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  1. I think your only chances of getting it would be through a third party developer as IPS won't hand you a bucket of water if you're on fire unless you pay for it. I recommend @Makoto
  2. I highly doubt that would ever occur. Also None of the messages above will even come close to improving the chance of receiving your desired outcome - in fact they probably work against your desires. #dontsuckup
  3. Nope In sense of the IPS framework, this is fairly complex and makes use of ajax requests that read directly from a database. I do agree it's a decent looking item, however I'm not exactly sure how they could have possibly achieved it with Pages - This is likely a custom application/plugin that they have created. Outside of IPS - This would take a whole 10 minutes to code. Seek a developer as you are unlikely to get this handed to you freely: https://community.invisionpower.com/third-party/providers/
  4. Sadly, that is the correct answer - I have 12 themes to update :'(
  5. I have done so, I have an app whom's statistics are more accurate if accrued in a chronological fashion rather than a per-visit fashion - and as it's for presentation, accuracy is definitely a concern. I agree with what you said with heavy consideration given to: Cheers
  6. For any cloud client that DOES want to use their top-level domain as an email to receive Commerce support tickets. Can achieve this with Mailgun and a script I wrote to pipe emails into Nexus Still awaiting approval though. If you want it now just PM me it's a free resource.
  7. I understand the difficulties of providing email (from an ISP developer point of view, trust me that I do understand). If you had to use LThrogmartin@gmail.com - Would you still feel like you're portraying a professional company and/or business. That'd be great SSL and Emails, and also to mention Cron, is not really related to that of a power-user. This can't really be considered a feasible reply and is more of an opinion, I've achieved greater than what the Cloud allows with a $10 VPS all the way up to a $450 p/mo dedicated host. This is still less than the Cloud/yr
  8. Cloud + SSL - Requires the $70 per month Cloud plan = 840$ per year - Requires a dedicated IP - $199 for 1 year $299 for 2 years - Complete loss of access/refusal to support top-level domain email addresses despite the Cloud running through cPanel/WHM Minimum cost per year if you want SSL on the cloud $1,039 USD Self Hosted + SSL: Minimum cost per year (including all apps) - $570. Freedom to use any SSL cert you want. Even the free SSL from CloudFlare Retain access to all top-level domain email address. Both options are MANAGED. --------------------------------------------- Enough said on this topic I think.
  9. Is this on the IPS Cloud Community - or self hosted?
  10. All done: https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7799-mailgun-pipe/ - probably take a bit for them to accept.
  11. Noooooooo, Mailgun has POP3/IMAP disabled Screw it, I'm making a Mailgun Pipe for Nexus Support Requests.
  12. Thanks to @Paul.F I got this sorted using Mailgun
  13. Does the cloud community offer any type of MX server to use in conjunction with my top level domain? Or does having an email address with the domain require self hosted? Needing an email "support@viziongm.com" to setup with Commerce.
  14. A lot of checks are disabled when IN_DEV is enabled. Create a support ticket with this information and they will assist you from there This is definitely not a normal thing to happen. -- While you wait and if you can: set error_reporting to E_ALL in your php.ini and restart your webserver to see if you can get an error to display. DevTools comes with Whoops! Exception Handler so if you're not seeing that, then the issue is deeper
  15. Majority of template files have been changed. If your design relies purely on CSS than you're correct, however if you have moved things around - all these changes will have to be redone.
