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  1. Good point: You should also be concerned about how you can generate a purchase for your second account for any paid marketplace product, and create a fake 5 star review that even IPS staff approve without looking into it.
  2. 90% of ratings on IPS are faked by it's own author. You can five star your own thread. That was very heart felt thank you. It means a lot that you are able to convey such passion. @Joel R hit it right on the head though and to reiterate the purpose of my response: Quote: "Amazon" allows half stars. In your context: To "deviate" from something means you were originally on track with it. Next minute: IPS is selling Books and Kindle Tablets.......... I also think developers have much more to be concerned about than allowing half stars to please the few so anal about it. P.S "LOLZ" is not something I would ever say, please don't commit fraud on my quotes
  3. No, this file is also malicious. ACP > System > Search Engine Optimization > Enable Rewrite URLs Download the htaccess file that it tells you to
  4. I meant that in the favor of your change, not the way it is currently :P
  5. The smallest things make the biggest changes
  6. If you're in chrome press F12, do you have any 404 not found errors or any other errors that may look relevant? The icons are just a font. (FontAwesome to be precise)
  7. VizionDev


    Found the issue straight away and responded very quickly. Recommended.
  8. You would require a plugin. @Makoto is great for developing plugins/applications you should give him a message
  9. Strange, I cannot find hidePhone in the CSS framework* yet it works for me in my themes without specifying the display type. Also to add on what the guide does not tell you: Other display types to be used in conjunction with the responsive framework*: ipsResponsive_inline OR ipsResponsive_inlineBlock
  10. If you have root access (via local machine or SSH etc) Copy paste that line into the terminal do the tasks run then ? Also you should contact support if you're certain that the permissions are set correctly check parent directories too. https://www.invisionpower.com/clients/index.php
  11. Ah I see, Submit a support request https://www.invisionpower.com/clients/index.php
  12. VizionDev


    Submit a support request through: https://www.invisionpower.com/clients/index.php
  13. Of course it is. Create a page category for each language and add a new page to each of them called "about" You could still display the text dynamically from an SQL table given you have the experience on the subject, otherwise you will need to manually populate the required content for each page.
  14. You would have to do this through the existing forum template with some little dev experience Search "cForum" in the Template Editor. Add the class ipsResponsive_hidePhone to the description text. PM if you need assistance.
  15. Yes, it's pretty common practice, the method you want was more common like 10 years ago or so. Alternatively there are applications in the marketplace that support Mandrill if you want unlimited control over your templates.
  16. The options are collapsed, hit the arrow on the left or in fact hit anywhere on the "bar" of the application you want to edit permissions of modules for.
  17. Why are they inconvenient by being in the ACP? (Customization > Emails) However you can find them in the MySQL database within the table `core_email_templates`
  18. This is an old topic but worth mentioning Using PayPal to distribute "Raffle Tickets" will get your account locked and require you to sign an affidavit to get it unlocked. Raffle tickets are against the TOS of PayPal. How do they discover this: If you have "Raffle" in the product item you will be caught, if you don't, you're likely to get away with it but don't quote me on that. Source: Had a fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Foundation here in Australia. Yes PayPal locked funds that were intended for donating towards cancer research. Cause that's how they roll.......
  19. I noticed the template tables make mass use of the TEXT field. Considering the size of these it could be considered a performance increase to change these to BLOBs
    Great plugin. I got a new app coming around the corner that recommends the use of this to get more features out of my app. PS - Tested and working on IPS4.1 Beta 1
  20. As the title says. I'm sure plenty of plugin/theme developers would be willing to contribute.
  21. Cool I think I'm the first person to get a theme out for the beta

    Full support through all pre-release and final release of 4.1 :)

  22. I have .ipsBox all thoughout my IPS4.1 Beta 1 - I've been upgrading my themes for the passed 24 hours so not sure why you're missing them. <li class="ipsWidget ipsWidget_vertical ipsBox" data-blockid="app_core_stats_fjcehepvs" data-blockconfig="true" data-blocktitle="Member Statistics"................ .ipsWidget_inner has no padding nor any CSS associated with it, I found that weird. Also: <div class="ipsComposeArea_dummy ipsType_light" tabindex="-1">What's on your mind?</div> ^ not complete.
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