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    Maxxius reacted to TSP in [DNO33+] Unreplied Topics   
    File Name: [DNO33+] Unreplied Topics
    File Submitter: TSP
    File Submitted: 07 Aug 2012
    File Category: User and Social Engagement

    With this modification you're able to view topics that've not been replied to on your forum. This is useful for large forums where you want your members to quickly discover such topics and encourage them to be the first to discuss or help out.

    Main Author: Preben at Mediehuset Tek (Modern version)

    Sidebar hook that can be configured from the ACP How many items to show in sidebar Define amount of minutes or hours it should take to show up in sidebar (So it's not only new topics) Set a global default for forums to ignore Choose member groups that are able to decide forums to ignore themselves A new page styled like a forum with additional filters that are not present in the sidebar hook

    This hook requires one hook xml-file to be uploaded from the AdminCP. It also includes a file you're expected to upload. If you're unable to do so however, it's possible to skip it. Please read the included readme.txt for all the details.

    Background: This is a popular feature we've had in a less advanced form on the large IPB-forums we're technically responsible for since 2004. We hope that by sharing some of what we develop it will help us gain new ideas and more insight into developing for the Invision Power Systems. If any other developers have any hints or tips on changes that should be done to the code etc., then please let us know!

    (An earlier 3.2-version of this is used on Diskusjon.no, but we've not yet upgraded that forum to 3.3.)

    here to download this file
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    Maxxius reacted to Andy Millne in Rough ETA on 3.3.5?   
    Brandon and Mark have already answered this as best we can in this thread.

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    Maxxius reacted to Makoto in IP.Board makes my community feel unstable.   
    I'm going to use IP.Blog as an example here, but the situation applies globally.

    So, you can apparently prevent users from deleting a blog, but why?

    They can still go through and delete every entry in that blog without any restrictions. When they do this, there's absolutely no way to recover it either, unless you've made a database backup recently.

    The only thing it does is making it a little less difficult to accidentally screw up, or more difficult to cause destruction, especially in multi-administered blogs.

    This is truly one of the things that bother me so strongly about IP.Board. There are so many ways your community members can cause destruction and there's almost nothing you can do to prevent it.

    The only thing with a real safety net are posts. Posts that are deleted can be kept and recovered by a moderator if needed.

    Gallery images? Nope.

    Gallery albums? Nope.

    Blogs? Nope.

    Blog entries? Nope.

    Files? Nope.

    Attachments? Nope.

    Recover posts destroyed by edits? Nope, though you can set a time restriction for posts, and there is a hook for storing edit history.

    The only sane thing to do is not trust your community. Don't grant them deletion privileges anywhere. But what about for systems such as IP.Blog? What if someone's account is stolen and the thief decides to wreck havoc by deleting everything they've ever posted on your community? You can assign multiple editors in IP.Blog, right? Can these editors also delete entries? Even if not, they could simply go through and edit all the posts into insults if they get mad at their fellow blogger.

    Now, for the gallery? If someone deletes all their uploaded images, or deletes an entire gallery, can you recover it later? If it was an accident, can you simply recover it? Or what if their account was compromised as exemplified above? Well, it's sad, but there's really almost nothing you can do here. A database backup will likely be useless. Why? Because these are images. Your images are likely not stored in the database. If you go without noticing and they get cleared out, what then? You're screwed.

    I posted about a chaotic experience with post attachments not too long ago.

    Am I a little overly paranoid and possible untrusting of my community? Maybe. But so what?

    When you run a site that is heavily operated around user contributed content, you should want to have fail-safes in place. Not just for your members, but in case you one day have a staff member/moderator with a bloodlust for revenge on you. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to truly undo all the destructive actions a moderator made through your ACP?

    There's a good reason I've administrated my IP.Board community alone the last two+ years.

    Why can't we have a section for deleted gallery images in the removed content section? How about blogs and blog posts, instead of just topics and posts? These can be automatically pruned after a set time period, just like with posts and topics, of course. Why can't we prevent members from going through and nuking their post attachments as well?

    What's even the point of giving your members the ability to delete attachments on communities where everything is centered around content? "Break one of your older threads and confuse everyone else who tries to access it so you can post something new."

    Now, giving members the ability to delete attachments that aren't in use anywhere? Sure, assuming the admin doesn't do this himself routinely via the ACP, it could be useful. No complaints about that. But attachments that are in use all over the site in various threads? I've learned the hard way how chaotic it can be when you give a member that kind of power.

    To sum this thread up simply, we need more control over our community. We need more safety nets, more ways to ensure the stability of our community. Not just in IP.Board, but in all IP applications.
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    Maxxius reacted to The Guy in "IP.Mail"? Suggestion of Future (v4.x era) App   
    I am suggesting this as a future application that you guys could build when you guys move into the v4.x era, no sooner than later, so I am not looking into this like really soon project. So if people do so happen to support this topic, please do not demand it. It was just a thoughtful idea. Plus, i do think it was suggested a long time ago, so if for some reason that I may have missed it or it WAS an application, don't be afraid to shoot me down for it.

