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  1. Update on Invision Community 4.2

    it was released days ago. 4.2.3 is online.
  2. I second this. Why remove good things?
  3. Bookmarks - Support Topic

    sorry for perhaps sounding a bit dull but isn't this function already handled by following topics, etc. ?
  4. Twitch.tv embed support.

    +1 from me too please do this, gamers twitch a lot and will be needed in my forum.
  5. When I got nothing fancy to wear <div style="display:none">
  6. (TB) Bump Up Topics

    umm you mean if I can only bump 1 topic per 24 hours (or other set time limit)?
  7. New: Complete Your Profile

    nice addition, very well done
  8. New: Leaderboard Enhancements

    OMG YES! to see how often people log in or how much time they actually spend. yeah definitely thats a great one!
  9. New: Leaderboard Enhancements

    yep, personal or by group exclusion should be added.
  10. New: Group promotion improvements

    great. would love to see as many requirements as possible for using this. (like must have a blog, must have a gallery, must have +50 pic in gallery, 5+ blog entries, made 100 status updates and so on and so forth)
  11. well that's pretty much useless..
  12. hi, I've been out of the loop since v4 was introduced. And I wonder has this been implemented yet in IP.Commerce where you can sell game serial numbers. For example when you are adding a package you just enter a whole bunch of serial keys in a new line and when a purchase is made a buyer receives one of these numbers? Kind of like selling tickets but less complicated than that. If not - you could introduce that. I bet it would be well received. Also I hope that these numbers once entered can be somehow encoded in case that of if hacking happened that all the serials would not be lost.
  13. Not Feeling 4.2

    as an admin I would never delete any of my members content. especially if they contributed a lot to discussions and so on. I state in my forum rules that posts created stay as is and are auto disabled from editing after a month of writing. I would however move them to a banned group, ban IP if they wanted so bad. fortunately never had a real issue of somebody in 11 years of running my forums who got obsessed in having his content removed.