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    Maxxius reacted to L4D2Noob in Discord Login Handler   
    Work in 4.4.10! Tnx!
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    Maxxius got a reaction from L4D2Noob in Discord Login Handler   
    Decided to try it on 4.4.10 and to my surprise it worked.
    Please keep upgrading this app for 4.5 if needed. At least until IPS 5.0 comes out ūüôā
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    Maxxius reacted to Ken19 in Classifieds System   
    If a person is responding to an advert via Email, the seller will receive an Email from the boards Email address and not responder. This goes against convention of just replying to an mail that you get as you have to copy the responders Email address from the body of the message and create a new Email to reply to queries. It also creates a situation where the board owner gets messages from listing owners that just replies to Email queries. Developer is not responsive at all, I would give it 0 stars if I could.
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    Maxxius reacted to Allegheny in Links Directory   
    A great addition to any site!  Adriano does great work and this app is proof of that.  Plus, Adriano is quick to respond to any questions and support needs.  When I see his name on something, I automatically trust it will work and if something goes wrong, I know he'll address the issue quickly.  He does not make you wait forever for a response and that's worth it's wait in gold.  You can't go wrong with supporting Adriano's work.
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    Maxxius got a reaction from DawPi in (DP42) Export Lang per App   
    Does what it says. Perfection!
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    Maxxius reacted to Brian Klein in Auto Welcome   
    This program is worth its weight in gold! I really like the idea of giving users a reason to be active! Good work Mr. John.
    The customer service is great, you walk me through the process step by step with all of your products. Small reminder for those who do all the tech work, not all are computer techies here, I know it is easy to get lost in the thralls of making cash and technical mumbo jumbo - but all consumers of this wonderful product are not technicians, but rather simpletons who really like the work; don't forget us when describing something to us.
    Recommendation: Not a darn thing! You amaze me with every product you create!
    All in All: 5/5 stars! Great product!
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    Maxxius reacted to Vahvel.net O√ú in (GS) VIP Members   
    Bought your application. We cant use it in production.
    1. Can you create update for it to choose not only 1 vip group but many? 
    We have VIP, SUPERVIP and DELUXEVIP groups we want to use with your app.
    2. Use VIP groups as secondary group, not the main.
    3. Automatically work with IPS commerce subscription plans (so we do not need to manually add members to VIP club, if they purchase any VIP package they will be added to VIP group according to the to subscription plan settings and period)
    I will also change my review opinion if you can help me out here. Thanks a lot.
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    Maxxius got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Random Files in Downloads File Feed   
    Its simply works! Thanks a lot. Strange why this isn't a core feature yet.¬† ūüôā
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    Maxxius reacted to christopher-w in (NB41) Enhanced Advertisements   
    I use Enhanced Advertisements (EA) for many front end config jobs. It's a steep learning curve if you want to target specific instances, but the effort is worth the end result.
    For example, I used Google Slides to make animated banners and with EA I can place them (almost?) anywhere. For example, this 4 slide animated ad goes on top of the BMW forum and above each BMW forum topic. (You will need some snazzy CSS to hide the Google Slide playbar, but it works perfectly and it's free!)

    Here, I've used it to target categories in the equally excellent VideoBox app - this time with a static image, uploaded directly into the ACP config section. 

    Overall a superb addition to my site, and that's before I've even looked at many of the more advanced features.
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    Maxxius reacted to boro_boy in Online Indicator   
    Excellent widget.
    This works with ūüĎć
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    Maxxius reacted to christopher-w in VideoBox - Video & Livestream Sharing Platform   
    Very happy so far, fuss free and loading nice and quickly.
    Developer very responsive and fixed a small issue with thumbnail CSS - literally within 5 minutes of reporting it.
    Have to say that VideoBox would benefit from documentation and perhaps some notes on YouTube quotas - in short, YouTube won't allow you to download hundreds of videos at the same time (using the optional YouTube Importer from the same author) given the default YT quota is only 10,000 units per day (a unit  is an internal YouTube measurement that equates to one API op, not one downloaded video). To put this into context, I tried to download videos from a big channel and it stopped after a couple of hundred. Although this was excessive on my part, the approx 200 download limit per day, could easily be achieved on a 1 by 1 basis on larger sites, so it is an issue if you want to download lots of videos in one go or during any given 24 hour period. Incidentally, you can request a highter YT quota, but from comments posted on the web, don't expect an immediate response.
