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    Maxxius reacted to Emediate in (DP45) Guest View Limits   
    Great suggestions.
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    Maxxius reacted to DawPi in (DP45) Guest View Limits   
    @GiulioPua, waiting on approval:

    Done as widget:

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    Maxxius reacted to Gabriel Torres in Lazy load profile pictures on IPS 4.5   
    After researching about this, browsers have now native lazy loader. We only need to edit the templates to add:
    loading="lazy" To all img tags.
    I edited the following templates:
    core > front > global
    This enabled lazy loading for user photos and reactions, and the "Defer offscreen images" warning from Google Lighthouse is now gone! 🙂
    (I also made the same edit in my cms custom templates)
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    Maxxius reacted to Morrigan in X hours ago vs. today/yesterday   
    In your theme template find this template:
    Forums > front > topics > post
    <a href='{$comment->item()->url()->setQueryString( array( 'do' => 'findComment', 'comment' => $comment->$idField ) )}' class='ipsType_blendLinks'>{$comment->dateLine()|raw}</a> Change this:
    {$comment->dateLine()|raw} To this:
    {datetime="$comment->post_date" norelative="false"} Unfortunately its not relative at all but it will give a visual absolute date.
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    Maxxius reacted to Lukazuki ❤ in Cyberpunk 2077 & Invision   
    now we already know what Invision will be in the future 😆
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    Maxxius reacted to Noble~ in Cyberpunk 2077 & Invision   
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    Maxxius reacted to Alexandr.P in Cyberpunk 2077 & Invision   
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    Maxxius reacted to Paul E. in Cyberpunk 2077 & Invision   
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    Maxxius reacted to leonovich_J in Cyberpunk 2077 & Invision   
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    Maxxius reacted to desti in Cyberpunk 2077 & Invision   
    Logos :)

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    Maxxius reacted to DawPi in Cyberpunk 2077 & Invision   
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    Maxxius got a reaction from virap1 in Promote Members by Reputation Points/Likes   
    Nice mod though it show be able to set a secondary group also.

    I want members to advance in groups through post count

    and through reputation - secondary group so a member would have the best of both groups.
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    Maxxius reacted to Jimi Wikman in Discord is killing our forum   
    @cwir like you I come from an old community and I have also seen how communication have changed towards platforms like Slack and Discord. Still, comparing those platforms with forums is not really fair.
    Discord and Slack are chats with a flat and mostly temporary information. Forums are threaded discussions with a more permanent information. You can easily simulate this by having just one topic in a forum, which what a channel is in Discord or slack. It works great in a platform where this is the norm, but on a platform where it is not it just becomes silly.
    So the fact that you loose users to another platform is because of their need. People that move to Discord do not want to have long discussions or have their conversations saved and continued in the future. They want to have a casual chat that they can then leave behind them.
    So if you have a community based around conversation rather than discussions and information sharing, then Discord will be the choice to make. Otherwise, a forum is more suitable.
    For me Discord is for direct communication during games or for goofing around with other developers. It is not a source to find answers or have discussion that will lead to something I may want to refer back to at a later date. It is also not a place I go to if I need help from people that may not be available right away because whatever I need will drown in the rest of the conversation long before that.
    So the platforms are vastly different in my opinion and when you choose one or the other, then make sure you pick the one that suit the users need. Having both is not a bad thing, as long as you define both according to the usage.
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    Maxxius reacted to Joel R in ANNOUNCEMENT: Marketplace Black Friday 2020   
    This is a great suggestion, and I listed it in past years as part of my 'best practices' for authors to consider.  However, it's ultimately up to the authors on whether or not they take the time to update each individual listing. 
    Some other notes:
    1.  I'm very supportive of IPS adding in a discount feature directly into Downloads, so it can be a programmatic feature consistently applied across the entire Marketplace.  
    2.  The Marketplace thumbnails were broken for a long time.  Pretty sure devs just stopped trying to fight the broken thumbnails and gave up.  
    3.  If you see any Marketplace thumbnails for Black Friday, they were probably from last year's sale LOL.  
    4.  Ya'll know the best deals are in the back of the store anyways, right?  
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    Maxxius reacted to V0RT3X666 in ANNOUNCEMENT: Marketplace Black Friday 2020   
    How about a clickable icon or category to show all deals? 
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    Maxxius reacted to BankFodder in [CJ] Keyword Tooltips (Support Topic)   
    More suggested features:
    The keywords are listed in a broad alphabetical order.  There is a kind of alphabetical directory listing at the top.  However when you go into one of the letter categories, the listing is no longer alphabetical - but in order of creation.
    Might it be possible for them to display in alphabetical order?
    Second feature request:

    Might be possible to change the background colour of the pop-up squares and even the borders?***

