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  1. As title suggests, please can we have an option to require a prefix in certain forums. Particularly useful for support.
  2. IPC Slider

    I don't quite get what you mean? Could you provide a url and login?
  3. IPC Slider

    Hi Dave, sorry for the wait I've been at a wedding this weekend. That doesn't seem to be IPC Slider displaying on your page, but just the default IP Content stock slider. Could I get an account to your admin panel of IP Content and I can take a further look for you. Cheers Grant
  4. Hi - has the way the search work here changed in 4.0? For example, I search "IPC Slider" and its not the first result in files. Thanks
  5. IPC Slider

    Very strange, ​I'll have to take a further look into this for you this weekend, and will let you know. My apologies for any inconvenience. ​There's no official ETA on when it will be ready for 4.0, but I do plan on updating.
  6. IPC Slider

    Hey - great to hear. ​System Settings > Slider > IPCS: Global Settings. Look for Title/Description Truncate Length. Let me know how you get on!
  7. IPC Slider

    Hello - could you PM me a link to your site on a page the slider is present so I can take a look? Thanks!
  8. IPS 4 converters

    Hello, Just wondering when IPS 4 converters will be available for the likes of converting boards like SMF into IPB4? Thanks
  9. IPC Slider

    ​Hello - I just replied to your PM. IPC Slider requires jQuery version v1.7.1 or more. If you update your custom skin (Or contact your skin author) they should be able to assist, its currently at v1.6.4. Thanks
  10. Content Layouts

    Hi - Under System Settings > Layouts > Layouts 1/2 Change 'small' to default.
  11. IPC Slider

    That Facebook hook was last updated in 2013. Have you tried this? '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  12. IPC Slider

    I'm logged in, I don't see the problem Steve? Are you using a custom skin that I can't see?
  13. IPC Slider

    Just checked, everything seems to be working correctly. Let me know otherwise, Thanks, Grant
  14. Social Links

    I recommend using Tom Christians hook for social links. :) This isn't compatible with the latest.
  15. IPC Slider

    Hello, So I looked into it, is it not because you're logged in as admin that you can see articles ahead of time? I can see articles ahead of time in the slider, but when logged out (or in incognito mode) I can't? Anyway, you will want to change Record status to Open records, that should do the trick! :)