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  1. Eric, If possible, I'd like to request a block be made, if you're still doing that, I tried to use your pinned topics block and modify it to make it happen but I just don’t have the necessary amount of knowledge of PHP apparently to make it work.

    but what I'm trying to do is, a Recently Popular Topics block it displays the 5 topics (or a set number) with the most posts in the past month (or set amount of days / months).

    I'd appreciate that if you've got the time.


    It should just be a slight modification to the existing Pinned Topics CSB, so I'll have a looksee and report back. :)

    Does this work for people who use IPB itself to host their site? As I am very new to this, and can not seem to figure out how to install through the ACP with the directions. Any help or a link to how to install this via the ACP for users who do not have the folders and such to install would be great. Thank you and sorry if this is a dumb question.

    I've never had an IPB hosted site, so I don't know. You definitely need to upload the files for it to work. I think they will install apps for you if you don't have access to your files, but I dunno. Anyone want to chime in?

    I would post a ticket to ask if no one helps around here.
  2. The URL doesn't matter because this plug-in overrides the url in the purchase code. :) Just as long as your IPN is enabled and you can in fact receive instant payments, that's all you need.

  3. Hi (e) Eric. Just found your app and it's freakin' awesome.

    One question. I have a News forum and I would like to display the latest news in that box.

    Could you please help me out ?


    Sorry for missing this earlier...

    I think you might be able to do that already. Isn't there a Latest Topics hook, and you could choose just the New Forum? Else, there might be a block for that for IP.Content, and you can use that in CSB. If you search this thread there are examples of IP.Content blocks used as CSBs.
  4. Oh, I didn't think you were editing the hook file itself. Yeah, wherever you place the hook is where all will show. You can't make a hook appear in multiple spots. Well, not without a bunch of hacking around.

  5. Really great app, lots of uses. I am having an issue with block placement though. I'm using the main block for "Video of the Week" and treating it as a category to show above all forums. I have an additional block labeled "Welcome Center" that I'm trying to treat as side-bar block. The issue I'm having is that when editing the hook files to sort the two blocks, It will not save as wanted. Either both blocks are treated as category or both blocks treated as side-bar block. Even after several attempts to save it will automatically revert to previous settings.


    - old guy

    I'm not sure I understand. Custom Sidebar Blocks only work on the sidebar. There is no notion of a "category block" in this app. Perhaps you meant to post in one of the mods that moves blocks to various places on your board? In any case, good luck! :)

    same here on 3.3.3, saved fine but there is nothing there.

    possibly replace %3A%2F%2F throughout with correct ansi and test it?

    seems to me to not be a custom block issue though IMO.

    Thanks for testing! Sounds like it might be an issue with the content, not the block.

    Hi Eric,

    I am getting the following error when Saving a Block. Do you ahve any idea what would cause this?

    www.supersupporter.net Driver Error

    There appears to be an error with the database.

    If you are seeing this page, it means there was a problem communicating with our database. Sometimes this error is temporary and will go away when you refresh the page. Sometimes the error will need to be fixed by an administrator before the site will become accessible again.

    You can try to refresh the page by clicking here

    That is a generic DB error. You'll want to recreate the error then go into your SQL Error Logs in ACP and look at the most recent error. If it doesn't make sense, post it here and we'll have a look. :)
  6. Look in the embed code, there should be the words width and height, follow by an equals sign and then a number. And each might be listed twice. You'll want to change them (one or the other or both, I forget) to a smaller number. Something like 250 or so.

  7. I just tried that iframe code on my test board and it works fine, well, it is giving me an error that the link is bad, but the CSB is behaving correctly. I have still yet to upgrade my boards to 3.3.3, so it's possible IPS changed the post parser (yet again), in which case I would need to adjust it. I'll try to update to 3.3.3 soon, and will report back once I do and test out some blocks.

    If anyone else running 3.3.3 would care to test, by all means do so. :)

  8. Yeah, since you can put anything into a CSB it opens up possibilities of all types of web issues. I'm not sure why that flash thing causes problem, but since it doesn't relate to CSB in particular, you might try asking in one of the general web help forums. :). Good luck!

  9. It looks like there is a typo in the source code in the download here. I'll updated a fixed version this weekend. It only pertains to that settings page, the actual permissions should still work.

    If you want to fix it sooner, replace ibEco_plugin_ppb_access with ibEco_plugin_ppd_access (ppd instead of ppb).

  10. PWP2 never replied to my questions, so I'm guessing the problem fixed itself. PWP2 can you confirm?

    I still can't replicate the error, so my only advice would be the normal rebuild skins/reimport hooks/recache etc.

    You might want to PM him/her to ask about the fix.

  11. There isn't anything that is going to break your boards if you install this on 3.3. It just doesn't display the style name in all places yet. And as I've stated, since this uses the tricks of Group Format, I'm waiting on that to be completed before releasing a 3.3 version. And as stated a few posts up, if you visit emoneyCodes.com and find the support topic for this on that site, you'll find the current build as an attachment which fixes 2/3 of the 3.3 issues already anyway. :)

  12. There is a general ibEconomy setting that restricts users from going negative, so you should enable that if you want to stop users from downloading unless they have enough points.

    No, there are no logs recorded for downloading with points, just the normal logs that Downloads itself has. :)

  13. Hey all, I've been working on an ibEconomy plug-in which allows members to purchase subscriptions with points. I've distributed the alpha to a few admins for testing, if anyone would like to help, please PM me. :)

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