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  1. Guides / Tutorials

    Will there be a start to finish IPS 4.0 guide like there was for IPB 2.xx? That was the best as it explained things much better than the "documentation" available for 3.xx which doesn't provide much info and is not in any type of order. It would be great - especially since this is completely rewritten - to have a guide I could download and go through to set up / change a site.
  2. Documentation Is Hard to Find

    There is no documentation, just a few pages with some stuff that really doesn't explain much or that glosses over a few things. When I first started using IPB v 2.x.x there was a great guide to get the site put together - now there isn't anything you can depend on helping you get your site up and running. If you really want to keep from answering the same questions every 5 min or having to do everything for those of us that are not tech gurus you would have a solid guide - no excuses. All "certified" users are paying a lot of money and not getting things done in a timely manner. Not something I would recommend to someone moving from another community forum or starting a new community. I would much rather have the proper documentation and doing what I could by myself and not depending on someone else.
  3. Spell check

    Am I understanding this correctly, we have to tell members to set up their own spell check for their browser so it will work on the IPB postings? Shouldn't the board be made to make it easier for the members not harder? :cry:
  4. IPB Arcade

    I think that an official IPB arcade might encourage some in the IPB community to write new games, plus there seems to be several sites that encourage web site owners to download games (unless I've misunderstood what they wrote) to be played on their sites. I would not mind paying for a quality IPB game or multiplayer type game (or games like those on other well known community sites). Also, since there have already been several upgrades / updates to the applications - it would be easier for IPB to update / upgrade an arcade system as well. That way everything could work together and be supported.
  5. IPB Arcade

    Any thoughts on IPB making an arcade application to fill in the need & keep up with each update / upgrade?
  6. Arcade

    I've tried uploading iArcade and get nada!
  7. Arcade

    I read something somewhere that the newest updated IPB interfered with something in iArcade & the most recent iArcade I see was updated about 16 June. Is that your most recent?
  8. Arcade

    The last I see on iArcade it still needs to be updated for the IPB 3.+ update?
  9. Arcade

    I know that there is at least one working arcade. I think it would be great if Invision Power Board developed an arcade system that can be added to the forums. Many people enjoy the forums because they can play the arcade games. While I am not trying to prevent anyone from developing new apps (of which there seems few for IPB 3.+)it has taken a long time for developers to get an arcade system out, and even those that are out are not near the same quality of the old arcade (for IPB 2.+ boards). It is always good to have alternatives so - developers please continue to develop!