    On the other hand, there is a workaround which the developer explained and now all is well and now the plugin is working without using an API key and therefore without the 10,000 unit default limit - it's just that it would have been easier had these operational gotchas been highlighted as part of documentation, or on the product page itself.
    Also, I'd like to suggest that the developer supports his plugins via support forum, rather than PM, simply because we can learn from the solutions offered to others.
    But apart from these, it has to be said, specialised issues, the product works very well. The dev is a pleasure to work with, and in a very short time educated me on some of the finer points of YT quotas, even though, as I said, sharing these up front might save us all a lot of time.
    Nice job and I wish all my plugin experiences here, were as pleasant as this one.
    It's been a real pleasure sponsoring updates for this plugin. The dev is super responsive and always polite and cooperative. I'm particularly pleased with the Lightbox and filter by tags enhancements, the latter of which allows very quick filtering of potentially thousand of videos.
    Great job.
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    Maxxius got a reaction from Veilon in ūüĒģ Borx Gaming Theme   
    I have bought this theme because to my taste this was hands down the most modern-looking and customizable theme available for IPS. The positive reviews about the support being top-notch have sold this theme to me.
    I made the right choice. I love this theme, I have found ways to get what I need from it and when I could not Veilon came to the rescue either it was by helping with the right CSS class to edit to achieve a desired effect or something else entirely like restoring profile cover behavior like in a default IPS skin.
    However this theme did not come without quite a few bugs since I first bought it. I tested it very thoroughly and kept reporting everything I have found and Veilon kept fixing those bugs immediately and putting out new versions in a very timely matter. I'm pretty sure now this theme is in a very solid and stable form.
    Highly recommended! ūüôā
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    Maxxius got a reaction from onlyME in Advanced Topic Feed   
    I have bought this app and I absolutely love it! Since my members love status updates so much I believe this will compel them to participate more in topic discussions due to familiar interface and accessibility of it all. ūüôā
    I needed a customization which @onlyME made the next day, support is perfect! ūüėČ
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    Maxxius got a reaction from silenceheaven in Menu/Navigation Icons   
    Thanks @silenceheaven for this mod! Works great, easy to install and configure. Works on mobile! Should be a built-in feature really. Love it!
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    Maxxius reacted to Brainy S. in Menu/Navigation Icons   
    This should really be built into IPS. Still working great on 4.4.4.
    I was working on another IPS site much newer than mine and totally forgot the functionality of this application was NOT part of plain IPS. I was really annoyed thinking they (Invision) removed it, but nope I just forgot that my normal 4.3 site has your application!
    Not sure why people are experiencing any problem with it, but here are some tips: 
    It works fine for me with external links.
    Are you using the full http or https url? Make sure you're using the right FA icon names for FA ver. 4.7 (not 5.0...unless you are the rare person who's gotten that for IPS). For example: fa-globe, fa-home, fa-photo, etc. It does require the "fa-" prefix.
    See: https://fontawesome.com/v4.7.0/cheatsheet/
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    Maxxius reacted to Asm in Exclude PMs from Merge Content   
    This excluding was made by my request fast and absolutely free, and works great. In my community this plugin is very needed, my moderators now are satisfied. Many thanks @Adriano Faria for responsiveness!
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    Maxxius reacted to Joey_M in Advanced Topic Feed   
    This application is amazing, it makes posting very efficient and I can see it being very useful to maximise the amount of posts members with less time can do - simply because it provides an overview of the topics setup within the feeds configuration.
    Giving members a time saving platform, which comes with handy feature such as the ability to like comments and see the whole entire discussion.
    I think this has a wide range of possibilities.
    1) It could be used as a means to give something back or add value to member groups such as VIPs (people who help support users' sites)
    2) An alternative to the inbuilt activity streams (promoted within a site as a means to reduce loading times etc)
    3) Used as a way to generate engaging discussions (maximise the detail in the discusses, get people involved and then plug on social media to draw engagements in)
    I would also like to add that @onlyME has added several of my suggestions already, and provides excellent support. The advanced topic feed application is a serious must have community addition for anyone serious about their community enjoyment/members.
