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  1. Yeah it won't mess with any of your content. You don't need to run upgrade or anything from within the admin either. Just re-upload the files.
  2. I tried adding a few plug-ins from the CKEditor site and they appeared to install just fine as there were no errors and then after one of them there were no more buttons on the toolbar. No biggie just restore to default configuration right? Well I tried that and it said it completed but there are no buttons and the editor won't open on any posts. Going through the steps of the ACP > Support didn't solve anything. At this point the community is completely useless so if anyone has any ideas on how I can successfully restore the default toolbar configuration I would appreciate it.
  3. Yep I put up an announcement for the user to clear their cache and it's fixed everyone's issues.
  4. As Charles suggested this worked for me. I added the "Clear Cache" extension for Chrome and it makes it really nice and quick.
  5. That actually worked for me! Thanks @Charles now if there were a way to clear my end users caches for them it would end my troubles on this upgrade.
  6. Anyone have thoughts on this? Our CKeditor has the issues with the wrong icons for what they're doing so that may be related but these people are telling me that the text editor won't fully expand to where they can type into it. I'm guessing it's a caching issue but going through the ACP > support and restarting my server haven't helped with that. I even created new skins hoping that might work but no joy there either. Thoughts?
  7. Just tried changing the Moono skin and that worked perfectly. In fact I think my users would prefer that one as it seems to remember that you did or did not use the source button for your last post. Between the people pissed about losing BBCode functionality (e.g. being able to type in the code directly into the editor without having to use a mouse to do something) and now this editor acting wonky I'm not sure how much more they're going to take of 4.x. I may try and go back to the default skin once I've played around with the Moono skin a bit.
  8. Just hit Shift + Enter for a new line
  9. Tried restarting the server and that didn't make a difference. Had already gone through the ACP > Support steps and no luck there.
  10. I'm seeing the same things on my forums and I've tried restoring the default configuration and it didn't help. I've tried going through the support steps in the admin and nothing there solved it either.
  11. Hey same here... I was an 11p grunt @ 3rd Ranger Batt and Ft Bragg from 95-01. No hating on emoticons! I'm trying to get mine working after deleting the default group and that's a whole nother ball of wax.
  12. Yessir there's been some data and a good bit of customization. I don't want to create a whole nother can of worms so I will avoid going that direction. I'd be more than happy to test out a subs to Nexus upgrade on the dev site.
  13. As you requested... 929773 Thanks for looking into this Jim.
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