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Status Updates posted by VizionDev

  1. Hey everyone, just letting you know that I have discontinued majority of my paid themes.

    My recent work in application and plugin development has allowed me to further grasp the IPS framework and all the possibilities that a paid theme could bring to the table that was not even imaginable for me before releasing any of the themes I had on the Market Place.

    So time to start delivering higher quality themes and perhaps even set a new standard of expectations for a paid theme.

    To those who may be frustrated about how majority of my paid themes have been now priced as FREE. I urge you to contact me so that we can maybe work out a credit for my existing paid themes, or my future paid themes.


    1. VizionDev


      This would be an example of setting standards :D 



  2. Cool I think I'm the first person to get a theme out for the beta

    Full support through all pre-release and final release of 4.1 :)

  3. Turns out most of my themes are broken on IPS4.1 Beta - Time to get busy remaking them :sweat: Thanks to @Makoto for helping me set it up locally, legend :) 

  4. Thanks for redistributing my theme on a piracy website. Look forward to seeing you banned for your pirated version of IPS @ http://veownersclubaus.com

  5. You can tell why there is very minimal dark themes out there, they're a total b**ch. Gotta find a way to streamline this a lot quicker...... hmmm

  6. An awesome new theme and a dark version of Gamer ESC are pending review


  7. This WIP is actually turning out quite nice, options to enable animation the exhaust smoke, wings on the header (also with animation that can be disabled), can disable the wires above the forum categories.

    The screws stay in place while the panels (or wings) move up and down on hover with smooth animation.

    The most difficult part of this build is responsiveness, considering the heavy use of graphics (which in total are less than 150kb mind you :ph34r:) this can only be a "3 stage responsive design", meaning it won't look pretty if you resize your browser, but in reality while viewing on mobile and tablet, it will look perfect....

    .. in saying that however, that is 3 completely different layouts. One to looks awesome on mobile, one to look awesome on tablet, and one to look absolutely amazing on desktop.

    I'm seeing this going up as $19.95 a pop considering the amount of work and the "rareness" of such a theme in the marketplace today.

    Really not sure how people justify $25 for some of themes out there that expect a tonne of HTML user input, and the amount of sales they have just has me stumped.

    Hope everyone likes it so far.



  8. Hello, I have updated the Adrenaline theme with your fixes, you may download it again: https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7751-adrenaline-gaming-theme/

    Thanks mate!

  9. Next IPS4 Theme in the workshop :)

    ETA 1-2 Days



  10. My new theme that should be reviewed and approved by Monday



  11. Looking for a experienced skin editer?? Will pay..

    1. Ichirō


      You should try http://www.ipbskinning.com/
      Say that Jay sent you ;)

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