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  1. url reset costs money

    ​I second that.
  2. url reset costs money

    Makes sense, thanks for your reply.
  3. url reset costs money

    I see thanks for the heads up, I don't need a permanent forum but use it from time to time for projects, often the urls are subdomains matching the project name... it would be nice if this limit could at least be increased to 3 changes, thus giving some space for users who change the domain more often and still preventing malicious use (btw what kind of malicious use are we talking about?).
  4. url reset costs money

    If one pays for the software he should be able to use it however he likes, charging for url resets is just corporate greed. In the long gone past IPS used to offer owned licenses for its software and ever since you've been stripping down the offer to force customers into a narrow recurring payment model. I understand this model makes more cash, but charging for url resets is a bit over the top, don't you think? I was hoping you might reconsider.
  5. I'd like to offer a rather bold suggestion... In my vast usage of IP.Board I've noticed I really hate the fact that I can't see my IPB notifications on my desktop or as a little chrome app... so I'd like to suggest that you create a desktop app that is cross-platform compatible and also a nice chrome/firefox notification app as well. I believe this would largely benefit communities and members who regularly need to keep track of a forum but don't want to spend all that time on opening the forum each time they want to do so. Regards, Neven
  6. IP.Nexus 1.3.0: Customers and purchases

    sure not
  7. IP.Board 3.2.0: Calendar

    It would be great if you added Calendar synchronization with iCal and Microsoft Outlook
  8. Gallery 4 - A brief tour of the view image page

    If I may suggest, it would be great if the IP.Gallery worked like deviantart....the images should dominate the module... IP.Gallery 4 doesn't seem to be such a great advantage over IP.Gallery 3. If you really want to make this module become something UP TO DATE, then you should look into making it similiar to deviantart. This might sound as if I am suggesting you to rip off deviantart, but lets be realistic... its the largest and most popular gallery site on the web... they succeeded because they had the best user interface. I don't believe the changes you've done to IP.Gallery 4 will make a big difference in your sales. The "IMAGE" still fails to become the CENTER of the module, instead your "sidebar" takes too much place and contains some overkill stuff such as that "album preview showing all images in the album"...the sidebard should be smaller, much more like the deviantart one. The main part of the sidbear should definately be "DOWNLOAD IMAGE", and links for SHARING (they should be present in the sidebar not in the OPTIONS)... The "LOCATION" part of the sidebar is an utter failure... who cares about that? Nobody! Your gallery module is full of useless addons (I am not saying they shouldn't exsist, but they should definately NOT dominate the module, the image itself, as I already stated, should become the ceneter of the module), that makes it outdated, it lacks the MINIMALISTIC design and functionallity which is todays' most attractive feature... Please take my comment as a friendly advice, I had no intentions in criticising your work for the sake of criticising. Regards, Nevensky
  9. IP.Nexus Dev Update - Support Requests

    Hmm I am not very happy about it... its a bit lame and doesn't offer enough potential. I believe it would be absolutely necesary to have something like this...
  10. Download: Simplicity

    Will this be updated for IPB. 3.1? Its fantastic.
  11. IP.Appointments

    An Event system would be of much more use.
  12. IP.Board 3 HTTPS Admin Area

    Ya, I definately support this :).
  13. Download: [K-F] Deep Blue Sea

    Incredible, you are a real moneysucker! You charge 10 for this skin USD and all you did was changing the staturation of default IPB images to make them red. I think you should browse a bit through the skin section and see that some people offer skins they worked days on for FREE and you charge this crap 10 USD. I am sorry, but I really get p** off when I see this. :mad: :mad:
  14. IP.Commerce name changed to IP.Nexus

    uuuu greeeat :devil: