    Setting up a test board for upgrade is fairly easy but time consuming.
    In this section of this Tutorial is a guide for those that have never attempted to create a backup test site of the original live site for upgrade compatibility or other testing purposes.
    For those of you creating a local test server on your own computer using server software like Wamp, Xampp or Mamp. Follow these easy steps.
    Make a duplicate copy of your forum site by downloading it via FTP Forum Root to a location on your PC. Now log into your cpanel, PhpMyAdmin and Export the compete associated database.
    In this example we will be using the Wamp environment.
    Copy your forum site files into your Wamp - www directory example (C:\wamp\www\test-forum) Go into Wamp via your browser PhpMyAdmin, create a new database and Import the newly saved database into it.
    In your forum directory C:\wamp\www\test-forum find  your conf_global.php.
    In your conf_global.php settings you need to change these settings.
    $INFO['sql_database'] = 'original';   to
    $INFO['sql_database'] = 'new_db_name';   and
    $INFO['board_url'] = 'http://example.com/forum';   to
    $INFO['board_url'] = 'http://example.com/test-forum';
    And the same with the sql user if needed.
    $INFO['sql_user']       = 'tester';
    Now go to the ACP System Settings - General Configuration make all pertinent changes to Path to 'upload' directory and Upload URL. You can find the hint to these new URL's below the text boxes for example:  "IP.Board has detected your uploads path as: D:/wamp/www/test-forum/uploads"  and  IP.Board has detected your uploads url as:
    These changes will also need to be made in IP.Blog Settings and IP.Gallery if you have them.
    Go to System - Server Environment - Settings: Server Environment click on Update Settings. This will Sync your new server location settings in your new database.
    Next go to Look & Feel - Disable or remove all 3rd party skins.
    Go to Template Tools in the left side panel  check all boxes under - Rebuild Master Skin Data click the Rebuild button. When this is finished click Recache Skin Sets after. 
    Go back to System and Cache Management. Click on Rebuild Global Chaches Cache, Rebuild FURL Cache and then Recache ALL. Though some will say this is not necessary but trust me on this. Your IPS 4 upgrade will love you for doing these.
    Next back under System - Manage Applications & Modules - Disable all 3rd party Apps then click Recache Apps & Modules.
     Next step Manage Hooks - Disable all 3rd party hooks then click Reimport Application Hooks...
    Now lastly before doing the actual upgrade go back to your testboard front end via your browser and test to see if all is working correctly. Making sure it is an exact mirror to your live board. 
    As you make these changes in the ACP and save each they are also saved in the new Database.
    (After creating a 3.4.7 test install and all is working....)
    ​Create a _347 backup folder move all the existing files into it. Thus creating a complete backup of the board you are working with. Do the same with your database by backing it up to another name like "new347-backup". You can do this in PhpMyAdmin.
     If you have IP.Downloads, you will want to copy (duplicate) the following folders from your _347 backup directory you just made back to your forum root. downloads, public, screenshots, uploads and conf_global.php.
     If you do not have IP.Downloads than all you need to copy back to the root is your public and uploads folders with the conf_global.php.
     So if your new forum root directory for the test upgrade is named "my-testboard" or "my-testboard.com" the above files need to be copied there.
    After this has been completed copy your latest IPS4 beta files you downloaded from the client center to the forum root "my-testboard" or "my-testboard.com" with the other files you just put  there. Start the upgrade if it asks for your license key, add it but remember to use -TESTINSTALL immediately after the license key. 1234567890-12345-123-12345-1234567890-TESTINSTALL.
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    Dolfan23b got a reaction from AndyF in How do you convert 3.x subscriptions to 4.x Nexus?   
    Thanks Andy that would be great! 
    I've also noticed that it appears there's supposed to be a Nexus theme folder under the "1" theme and I'm not seeing that on my install. Just some broken images in the admin and a pretty boring and basic looking store front with the few subscriptions I've tried setting up. Any idea how to solve that? My fear is that I'd have to uninstall Commerce and then re-upload the files again and attempt to re-install the product. 
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    Dolfan23b reacted to Woodsman in How do you convert 3.x subscriptions to 4.x Nexus?   
    From what I recall it was possible in 3.x to convert subscriptions in Nexus.
    This is a feature that should have followed through with those purchasing Commerce after 4.0.
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    Dolfan23b reacted to AndyF in How do you convert 3.x subscriptions to 4.x Nexus?   
    That's a shame
    I've reviewed the code now. It is present in 1.5.x , /admin/applications_addon/ips/nexus/modules_admin/convert/convert.php
    I'll post a feedback topic about this. :)
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    Dolfan23b got a reaction from AndyF in How do you convert 3.x subscriptions to 4.x Nexus?   
    Yeah it looks like everything is still there in the DB and even if it weren't I have a couple of backups with the data. Just gotta get it sorted out to get that data into Nexus. Much appreciated on the advice. Gonna start a ticket and see where it goes. I'll report back here after...
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    Dolfan23b got a reaction from AndyF in How do you convert 3.x subscriptions to 4.x Nexus?   
    Thank you @AndyF for the responses. Unfortunately I already upgraded to 4.x not thinking that there wouldn't be a subscriptions plug-in like there was for 3.x. I'm not sure if a disabled subscriptions can be converted to Nexus on 4.x but I wasn't given an option to do so anywhere that I can find. 
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    Dolfan23b reacted to AndyF in How do you convert 3.x subscriptions to 4.x Nexus?   
    I can't give much more info at the moment as I'm not on my usual machine so I don't have any test data or things to try it with, but I'm sure on 3x if subs was present and you installed Nexus it offered you a choice of what to do with the data at install time, ie to use it or lose it as such. I mean by this to 'convert' it to Nexus subscriptions.