    Again, before I continue though, I'm sure this idea has been brought up before. And I'll support the staff for whatever reason if they say no because as of right now they already have top-of-the-line applications such as Nexus and Blog etc.

    My idea for IP.Mail

    It would be really cool if you guys made a indvidule app where users may implement a E-Mailing System that can be easily accessed by users and administrators. Unlike cPanel where they use 3rd party Apps like Squirel Mail etc, IP.Mail has its own perks and professtional design that can be a slave or master application.

    URL Example to Application for Admins

    https://domain.com/forums/admin/mail/app=mail&module=login.php URL Example for Online Users

    Administrators Interface

    Admins needs to reach out to their user base by letting them know on such occations like Billing, Newsletters, and well anything really important. So instead of manualy using all these other path ways to intergrate your server to your mailling system, why not make a complete application based on your mailing system.

    For example you can deticate your Billing Team to billing@domain.com and have their e-mails be setup where whom will get it by forwarding to a active billing agent that can respond to them soon using a queue system. Perhaps make it where tickets are made on Nexus it will forward to an agent's e-mail so they can respond much faster.

    Also IP.Mail can be used for users to sign up for their own e-mail account on your forums. And with IP.Nexus you can intergrate it where users can purchase a e-mail slot that goes directly to your site.

    Plus, you can make custom designs on what your newsletters will look like to your subscribers and/or customers.

    A complete interface so that its a all-in-one managed area where Administrators can add/disable e-mails.

    Users/Customers Interface

    Some Users or customers whould be so pleased to have a mailing system that is there where they can store e-mails and be apart of something unique. Of course the PM system has always been there for us. But of course what about those who would like to get so in deph with the concept of easy access or even community access.

    I see two perks for this would work like this....

    Perk 1. Within the forums a user can be sent an e-mail from another user like this:

    From @ChadA To @SindeyDx2x2 Subject: Hey this is pretty Cool Hey Sindey, I'm likeing this new IP.Mail application from IPS, we should use it more. -------------------------------------------- From @SindeyDx2x2 To @ChadA Cc/Invite @Mattinc, @DestroyerBK, @TotalCoolDude Subject: RE: Hey this is pretty Cool I completely agree, Chad. I also invited our friends to this e-mail conversation.

    Anyway, that is just an idea of it, you may twist a few things around if you want. That's my idea of "IP.Mail."

    Notice I put a "@" as the preffix. That can be the user to user mailing system within the mail system. And with outmail it will be something like ChadA@domain.com. The suffix is plain e-mail to another person off site that is not registered to the site.
    People may not use your mailing service if they do not want to, they can just use PM, but within the PM system people that are identified with a preffixed "@" is a e-mail registered user.
    Perk 2.
    As many may say, there are several thousands to even millions of different mailing services out there. Make your community unique with using the option to sync your notifications and everything to your phone etc. This will also help in a way so that admins may send out newsletters to their users faster than ever and recieve feedback from you. They even may want to talk to you about your feedback, this way your guranteed a patton about your inovative idea to their site. Or perhaps discuss your resume and application to becoming staff in complete privacy.
    Whatever the case may be, it can be something very useful.
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    Maxxius reacted to -RAW- in Today's Top Posters   
    File Name: Today's Top Posters
    File Submitter: -RAW-
    File Submitted: 29 Jul 2012
    File Category: Integration

    This hook will show list of todays top posters at the bottom on board stats.

    • enable/disable hook,
    • choose which groups can view the list,
    • choose how many members to show on the list,
    • allow members to expand/collapse the list,

    here to download this file
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    Maxxius reacted to Ibragim Pupkevich in (DDK33) Quote Selected Text   
    Fixed in v2.0.0, check it out!

    Version update released - v2.0.0!

    New in v2.0.0: now it will notify mentioned members!
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    Maxxius reacted to dancingbear in All IPB forums breaching EU law   
    it makes me laugh how the unthinking fascists are slagging off the EU, while happily bending over for every BigCorp in the world and thinking they're the nice guys. :lol:

    The EU might not be perfect, but at least it's trying to be something different to the USA's ostrich act. Yeah, we know, guns don't kill people ... but Americans with guns kill more of themselves than Al-Qaeda will ever manage. But that's alright, at least they've consented to be shot by their countrymen, eh? :lol:

    This ^^

    There needs to be a way of easily inserting one php include at the top of *all* skins.

    I can make my website comply with the EU cookie law with ease, it's ten minutes work (less time than I spent reading this thread!!).

