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    Brilliant app, but unfortunately it conflicted with another of my apps. Dev tried to fix but ended up giving me the choice between the two apps. Bookmarks lost. Dev refunded the price. Pity as I've since found out it's an easy fix!
  2. Inactive Members

    Unfortunately it doesn't work correctly (at least for me). I set up a rule to move members inactive for 36 months and it moved a member who had only been registered for 2 months (I didn't check further, there may have been more). I reported to the developer on two occasions, but he couldn't/wouldn't fix, he just refunded the price.
  3. Inactive Members

    I brought and installed that app, but unfortunately it doesn't work correctly (at least for me). I set up a rule to move members inactive for 36 months and it moved a member who had only been registered for 2 months (I didn't check further, there may have been more). I reported to the developer on two occasions, but he just refunded the app
  4. Inactive Members

    I have been trying to clear out my Inactive Members and cannot believe that there is currently NO WAY to achieve this. If a Member logs in anonymously he won't register as active, so could visit daily but never show. I fully understand the purpose of logging in anonymously on the front end, but surely as site Administrator I should be able to know that a member has logged in/visited the site? The way things currently are I CANNOT clear out old accounts because I cannot positively say which are being used. Seems a big gap in the software in my opinion
  5. Members Tab (Support Topic)

    Sorry to disagree, but I can't see how $12.50 is expensive given the time these things to develop, test and support. I do have an issue though........ Member joined 4/10/17 - With us for 177 days Member joined 29/9/17 - With us for 17444 days Member joined 10/9/17 - With us for MINUS 5 Days (Numerous examples in list) Would also benefit greatly from a search box.
  6. Images In Posts

    We are a community that is image heavy. For years our members have been posting photos in forum topics. There was a setting limiting the number of attachments and we had this set sensibly and never had an issue. At some point IPS removed this setting - a backward step in my opinion. Unfortunately I was unaware they had removed it until members started posting huge numbers of photos in forum posts - sometimes in excess of 300. These posts caused issues and I had to open a support ticket. I was told that forum posts weren't meant to hold that many photos and that I should be using the Gallery. Point 1 - Why remove the setting to limit the amount of attachments in a post when the number of attachments in a post causes issues? Point 2 - Why wasn't the removal brought to my attention given the critical nature of it and the issues it could cause? We installed and introduced Gallery. I have tried my best to like Gallery, but it is not up to the high standard of the rest of the software suite. I've had to source plugins, even having custom plugins made just to get it to behave reasonably. I've had numerous support tickets open trying to sort bugs and it still isn't up to scratch. Point 3 - Will Gallery ever be brought up to scratch? If so, when can we reasonably expect to see it? Gallery is so far below the standard we've come to expect from IPS that we've abandoned it and returned to forum based photo topics. @All Astronauts has added a setting to the excellent plugin Kitchen Sink to restore the much needed attachment limit. So, our community has come full circle, we're back to where we started and we're happy. We've lost contributors and our forum is worse off for this episode. Please don't take away simple little settings - it has caused us much upheaval and trouble. Point 4 - @All Astronauts is knowledgeable and very helpful. Why doesn't he work at IPS? Many thanks Bill
  7. Who Viewed the Topic

    That fixed it. Many thanks - excellent service as always!!
  8. Who Viewed the Topic

    I have a slight problem with this. If I enable the bottom button I get an error: I've tried reinstalling, running the support tool and waiting the obligatory 15 minutes 'cos I'm CiC It's not a big problem, using the top button it works fine and I'm more than happy with that. Thanks for another excellent plugin!
  9. Post Anonymously in Forums

    Posted in error - many apologies.
  10. Post Anonymously in Forums

    Thanks for the suggestion, I've asked support - fingers crossed It does't feel right to ask for a refund, it's my fault for not reading the description fully, although in my defense I haven't seen a plugin that needed an upload for a long time.
  11. Post Anonymously in Forums

    I really could do with this plugin. Unfortunately such was my excitement, I failed to read the description properly and didn't see that I have to upload a file, which as a CiC customer I can't do. My fault 100%, I accept that. Do you have any plans to make this available for CiC customers?
  12. Donations Support

    I'm having a little difficulty setting this up At present I use Commerce. I have three "Supporter" Groups set up Silver (£5), Gold (£10) and Platinum (£20). Payment gets you the group for a year. It actually works how I want, but is difficult to manage and I want to be able to send a PM on donation and possibly a forum post, so I've brought Donations. I've set up my three "promotions" and set up three donation amounts. I've tested using an offline payment and it seems to work, except the member isn't promoted. Why? We only deal in UKP - How can I delete USD? I am also unsure on setting up PayPal. The PayPal Gateway instructions say I don't have a "History" tab, I've tried searching PayPal for an IPN with no joy. In Commerce, I have Client ID & Secret settings. Do I need these in Donations? When I tested with an offline payment, I received a "Thanks for the donation" PM immediately on making the donation. Surely the PM should be sent when payment is received, not when it's promised? (some people forget lol) Many Thanks Bill
  13. Gallery Improvements

    Some suggestions for improving the Gallery: Prevent members posting directly to categories - all members to post in albums Place image title above film strip so that viewers can see title and photo without scrolling Popular badge on Albums with over X likes (like forum posts) Comments to be more like forum posts with user info panel to the left Prevent members from adding their photos to Album description Order of photos in film strip to be the same as Album sort order (I've brought this up on a previous post - repeated here for completeness) Many thanks Bill
  14. Notices - Supporttopic

    I've just purchased this and after an initial hiccup (quickly and efficiently sorted by @Fosters - Many Thanks!) is working very well. Please could I add a suggestion for consideration. I appreciate there is a purchase filter, could you add "NOT purchased"? Then I could use it to remind members to purchase a supporter package. Many thanks Bill
  15. Gallery - Sort/Upload Order

    Many thanks for your comments. Our forum is image heavy - after a recent issue with a photo topic with hundreds of photos we were advised that we should be using the Gallery for photos, not topics. I've tried my hardest to like Gallery but it is buggy, unfriendly and uncustomisable. It seems to be the poor relation in the software suite. I have no idea how I can persuade my members to use it (my members are very resistant to change) when I can't even get the basics right for them! @Lindy Any input here please?