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  1. Just upgraded to Beta 6 (from fully working Beta 5) and cleared cache and cookies and can't login to the public side of the suite. All I see is the error below: Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX1146
  2. Cleared cache and cookies and now they're showing up but still can't login. But trying clearing those and see if your issue with the fonts and stuff is fixed like mine was.
  3. I got this now as well. Didn't see it on Beta 5 but now I do on Beta 6 and can't login to the public side of the system.
  4. I agree that would be very nice. My users don't upload a ton of photos so it's not really that big of an issue for me but when they do I would like to try and not limit them on their end with upload and I would like to preserve as much bandwidth on my end when serving those images. But this isn't too big of a deal for my community.
  5. No worries... glad that it's a bug and not an intended feature. Thanks for the update!
  6. Not sure if that's a setting here to disallow un-liking or not but currently with 3.4.x you can like a post and then go back and unlike it, for whatever reason. Just noticed on these forums that once you like a post, it seems you cannot unlike it. Am I missing something?
  7. ​That would be good then. My main desire is to have to keep the end user from having to manually type in BBCode tags like they do now if they want to use mobile. Bold, italic and the like aren't used nearly as much as [ media ] and [ tweet ] (tag I created to display embedded Tweets) tags are so that would certainly satisfy my needs thank you.
  8. ​Is the part in red bold correct? I've been lurking this thread and it seems there's been multiple requests from people to allow unlimited sized photos and to have the system re-size them to the max allowed file size, not to reject the upload if the file is over the max allowed file size.
  9. ​They do in Tapatalk so moving them to the mobile skin would mean I'd want to get rid of Tapatalk. Not to mention only the very basic emoticons work in Tapatalk. And they post a lot of embedded Tweets and we want to be able to have the nice looking embedded Tweet that you get now with 4.0 just by pasting in the link. I assume that (and Youtube videos) would not embed properly with a plain text editor, right?
  10. ​Try tapping into the editor when it loads. That works for me immediately.
  11. ​Oh please don't do that. Then my users will be stuck with Tapatalk and I hate that app.
  12. Oh that's awesome! I'm mainly interested in easy post formatting options for using the mobile skin so I can get my users away from Tapatalk. The easier I can make for them to be able to embed Tweets and have the nice Twitter look, embed Youtube videos and be able to do simple stuff like bold, italic, etc. the better. Thanks @bfarber
  13. ​No issues in Safari either. Posting that right now after clicking about a dozen pages to get here. And I only have 2 bars of LTE so not on Wifi either.
  14. ​Awesome! I assume that's a coming feature then right? Because I installed the beta of pages and it didn't add that option for me, unless I wasn't doing it properly. Thanks for your response though.
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