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  1. @Netherlord PM me your information if you like, this can be done through your template with some php logic in the navbar template or worst case scenario with javascript
  2. Haha, ggwp Realistic scenario - It's prefixed with "pro stock photos" tag
  3. Oh wow that's pretty excessive Maybe a redo on the wording in the activity steam? Because I will be laughing for days about this.
  4. It's a race condition. You have to wait for the page to load entirely before clicking reply. Please post this as a bug in the bugtracker
  5. I will check for you now and see if it's possible via a template
  6. Add the following to your .htaccess RewriteRule ^topic.33193.html$ /topic/33193-болезни-сердца/ [R=302,L,NC]
  7. PM me for info so we don't fill this thread up with irrelevant posts
  8. I'm working on a YouTube app that does this and more. At the moment it follows your channel and automatically posts any new videos along with the information and images for it and embeds a player.
  9. Post your .htaccess file - It's likely the malicious code is there. accurate - compromised accounts are generally at fault of the user.
  10. In the ACP click the "Signed in as <username>" up top in the header You will see "Set ACP Theme" there. Thread is duplicate of: See this thread for a screenshot from @Afternova
  11. Responses re: this would be generally opinionated and this should be an option that's just enabled by default.
  12. Disabling the default login/registration handler is not possible due to the issues that could occur by using a third party registration form, so IPS does not support this. A "skin hack" or a plugin that hooks the dispatcher would be the only feasible method See the Providers section
  13. I will try to create an analogy here that should clarify For example, stalkers could find the same content by browsing Facebook, then Facebook introduced "Check in" which I can only imagine vastly increased a stalkers success rate. Not that stalkers are an issue here (o.O), however it is "same same but different" in the sense that Facebook doesn't force you to check in. Also this forum has "Ignore Functionality" disabled afaik
  14. EX4096 - This is an IPS specific exception - Please create a support ticket and they will be able to assist you there. 2S162/1 - If you do in fact want to remove the default theme, just download a free one from the market place, set it as the default and then you can delete it
  15. With the introduction of the Activity Stream. An option should be provided to opt-out of submitting your activity to the stream. Kind of feels like privacy invasion considering everything shows in there except what I had for breakfast and my bathroom breaks
  16. No no it was perfect when it came out and perfect still, was just making a poke at ::1 - Thanks
  17. That'd be great! I would like to bump that thread. I heard the same about the 4.0 documentation though
  18. Cool, no problem glad I got you thinking! Enjoy Michael.
  19. I just checked every dev version I have, none of them have plugin.js - this would be generated dynamically I could only assume. (Possibly read/write issues somewhere?) Support ticket this one.
  20. Strange, have no issues. This is 4.1 yeah? See attached the ckeditor folder - place the folder inside /applications/core/interface. Please let me know when you have downloaded it so I can remove it from this post. ckeditor.zip
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