    A support tech will be able to update you on this I'm sure.
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    Dolfan23b got a reaction from AndyF in How do you convert 3.x subscriptions to 4.x Nexus?   
    I have installed and I've never had Nexus before as I always used the subscriptions add on. Converting to 4.x and that no longer works so I purchased Nexus and it's now (hopefully) installed correctly. However I still see "subscriptions" as an out-of-date app and none of my old subscriptions or anything has converted over to Nexus as I'd hoped. Can anyone point me in the right direction so that my old subscription packages and subscribers and history all get converted over? 
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    Dolfan23b reacted to AndyF in How do you convert 3.x subscriptions to 4.x Nexus?   
    I could be wrong but I think 1.5.x of Nexus (the 3x version) would read and import them at installation time. Its been a long time so I'm not sure but I remember something about it. When it was an IPS app (subs) it used to try to import them if you installed Nexus iirc.
    It may just be awol from the 4x version of Commerce (aka Nexus) currently. I would suggest a ticket in the Client Area to get a tech's thoughts on this as I'd be surprised if it was omitted...
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    Dolfan23b reacted to JayX in Broken quotes, images, links, avatar? Here's My Fixes   
    I upgraded from 3.4.x to 4.0 and noticed a lot of the old content of the forum didn't transition so great - lots of broken links, old bb code, unreadable quoting structures etc. So I've put together some find/replace MySQL queries to help with getting as much of my community back as possible. My site has been on IPB since 2.0.0 DPR1 according to my log, since 2004. I'm not going to lie - there were a lot of stranded files (hopefully mostly resolved with IPB 4 as I migrated to a fresh install base) and tons of extra crap in my SQL DB. This is not really the ideal way to migrate your site I'm sure, but my site isn't ideal anyway
    ​Don't try any of this without backups - just because it worked for me doesn't mean it'll work for you and one bad line could break your site completely. 
    UPDATE `ibf_forums_posts` SET `post` = replace(post, "[quote name=", '<blockquote class="ipsQuote" data-ipsquote="" data-ipsquote-username=') UPDATE `ibf_forums_posts` SET `post` = replace(post, "']", "'>") UPDATE `ibf_forums_posts` SET `post` = replace(post, "[/quote]", '</blockquote>') These 3 SQL queries above are designed to convert broken Quotes from 3.4.x. I still have a ton of quotes in posts from versions before that that appear to be harder to fix, but possible (replace can't use wildcards which is what's screwing me). 
    UPDATE `ibf_forums_posts` SET `post` = replace(post, "[code]", '<pre data-pbcklang="html" data-pbcktabsize="4" class="html ipsCode prettyprint">') UPDATE `ibf_forums_posts` SET `post` = replace(post, "[/code]", '</pre>') These two are designed to replace the old 'code' bbcode that I use to put pieces of code in. Like I'm using here.
    UPDATE `ibf_forums_posts` SET `post` = replace(post, "[i]", '<em>') UPDATE `ibf_forums_posts` SET `post` = replace(post, "[/i]", '</em>') This is another BB code fix - this time for italics. Bold works similarly, as well as underline, strikethrough etc. Just convert from bbcode on the left to html style on the right, and don't forget to do the second replace to fix the close tags.
    UPDATE `ibf_forums_posts` SET `post` = replace(post, 'public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/unsure.gif', 'uploads/default_unsure.png.?????????.png') With broken avatars, I fix them by looking at what the filenames in /uploads/ are for the default and switch out the broken URLs to the new one. IP4 adds random characters to the filenames now (presumably to stop abc.jpg overwriting a preexisting abc.jpg) so you'll have to do them one at a time whenever you find broken links.
    UPDATE `ibf_forums_posts` SET `post` = replace(post, "[IMG]", '<img src="') UPDATE `ibf_forums_posts` SET `post` = replace(post, "[/IMG]", '" class="ipsImage">') Designed to fix images - however on my original attempt I got a piece of code wrong and broke a few hundred posts so this fixed version will hopefully work. Backup, I forgot to and had progressed too far since the last one so just put it down to experience.
    UPDATE `ibf_forums_posts` SET `post` = replace(post, "[URL=", '<a href=') UPDATE `ibf_forums_posts` SET `post` = replace(post, "[/URL]", '</a>') Likewise, this should fix links that have the old URL tags on them.
    Feel free to contribute any extras or better versions of the ones I've had some success with. I still have issues with my archive posts, but they're a lot more readable now and I'm happy enough with that. 
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    Dolfan23b reacted to Mark in "Paste as plain text by default". Should be enabled by default?   
    One shouldn't generalise. If I'm posting something I copied and pasted from a pdf which has the text in an usual color/font/size, I would want it without formatting. However, if I'm posting a link, I would expect it to retain the link (not just paste the text), or if I'm posting an except from Wikipedia, I would want it to retain links/bolding/etc within the excerpt.
    That is why we provide both options. Personally, I'd prefer to just let the OS handle pasting because that's its responsibility, but annoyingly both Windows and OS X don't make the ability to paste as plain text terribly well known.
    I do have an idea in the back of my mind. I'd like to make it so when you paste anything, it will paste as formatted, and a discreet message will appear somewhere near the editor saying "Would you prefer this as plaintext?" and then it will remember that choice for next time. This won't make it into 4.0 though.
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    Dolfan23b reacted to Meddysong in How to add padding to the logo in small-screen display only?   
    A quick correction. I shouldn't have asked for only the small screen, since the collapsing kicks in with the tablet sizes, so I still had the same problem in the medial range.
    The solution therefore was to apply
    @media only screen and (max-width: 979px){ #elLogo img{ padding: 10px 0; } }
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