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  1. I'm aware, if there wasn't an edit lockout it'd be adjusted. Sometimes it would be good to be a lot clearer in details because I was not the only one who had the same thought, just the only one who said something - my apologies.
  2. Hi guys, There is some discussion earlier today about the same topic further down
  3. Very strange, If you're 100% sure it's not there, create a support ticket and a staff member will ensure you get it installed https://www.invisionpower.com/clients/index.php
  4. Always good to know that files can be deployed to my server without knowledge. Reminds me of a security convention where the main topic was regarding an ISP's master server that would achieve the same for pushing configurations and an employee distributed malware through it thus gaining control of every router assigned to that CVC.
  5. Correct. You should actually go through with the update, instead of trying to dismiss it, the new version addresses multiple issues
  6. I had to install the developer files because the upgrade said files within /dev/ were missing. The developer resource file also has 2 files, differently named, and of different file size
  7. This error is saying that the task handler cannot find the file/task id specified, which is absurd due to it being a default file, this also relies on a support ticket sadly, i'm sorry
  8. Do you have any additional plugins or applications? Cleanup is a task that iterates through all application tasks and runs the cleanup() command within them (if that task is still running after 15 minutes I believe) You can create a support ticket for this one as EX0 is generally a suite bug (however please disable all third-party applications and plugins and try again before doing so as support will ask the same of you)
  9. Always fun, I can do this for you, give me a shout on skype
  10. As far as I know, no @Makoto could help you though if you needed a plugin developed for it.
  11. Put a space after it, works fine and it trims the space from the search term anyway. This has been reported as a bug a couple weeks ago as well
  12. I can understand that, but It's your need that fuels the industry
  13. Redundancy, WYSIWYG, What You See Is What You Get The only realistic need for a "Preview" would be to see it without it being wrapped in an editor, but realistically the editor contents is translated to HTML on-the-fly and is your preview.
  14. Strange, if the original picture is not sideways, how is uploading sideways not a bug o.O
  15. No. The correct avenue for such a topic would in fact be https://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/ Which is monitored all throughout office hours of IPS (If they are in-fact being uploaded sideways to what the original picture is)
  16. @Makoto make a quick fix and hook it -> \IPS\Image::rotate();
  17. Start with the globalTemplate and navBar first - if your theme is heavily customized you don't want to lose EVERYTHING if you don't have to.
  18. This doesn't seem possible without a dodgy hack that I would not even want to touch ( @Matt any idea? ) This goes in the navBarItems template and will add the class if you you use this anywhere but where it is needed (on the <li> list-item). @Netherlord FYI "16" is the ID of your homepage {{if $item->active() OR \IPS\Request::i()->url()->data['path'] == '/' AND $item->id == '16'}} class='ipsNavBar_active' data-active{{endif}} IPS Javascript removes the active class... Hopefully Matt can give some insight
  19. Thanks @steve00 - Hadn't gotten around to it yet. Best of luck @Humanastorian
  20. Ah okay, If you are so inclined, send me your ftp information and I'll conduct a scan for you, Regards, Reece
  21. Would not have the slightest idea sorry, a waiting game, create a support ticket in the client area
  22. You will have to wait until IPS can address the issue, race conditions such as this would be a nightmare to track down
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