    I can't make IPB easily comply with the EU cookie law.
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    Maxxius reacted to Adriano Faria in (DDK33) Quote Selected Text   
    SUGGESTION: send a notification for whom it was mentioned.

    Great hook!
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    Maxxius reacted to Ibragim Pupkevich in (DDK33) Quote Selected Text   
    I'm working on it now. It's quite difficult to find manuals for this damned prototype.js :(
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    Maxxius reacted to bfarber in Rough ETA on 3.3.5?   
    Mark already addressed your question as best as possible at this time.

    We have a 3.3.x branch and a 3.4 branch. We are unsure at this time if we will make another release under the 3.3.x branch (i.e. a 3.3.5), or if the fixes that are being made at present marked as 3.3.5 will just get merged into 3.4.0. This will largely depend upon the severity of any bugs found between now and when we are ready to release 3.4.0. If major issues are found, a 3.3.5 will be released. If not, we will move straight to 3.4.0. It is impossible to answer any other way at the moment, as we have no way to know what will be found between now and then I'm afraid. :unsure:
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    Maxxius reacted to Mark in Rough ETA on 3.3.5?   
    We're currently working on 3.3.5 and 3.4.0 side-by-side. It's possible we'll just go straight to 3.4 depending on what comes up in the meantime.

    You're of course welcome to let your license expire and just renew when a new version is released :)
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    Maxxius reacted to Matt in Rich text editor   
    I've spent a few weeks rebuilding our CKEditor implementation for 3.4. I've rewritten large parts of our integration and I'm much happier with its implementation now.

    I've rewritten the HTML > BBCODE conversion as a javascript plugin for CKEditor which reduces the complexity and number of 'moving parts'.

    I'm confident that this will resolve most issues we currently have with it.
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    Maxxius reacted to teraßyte in Out of Stock Packages   
    File Name: Out of Stock Packages
    File Submitter: tera
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    Maxxius reacted to bfarber in Mobile Skin / Board - what's the future plans?   
    Note that the mobile app and mobile skin are two different things (even though they are presently related). We are indeed looking for a mobile app developer. The mobile skin, however, has not been abandoned, and yes we are spreading support for the mobile skin to other applications (as well as improving it for the existing apps, such as the forums).
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    Maxxius reacted to Lase in All IPB forums breaching EU law   
    Jesus H Corbett, am I to read all this?

    This is the EU man.

    The EU is like Blakey from On The Buses

    Honestly don't know why we even listen to them. Doze of gravy-train riding, super-beauro, unnelected sadists and submissives, willing to do and say anything for their 'betters'.

    It's like this multinational corp that looks all professional and hi-tech from the letterheads and website and marketing campaign. Then you get in there and it's a few dozen school-going plebs playing with themselves and fiddling with each other. All orchestrated and directed by the most grotesque criminals in the known universe.

    What a load of total nonsense this all looks.

    I'm doing sod-all.

    Edit - See this similarity to the multinational corp run by mongs and small man syndrome sufferers that don't know what they're doing? That might sound like me joking but this is really all it is. I'd hate to think of the world outside of Europe having this impression of a giant properly tight-ship that's honed to make the world and it's internet a safer better place, employing the cream of the Human race. It ain't. They're honestly having a laugh in there. I've seen footage from hidden cameras on people who've gone in there to document what goes on, and it's just hundreds of people with no clue what they're doing, milling around socialising, drinking champagne and eating vollavons. Too-ing and fro'ing from one office to the next scratching themselves. With all the policy coming from the usual think tanks and these tip-rats sitting around waiting to sign.... after not bothering to read them.
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    Maxxius reacted to z1000-forum.de in Tags Autocomplete   
    File Name: Tags Autocomplete
    File Submitter: z1000-forum.de
    File Submitted: 02 Jun 2012
    File Category: Content Management
    Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x

    This hook adds autocompletion for the tags system (when "Open System" Tag Mode is enabled).
    Tested with the following applications:
    Forums Gallery Blogs Downloads Tutorials

    Features:Improve the quality of your tags, but also provide an open system Fully configurable No template edits

    Note 1: If you use the restriction setting "Area" or "Parent", be sure to get this bug fixed unless you are not upgraded to IP.Board 3.3.3!
    Note 2: There is a positioning problem when there are more than 1 autocomplete boxes on the site. Please keep up to date on this in the support topic.
    Note 3: Special characters like cyrillic can cause empty results, please have a look at this.