    *** on a per pop-up basis
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    Maxxius reacted to Brad Eden in Shout Out to IPB Support Team   
    I’m a Luddite...62 years old and retired from a career in Commercial Art; specifically graphic design. No industry went digital as fast and as completely as the graphic design field. We went from building mechanicals on drafting tables to using computers and Software overnight, starting in the mid 80’s. I developed a severe case of Upgrade PTSD. Back then every upgrade or update of OS, and design software, was wrought with issues. Files wouldn’t open, fonts wouldn’t work, it was always a cluster, and work flow was impacted. We learned to hate Upgrades,
    So, in addition to living in the woods of a Maine with extremely glitchy DSL “high speed” internet at a whopping 7 mbps...that’s not a typo. I put off IPB Upgrades and typically ask Support to perform even the most minor ones.
    Recently I found myself 15 Upgrades behind...with no SSL Certificate...and my Board of 19 years...again not a typo...(I launched my Discussion Community back in 2002 on Ikonboard) was experiencing all sorts of errors and issues. 
    I finally contacted Support, and they were responsive and professional and they resolved the SSL Security situation, and the Upgrade(s), and moved my Board to the new Cloud II Server. There are some minor Member issues to work out, and I’m becoming accustomed to the new features, look and functionality, but generally things on Board are snappy and going well. 
    For someone who isn’t as fluid as many here with the backend of the IPB Suites and Software, and suffers from Upgrade and Digital PTSD,  having the Support team on call is a huge relief. I’m not putting off Upgrades any longer...I promise.
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    Maxxius reacted to V0RT3X666 in Games   
    You can use the build in fields for that. On our site we use clubs for featured games, so I simply put the link to the club in a field, looks like this https://prnt.sc/vfh4xi
    Of course you can use topics too and place the field in the sidebar or below the main content of the game.
    @Adriano Faria your Books application seems to have a cool feature called Bookshelf. How about some kind of button a user can click and add a game to his collection? Must not be such powerfull like the Bookshelfs, maybe just a profile tab with the games they own?
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    Maxxius reacted to Adriano Faria in Games   
    I’ll consider it when I have to release a new version. 👍
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    Maxxius reacted to 403 - Forbiddeen in Blackfriday 2020   
    Please devs, which promotion you will allow on this blackfriday? I want to add more features to my gamer forum.
  21. Haha
    Maxxius reacted to xtech in Show us your IPB 4 sites!   
    Sorry i couldnt pass the difficult CAPTCHA challenge twice so i cant visit your site 😞
    Why so many barriers to Access a site? Do you have that many users that you can afford to lose them by boring them with dificult CAPTCHA callenges?
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    Maxxius reacted to Matt in So much empty space...   
    I understand that.

    We've tried to keep everyone informed as much as possible with blogs like this.

    We also push this to our social media channels and do a monthly newsletter.

    I'm not sure how else to get this information out.
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    Maxxius reacted to Matt in So much empty space...   
    We were in beta for months, alpha for about a month before that. We've been talking about 4.5 since last year, and announced the new front end theme in April. We've been running a beta version on our own community here for months.

    I understand your point that you can't be expected to obsessively follow every bit of news we release, but with a major upgrade you should take a short time to investigate the changes before pressing the button.

    I appreciate the feedback but I think it's a little unfair to state that you didn't know what was coming and now regret it.
    We also have to design for a wide variety of screen sizes, so the layout has to be consistent and modular.

    It's easy to see a lot of whitespace on a single screen with a short topic title and few logged in actions at full screen on a 24" monitor, but when you consider this:

    I don't feel that there's much space to save here without cramming it into two lines and accepting some buttons will overflow.
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    Maxxius reacted to DawPi in (DP45) Guest View Limits   
    @Sascha Prinz: I have done mod for that already:
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    Maxxius reacted to HighlanderICT in Do you earn money with your forum?   
    We were the first site for our team in the early days where the upstart world wide web was taking over from Fidonet and Usenet so that helped. We were also part of the rivals.net network of sports sites which got us publicity (and funding) during the so-called (first) dot-com bubble, and we also have longevity compared to other sites which came and went. For a while we were also the official site for our club and have a long history of working with them so we get traffic by association too.
    It was a slow process though and we worked hard on it. Our first influx of members came from out of town and we set ourselves up as a bit of a club who met up in the bar on matchdays. We established a home bar where the owner was delighted to get all the extra trade and our members felt at home in a face to face environment. We are by no means the only site anymore, and our traffic is lower than it was as there are more options for people who prefer social media, facebook, podcasts etc. but we still retain a core of those members, many of whom have been around since the start and who have formed lifelong friendships on the sites (I think we are also responsible for a few marriages and babies too).  We used to worry about being the biggest or the best but the biggest lesson I think we learned over the years is that we cannot be everything to everyone so just do what we do and change or adapt where we have to or where it makes sense.     
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