    With the support of others, I would like to see the following features considered as I feel it would improve the application even further (please give this a like if you agree or like the feedback).
    ** Ability to quote comments in replies.
    This is a feature I would most certainly love to see added, as it would allow members to have the full topics functions when posting via the application. With the addition of multi-quote function, it would be a simple but effective feature.
    ** Add icon to identify if a topic is new or has been replied to by the user.
    I'm hopeful this would be added, as at a glance you could forget if you have replied or not. Just a simple font awesome circle for new content and a star for content which has been replied to already. These markers would make it much easier to identify new content which needs supporting, whilst giving a visual presentation to know where you in terms of posting.
    ** Comment updates - 'User(s) has replied notification' in line with the advanced feed.
    This would be somewhat tricky with the notification sounds, but it would be a great feature in my opinion. Sometimes when you're writing a reply, a member will come along and beat you to the punch or maybe write something add even more value to your own comment. Rather than editing, having a function to see where and all the updates would be a pretty cool feature, if it could be handled in a way whereby it didn't become distracting or annoying.
    ** More feed settings, so the ability to list new topics only, topics without replies, unread topics only.
    Please, please, please can we have more useful ways to configure an advanced feed, I would welcome ways of filtering what is new, what hasn't gotten replies and unread topics. This would allow us to set up other effective feeds, which can be targeted towards finding newly written or unseen content.
    * Ability to close/minimize the post field for comments.
    If you load a lot of topics up which you decide to not reply to at that moment in time, it would be useful if you could return it to its normal state - i.e minimise it.
    I realise that you could simply refresh/reload the page, however, if you tend to spend a lot of time reading and actually sitting on the page. Having a way to reduce the size would be beneficial.
    * Ability to minimise the 'submit' a new topic if loaded but unwanted.
    I know you can reduce it by clicking "cancel" but I do feel this might not be as obvious as a minimise option in the right corner, this is something more people would look for and would be a simple addition.
    Just to stress, I am not suggesting these changes to dictate or attempt to get my money's worth - I feel the price right now is a very fair one. In fact, I believe it to be value for the purchaser, yet I do like to make suggestions and hopefully come up with detailed features which could add value to others who may use it. Again, I don't want to overload OnlyME, but I have spent the majority of this past weekend finding bugs (which was very quickly fixed) and thinking about how richer the application could be.
    Thank you to OnlyME for taking the time to support, release and create this wonderful application.
    Be sure to give this a like if you value what I had said or like the suggestions, this would show the dev that others would find them useful. Buy it today folks! You won't regret it.
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    Maxxius reacted to FASEOFMARS in Advanced Topic Feed   
    Brilliant application turns the forums into a social feed, you can keep the forums or choose to let them act as an archive. With the automated title update it eliminates the need for topic titles and makes the post more like a status update. You can use this as the default module or else in the background. This is hands down the best application I have seen on the marketplace and has the ability to be the heart and soul of any community. The developer offers great support and he implemented all of my suggestions within 2 days. 
    Thank you for the ongoing support. 
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    Maxxius got a reaction from GTServices in (GT) Login as User   
    Thanks a lot for this, will sure come in handy when the time comes. However I got a question - will the member that was logged in into will notice that somebody was using his account. I mean like unread content disappearing or last visit date on profile card?
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    Maxxius reacted to Kjell Iver Johansen in User Posts in Topic   
    My users really like the ability to "split out" posts from a specific topic. This has been something we have been looking for in a long time.
    We have this threads with thousands of posts, and now my members easily can filter out the posts from one single member. It is also now very obvious for everyone if someone goes Off-Topic..
    The Plug-in works as intended, and I really recommend it.
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    Maxxius reacted to Ramsesx in Automation Rules - FULL   
    This is one of the most powerful tools available in the marketplace here. Since my community isn't converted right now to ipb I hadn't the chance to get too deep into all functions. It would be a great advantage if there could be more pre built Example Rule Sets like:
    hide post if there are x numbers of reports of the post
    send out user notification if post/topic is moved, closed, deleted etc.
    new topic in forum x with birthday greetings if a user has birthday
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