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  1. Member Map

    go to community>member map>settings>members>permissions:
  2. Member Map

    try the "get support" item > 'Something isn't working correctly.'
  3. Member Map

    Just a small remark: when checking for updates in the ACP the new version membermap 3.1.0 is NOT shown. Florent Cadet mentions a 3.1.1 version!? were can we find this version?
  4. Member Map

    Cool Were can we find Member Map v 3.1.0?
  5. Member Map

    +1 on the other hand those signs are well known and I didn't received any complains from my french speaking members ...
  6. Version 1.0.0


    French translation for Member map version 3.0.2 for IPS 4.1.x


  7. Go To Top - Posts Controls

    Works fine on version 4.1.9 ... cool add-on
  8. Member Map

    I'll try to do that ... but it is looking very Chinese for me ....
  9. Member Map

    Hello Martin, I've upgraded our site to ips 4.1.9 and installed MM ... all worked fine until I've made an error, I've deleted the MM install and could reinstall it ... but all markers (204) from my members are gone. I've a few backups from IPB 3.4x version ... which file contains those markers? can I copy/paste that file in the 4.1.9 version? Thanks in advance Phille
  10. Member Map

    If URL changed maybe you should also changes API key ...
  11. Member Map

    @ ThomasS, I can't find the membermap tab? Are you sure installation was ok?
  12. Member Map

    I don't think so ... but what I know is that IPB 3.4x will be EOL (end of life) within 2 months!
  13. Member Map

    Just a small note: MM 3.0.1 update mentions 3.0.2 in ACP
  14. Member Map

    Great job ... THX stoo & Martin
  15. Member Map

    As above and above that ...