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    Maxxius reacted to Alex in Converters updated [29-May-2012]   
    20th March 2012
    The converters have been updated to support IP.Board 3.3.0.
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    Maxxius reacted to Feld0 in Special thanks to Jason, Andrew, and the rest of the IPS team!   
    Over the past couple of weeks, I took up a couple of strange issues with IPS, and I wanted to give a special thanks to Jason Hanna and Andrew Millne, who stuck with me through the tickets I opened until everything was resolved. Jason logged onto my community to diagnose a problem with IP.Chat that several of my members were having, and Andrew wrote a custom script to fix all the "corrupted" smilies in my database (which came from this issue).

    No copy-pasted answers, quick response times, and the sheer professionalism of it all - for a license that costs only $50 a year to renew, I really couldn't have asked for better support. Apologies if I might've come off as a bit... demanding when asking for new features here on the feedback forums (post revisions come to mind :tongue:), but I want you all at IPS to know that I greatly value your software and the service you back it up with.

    I remember being very hesitant to lay $150 down on forum software back in April having come from the phpBB world; but I didn't hesitate to grab a second license a few days ago for a new site I just launched, now knowing first-hand that I'm paying not only for a beautiful software package, but also for a wonderful support team that always goes the extra mile when I need it most.

    Thank you Jason, Andrew, and everyone else who's helped me out in my tickets and is part of this wonderful company. As long as you keep up your awesome service, I'll be more than happy to keep renewing my license to support the future development of your software. I look forward to continuing to build a lasting relationship with IPS. :smile:
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    Maxxius reacted to Adriano Faria in IP.Board 3.3 Beta: please, remove '<strong>' from user name on moderating team page   
    Now it is like that:

    <td><strong>{parse template="userHoverCard" group="global" params="$info"}</strong></td>

    If we use a hook to show group colors on user links, will show everybody as if they were from the same group, when they're not: User1 is different of User2; I mean, they're from different groups and the way it is now, will appear both like: User1 and User2.

    Since the group separation won't be reverted, at least let us show the groups as how they really are.

    Thank you.
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    Maxxius reacted to Collin1000 in iArcade 1.2   
    Yup. Just upload, overwrite, and run the upgrader. :)
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    Maxxius reacted to !karolis in Download: Shoutbox 1.2.7 Lithuanian language pack   
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    Maxxius reacted to Lewis P in Reputation Profile Tab   
    At the top of the last page:

    That needs to be in members_public_profile. :)
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    Maxxius reacted to !karolis in Reputation Profile Tab   
    What about this? After i add string to translate reputatuin in profile tab, rpt_post translation becomes english and is unresponsive to other language.
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    Maxxius got a reaction from DawPi in [HQ] Mass PM   
    I have a suggestion to add.

    In order not to anger the visitors wouldn't it be a nice idea to let users who do not want to receive Mass PM to turn the receiving Off in their settings (tick a checkbox saying "I do not wish to receive mass PMs")

    For example usergroups X, X and X (selectable by admin) could only have the ability to turn off the receiving of mass PMs in their settings. Others have no choice to turn it off.

    However if required Admin can override this and sent to everybody anyway if the news is very important.

    What do you think DawPi?
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    Maxxius reacted to • Jay • in Ignore Topics   
    Bought this a few minutes ago, great mod. :)

    Suggestion: Extend the ability to ignore topics to the View New Content page via the drop down menu at the bottom.
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    Maxxius got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Ignore Topics   
    This is a superb idea! Great mod! AWESOMEST!!
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    Maxxius reacted to Adriano Faria in Ignore Topics   
    File Name: Ignore Topics
    File Submitter: Adriano Faria
    File Submitted: 23 Jan 2012
    File Category: User and Social Engagement
    Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.2.x, IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x

    So, are you tired of those useless topics that tells you nothing and has thousands of posts in one day ?

    This hook will allow users (from selected groups) to ignore topics (of select forums). Ignored topics won't appear in search results (View New Content and Member Content).


