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  1. Cookie Bar

    Also got a problem with Internet Explorer.. (Also affects the shoutbox, message posting with the enter button on the keyboard is not working).. When I click on the button of the bar, it does nothing (in internet explorer).. Is this a jQuery error or?
  2. Download: (SOS32) Enhanced Member Edit

    Got a white page when I edit a member, no error, nothing.. Just a blank page.
  3. Download: (SOS32) Enhanced Member Edit

    That is one thing. But I don't like it when a hook does not work if a other hook in enabled. The idea is good, but it needs now some important bug fixes.
  4. Download: (SOS32) Enhanced Member Edit

    It is doing something right now yes.. Giving a blank screen. This hook is need to get some rework seriously..
  5. Download: (SOS32) Enhanced Member Edit

    Adriano Faria, I installed the hook but when I go to edit member, I only see: User Images, Signature, About me, Youtube Video.. And yes I have acces to the Admin CP..
  6. Download: (SOS32) Enhanced Member Edit

    Hook is not working in 3.2.2, fields are not showing up :/
  7. Download: Shoutbox

    Reimport the hook?
  8. Download: Shoutbox

    It is in the global shoutbox hook, and I have the latest files for 3.2.2..
  9. Download: Shoutbox

    Michael, When I use the edit button, and edit my shout, I need to refresh the whole page to type a new shout. I guess this is a bug?
  10. Download: (VWB) Strip Images From Quotes

    Oke, Both hooks are free. (Write it for my forum to, and posted it here so people could use it at there sites.. Same idea). Let's make it not to a Samsung / Apple fight, but accept it and let the users make their own descision which hook they would like to use. :)
  11. Download: (VWB) Strip Images From Quotes

    Indeed, but just as I said in a other topic.. I was working on this hook when you were also working on your hook. But I don't like it if you are posting your links in this topic (promotional). But this hook is having more options, than a simple (to a) link convert. What's New in Version (See full changelog) Bug Fixes Removed option "Show link" Removed option Text (If show link is "no") Added option Replacing Text Added option Truncate Added option Following Text Added option Following Text Inside/Outside Link Added option Link character limit
  12. Download: (VWB) Strip Images From Quotes

    File Name: (VWB) Strip Images From Quotes File Submitter: VuurwerkBelgie File Submitted: 23 Aug 2011 File Updated: 25 Aug 2011 File Category: Hooks and Plugins This hook will strip images from quotes. Example: ' alt='' class='ipsImage' > Will be ' alt='' class='ipsImage' >, when you've selected the show link option. When you've chosen for the custom text it will be Your custom text. The images will still be shown in a lightbox! A simple hook, that will do it's job! Click here to download this file
  13. Download: Shoutbox

    Truncate the shouts.. A good option to have added :)
  14. Download: Shoutbox

    Micheal, now I have a problem with the resize border to resize te shoutbox (bigger / smaller).. It not working anymore. Rebuilded my caches etc. Can't figure out what the problem is.. Bug? Edit: Reloaded shoutbox.js.. Problem solved :/ Edit: This is not working op my site.. http://bit.ly/nEdG8P @Shoutbox tab.. Proberly the text-editor?
  15. Download: Shoutbox

    My board still says it is up2date @ 1.2.0.. Did you released it already? :P