    here to download this file
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    Maxxius reacted to z1000-forum.de in Tag auto-completion for 3.2   
    it's done
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    Maxxius reacted to z1000-forum.de in Tag auto-completion for 3.2   
    i'm currently working on a hook for this, but it's not quite easy because tags are not single input like the member search fields.
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    Maxxius reacted to Marcher Technologies in SEO Rankings flying all over the place, and why is this..   
    /Sarcasm Yeah, crawling through endless pages of that has gotta be real healthy for a site.
    Also, tip of iceberg... why, do we show crawlers multiple pages of sorting in applications that simply show the same data in a different order?
    AlexJ hits a nail on the head there.... the ability to search is not considered everywhere... these sorts are IMHO just as bad as that mess, if not worse by nature of furls and lack of checks for showing.
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    Maxxius got a reaction from ADKGamers in All IPB forums breaching EU law   
    I'm in europe and I will never comply to these stupid BS laws.
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    Maxxius got a reaction from tAPir in All IPB forums breaching EU law   
    I'm in europe and I will never comply to these stupid BS laws.
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    Maxxius reacted to Charles in All IPB forums breaching EU law   
    IPBs are not breaching EU law or any other law.

    Software cannot violate a law: it is up to you to comply with your local laws. We provide a terms of service and privacy policy settings group in the AdminCP that you are free to edit to comply with anything you need to do.

    IPS cannot and will not try to sort through all the myriad of laws around the world (especially one like this where no one is 100% clear on what to do or how it applies). It is nothing something we can do and, as I said, the requirement is on the site owner to ensure their entier site complies with any law or even business requirements they have.

    This is why we provide policy pages you can easily edit in the AdminCP to include any notices or wording you, your attorney, or your company legal department advises are needed.
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    Maxxius reacted to Dll in All IPB forums breaching EU law   
    Further to the thread in the customer lounge, it's seriously disappointing to see that IPB have backtracked on their published plans to comply with EU cookie legislation without any notice or announcement.

    What this effectively means is that every single IPB site who have visitors from the EU are now in breach of the new cookie directive from tomorrow unless they take action to remedy it. Having been lead to believe upgrading to 3.3.2 would be all the action that was required, it's a serious problem.

    When you look at what many of the major UK based websites have done, they're taking the new law seriously, and I'm shocked that IPB have decided neither to take any action or offer any guidance to their customers on what they need to do, particularly when taken in context with what Matt said in late April:

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    Maxxius reacted to Matt in SEO Rankings flying all over the place, and why is this..   
    If I may address some points:

    - stop using URL that are not human readable (ipb's page/lastmessage urls look awful )

    You really don't need to route all URLs via human readable url. Especially content you do not want spidering heavily. Unless you have lots of /findpost/p/123/st/123 which is not really human readable.

    - again focus on "human bearable" URLs for threads ( blah.com/forumname/topicname.html the rest, as ARGUMENTs)

    I would agree that we should switch to a query string for variables. I want to make this change in 3.4. You wouldn't want the forum name in the URL as that would get indexed heavily and also if you moved the topic, you'd have to keep track and 301 it correctly.

    - if possible, you should even try to avoid thread ID is URLs (like wordpress does)

    Sadly not possible. At least without having topic/test-101/ (assuming there are 100 topics called test already). Also, I think that in general comparing Wordpress is like comparing apples to oranges. Even the most busy Wordpress blog may only create 30-40 new articles a day. A busy forum can create thousands. And don't discount that with a blog *you* are almost the sole content creator so you can tailor your content better.

    - stop havin everything under /forum/ or /topic/ , at least have an option not to.

    Honestly, I'm not convinced this is a problem. There's no way of knowing for sure without a lot of recoding and seeing what happens.

    - stop using canonicals to try to "fix" stuff.

    We don't. We use best practises which says to use canonicals when there are multiple versions of the same page based on user prefs.

    - stop serving so many links to bots and unreg users

    We have in 3.3. Check out our blogs from a few months ago.

    - stop pagination links on top of the page

    But they're convenient for humans.

    - cut unused stuff (nobody needs to sort by threads views for example, nobody needs to jump from page 200 to page 13, nobody uses multiquote)

    A very broad statement that most will not agree with. Regardless, quote/multiquote etc are not shown for guests and bots.

    The basic rule of google seo is that it has to look like STATIC CONTENT, and a good seo URL is an URL you could dictate to someone.

    Each topic has a static permalink. Each post is now an anchor from that permalink. The next big step is to move the /page__ vars to /?page=x - this will stop Google from gobbling up pages and considering them unique to the root page. As mentioned above, this is not a small job and will be strongly considered for 3.4.

    I disagree that it has to look like static content also. The internet stopped being plain .html pages about 10 years ago when PHP (and Ruby, etc) really took off.

    I appreciate your contributions, though. SEO is a vast topic with little in the way of 'right' and 'wrong'.
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    Maxxius reacted to Matt in SEO Rankings flying all over the place, and why is this..   
    I'm just spinning my wheels here, but if we assume tags are indexed better because they have more back links because for each tag there is (tag x ( topics x pages) ), would it help to have a "Back to first page" link on all subsequent pages somewhere? This might increase the back links to the root page where the most keywords are.
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