    Version 1.0.0: IP.Board 3.2.X
    Version 1.1.0: IP.Board 3.4.X & 3.3.X

    here to download this file
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    Maxxius reacted to Adriano Faria in Download: (SOS32) Block Forums from Search Results   
    File Name: (SOS32) Block Forums from Search Results
    File Submitter: Adriano Faria
    File Submitted: 20 Jan 2012
    File Category: Hooks and Plugins

    By default, IP.Board shows the topics/posts from all forums when the user uses the search. Using this hook, you will give the user the option to select which forums he wants to see in searchs results (VIEW NEW CONTENT, USER CONTENT and REGULAR SEARCH), directly on User Control Panel. It's very nice to be used on forums with many categories/forums. For example: a user that uses ASP may not want to see the posts from PHP forum or maybe user didn't want to see topics from RSS forum, etc.

    Click here to download this file
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    Maxxius reacted to Fasckira in Merging IPB Forums   
    So I have 2 forums I am looking to merge together I did try a soft attempt and it failed at converting the members saying database driver error.

    Before I try again could I get some confirmation on some questions

    I have have multiple users registered on both sites. Will it merge these accounts and keep there posts?

    Do I need to install the mods from the site I want to merge into onto the first site before migrating?

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    Maxxius reacted to Fasckira in Merging IPB Forums   
    Ok I got this to work :)

    checking the error logs found this (editing some stuff but you'll get the point)

    so I truncated that table and the conversion started to work.

    Error: 1062 - Duplicate entry '124' for key 1 IP Address: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - /admin/index.php?adsess=b6fd3d3290607489c6b49ef45acac182&app=convert&app=convert&module=board&section=ipboard&do=members&st=&cycle=250&total=4231 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mySQL query error: INSERT INTO ip_rc_modpref (`mem_id`,`rss_key`,`rss_cache`) VALUES(124,'d4077083924575ab6c0ac626a3d910f8','<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>n<rss version="2.0">n<channel>n <title>Report Notification</title>n <link>http://www.world-garage.com</link>n <description>Shows new reports from the report center.</description>n <pubDate>Tue, 24 Aug 2010 15:12:15 +0000</pubDate>n <ttl>60</ttl>n</channel>n</rss>') but as it was doing the conversions the page filled up with errors pointing to this line in the script saying invalid datatype on line 1334 file adminapplications_addonipsconvertsourceslib_master.php

    if (!in_array('pp_setting_count_comments', $profile)) then my next set of errors looks to be from the way subscriptions used to be handled and since this table does not exist I commented out in the script

    ipsRegistry::DB('hb')->build(array('select' => '*', 'from' => 'forum_tracker', 'where' => "forum_id={$row['id']}")); ipsRegistry::DB('hb')->execute(); while ($tracker = ipsRegistry::DB('hb')->fetch()) { $this->lib->convertForumSubscription($tracker['frid'], $tracker); } and this

    ipsRegistry::DB('hb')->build(array('select' => '*', 'from' => 'tracker', 'where' => "topic_id={$row['tid']}")); ipsRegistry::DB('hb')->execute(); while ($tracker = ipsRegistry::DB('hb')->fetch()) { $this->lib->convertTopicSubscription($tracker['trid'], $tracker); }

    I think this is simply all due to the script thinking it was a older version.

    this can be considered closed :)

    thanks for the awesome script my life just got a little easier managing 1 site instead of 2
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    Maxxius reacted to Kenneth WedMore Lund in Problems converting Kunena forum   
    I'm trying to convert my Joomla 1.5 Kunena forum to IPB.

    When doing so, I first need to run the Joomla => content and then the Kunena converter.

    Doing that, all I get is a message saying "cannot covert yet" under the GO-row.

    When clicking the "cannot convert yet", I get the attached error.

    I have no clue what so ever that means, so if someone can point me in the right direction on how to "You must first convert Permission Sets, Member Groups" I would really, really like to hear from you :)

    Thanks !
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    Maxxius reacted to Tanax in IP.Board 3.2 suggestion - Reputation system per forum setting   
    Yes, but having moderators doesn't help a newbie realize that someone who has 90 rep got 90 rep in the offtopic section unless that newbie specifically asks. Seriously, are you trying NOT to understand why this feature would be beneficial?
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    Maxxius reacted to Tanax in IP.Board 3.2 suggestion - Reputation system per forum setting   
    Well, if I posted a lot of suggestions here in the feedback forum that lots of people liked, +rep me, and then I go to the support forum and post a reply there to some new member who has a problem. They'll see me with lots of rep and think that I'm probably right.