  16. Don't sweat it man. They don't want CloudFlare around because of how easy it is. It also causes the IPS SSL packages to become beyond redundant and all customers who have already purchased SSL to become extremely infuriated. Furthermore: You need to set your name servers back to the following please in order to use the top level domain on your community here. ns1.ipslink.com ns2.ipslink.com Currently they are using the following and pointing to an A Record, in which we don't support as our IP's do change. ****.ns.cloudflare.com. ['173.***.58.***'] [TTL=172800] ****.ns.cloudflare.com. ['173.***.59.***'] [TTL=172800] Requested DNS: ns1.ipslink.com and ns2.ipslink.com (Dynamic Name Server) My CloudFlare DNS: ns1.ipslink.com and ns2.ipslink.com The only way this can ever become an issue is if you forget to assign your new IPs to ns1.ipslink.com/ns2
  17. Sorry mate, close the ticket - I'm speechless at the moment. It really seems like revenue is the cause for lack of "support" for something that very clearly works: https://www.viziongm.com/ (Green SSL badge) CloudFlare is pointed to ns1.ipslink.com and ns2.ipslink.com and they update automatically so on that note, i'm giving up on this
  18. I'm not after support, you're telling me somethings not possible when beyond evidently it is. Tell us why it is not possible please
  19. Getting a little weird now @Mark and @Rhett Hello, we don't support cloudflare on our hosting I'm afraid, so a CF SSL cert won't work in this case. You need to set your name servers back to the following please in order to use the top level domain on your community here. ns1.ipslink.com ns2.ipslink.com Currently they are using the following and pointing to an A Record, in which we don't support as our IP's do change. ****.ns.cloudflare.com. ['173.***.58.***'] [TTL=172800] ****.ns.cloudflare.com. ['173.***.59.***'] [TTL=172800] Let us know if you have any questions. Regards, Rhett Hosting & Support Manager Invision Power Services Inc CloudFlare has adopted ns1. and ns2.ipslink therefore automatically receive any IP changes.
  20. Hey Matt, I checked, they all have the absolute path of File System: /home/radstudi/public_html/uploads I have already created a ticket, thank you. Cheers
  21. Turns out this is has already been thought about. No content will load of https despite you modifying your conf_global.php to include "https", it will force the url to change to HTTPS yes, but images etc will be blocked from loading or prevent yourself from getting the green SSL badge. This could be easily adjusted by adding $protocol = 1; // HTTPS to Line 107 of system\Http\Url.php, but all files have been encoded via ionCube.
  22. Hello Lindy thanks for the informed response, It's just a bit of a catch 22, you provide Commerce/Nexus on your cheapest plan, yet your clients cannot protect the security of their customers with SSL thus statistically reducing sales if you're not willing/can't afford to dig a whole lot deeper into your wallet. Also it was a RapidSSL certificate with a reward coupon. Sure I could go self-hosted, but the price would still be equivalent to purchasing SSL package AND paying the required 70$ per month - which brings me back to the strategic side of things. So ultimately this sheds light on a bit of redundancy. I understand your limitations
  23. Hey everyone. I'm not really one to start this kind of thing but it's kind of ridiculous to say the least, I may be wrong entirely but in over a decade of experience, this has definitely never been an experience of mine. ----------- I purchased a $9 SSL certificate to place on my host, as you do numerous times throughout your career as a web developer with no extra charge accrued what so ever. I requested a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) from IPS. The response: Hello. SSL is only available on the Ultra 100 package ($70 monthly) and higher, and also requires purchase of our SSL package, which includes the SSL certificate and the necessary dedicated IP address. The price for the SSL package is $199 annually, or $299 for 2 years. If you are interested, we can upgrade your hosting package to the Ultra 100, and invoice for the SSL package. Please let us know if you'd like to do so. Thank you. [I removed the name] Invision Power Services, Inc. Again I may be wrong, but I think this insane jump in pricing purely because of improper flexibility on your side things should not be placed against your customers that in reality, are only requesting a very very very little and extremely common feature. I hold my tongue here, but it almost seems strategical considering in order to use SSL you also have to "upgrade" your cloud community to a more expensive package; who in their intelligent mind would continue to have Nexus without SSL for it's customers. I'm hoping one of the staff can throw a solid background on something that seems quite transparent as a cash grab. My two cents.
  24. I totally agree with the modified quote above and everything you originally said, almost made me tear-up with pride.
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