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    .smash. reacted to Keviee. in Group Collaboration   
    How can I make the recent collabs widget show the collab logo and not the creator profile picture? 
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    .smash. reacted to DCProductions in (RSyvarth) Social Groups   
    Here is a new language pack changing "Group, Groups, group, groups" to "Clan, Clans, clan, clans" for those who host gaming websites and the like.

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    .smash. reacted to Charles in Is this vulnerability patched?   
    As with any software, if you choose not to apply maintenance releases well... you aren't getting the maintenance updates (security updates, bug fixes, performance improvements, etc.) contained within them :)
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    .smash. reacted to Kfir in Old Redirecting Pages vs New Popup Windows   
    It would be awesome if you changed the old redirecting pages with a new popup confirmation window.
    Hopefully to see it in 3.1. :D
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