    I think that this is what the OP wants to avoid by this feature -- which I fully support.
    Also perhaps a way of seeing in what sections a member have received rep. Like if I have 100 rep, you can enter my profile, click my rep count and see 80 of those are in feedback forum, 20 in pre-sales(or even which topics.. but that might be overkill).
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    Maxxius reacted to Marcher Technologies in IP.SEO Feedback... Support   
    Dan just walk away?
    its not a product these people can get support from tickets on and they know it.
    place is looking graveyard-ish...
    that is simply not good.
    for being a product on the IPS homepage.......... and being an SEO tool.....
    this is just not good
    I do not know the answers to these questions... i simply do not, or i would be answering them.
    Matt wants to improve on SEO, besides the cleaning of the core..
    no tool is worth anything if the user does not know how to use it.... give them some measure of real support.
    that being a graveyard.....shucks... IPContent has more pinned how-to's.
    I am not saying i know the fix.... I am saying this highly neglected support forum, when they know they cant get ticket support.... is really really bad, for IPS as well.
    in fact.... worse for IPS than anyone else.
    others can change scripts, and do in a heartbeat for decent SEO tools
    I Dont even care if it becomes paid TBH... at least paid gets real support.... this graveyard has to be helped pronto
    I love the script and its power/moddability
    but that's a huge turnoff to people after buying
    when its advertised as fully supported official.... but its not.... forum is a graveyard, and we all know its not ticket able as an "Extra".
    ignore it, and this pretty kingdom will fall down.
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    Maxxius reacted to Ryan H. in 3.2.3 HOTFIX: Make tags editable   
    File Name: 3.2.3 HOTFIX: Make tags editable
    File Submitter: Ryan H.
    File Submitted: 31 Oct 2011
    File Category: Maintenance
    Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.2.x

    This hook resolves a bug in 3.2.3, which prevents topic tags and prefixes from being changed by anyone except the original topic starter. After installing the hook, this ability is correctly provided to all administrators, global- and forum-level moderators.

    Use tags and prefixes a lot? Make your life easier with Advanced Tags & Prefixes.

    here to download this file
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    Maxxius reacted to Adriano Faria in VIP Members   
    Ah Ok... I'll apply strtolower in next version.
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    Maxxius reacted to Pete T in VIP Members   
    File Name: VIP Members
    File Submitter: Pete T
    File Submitted: 30 Oct 2011
    File Category: Promotion
    Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x

    This application will manage VIP Members on your forum. You can promote users to a specific group and provide a number of days he will be as a VIP Member. After that time, he will return to his original group automatically. You can add/remove days, make the user a Permanent VIP Member and demote members easily.

    At every action (when member becomes a VIP Member, when he is demoted and when his time in VIP Account is changed) user will receive an automatic message. You can also configure a number of days remaining to finish the plan VIP member and he will receive an automatic warning.

    New features:
    Added the ability to use VIP group on secondary groups Fix the bug that wasn't demoting users to their original group when uninstall VIP Members application


    A public list of VIP Members was added in version 2.1.0. If you don't want to show that list, go to your Admin CP -> System tab -> Manage Applications & Modules -> on the line of VIP Members click on the pencil to edit the application -> click on Tab Permission tab and mark YES on Hide for all current and future groups?. Also doesn't choose any group in Allowed Groups in this APP Settings.

    here to download this file
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    Maxxius reacted to In-House Solutions Inc. in IP.Board 3.2 suggestion - Reputation system per forum setting   
    I too, am looking for this functionality. For us, we have an off topic section of the site that really doesn't relate. If anything, that's where people tend to just entertain themselves... with things like gaming the reputation system. Wouldn't mind turning it off in there but keeping it active for parts of the site where people are actually getting help.
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    Maxxius reacted to onlyME in (Bim) X New Topics   
    File Name: (Bim) X New Topics
    File Submitter: onlyME
    File Submitted: 13 Sep 2011
    File Category: Integration
    Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x

    - Show NEW TOPICS OR NEW POSTS in board index/sidebar
    - There are 4 blocks, each block can select multiple forums, can set title (name) for each block.
    - Enable / disable user's name and avatar

    I just added a hook to the sidebar for those who need it. Plz redownload.

    here to download this file
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    Maxxius reacted to Andy Millne in Classifieds   
    Testing the 3.2 release (1.1) locally now and expect to have a build ready for the testers later this evening. Sunday/Monday for general release to market place.
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    Maxxius reacted to Andy Millne in Classifieds   
    1.1 now available to the test group on http://dev.millne.com/
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