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  1. I have found several similar requests for this information - but nobody seems to have an answer, or even reply. I started another topic, but am replying here to try and stir up a little interest and get an answer from someone "in the know."
  2. Export Members Emails

    Can't get it to work. First it threw an error and was demanding all required custom fields to be filled in. One required field was "Real Name." Another was "Location." So fields like this can not be filled in - because they are unique for every user. So, I made them "not required." It no longer had red in those required fields. But it then just threw an error saying only - EX2 Something went wrong. Please try again. I tried all different filter combinations, filling in with zeros where it said "to not restrict." But got the same error over and over.
  3. Is Search Broken?

    I can't get a simple or advanced search to work here. Error messages, and what looks like database errors. Is it me, or Invision?
  4. I have also noticed that when using Safari on my Mac if I log out and close Safari - when I come back using a new Safari session I am still logged in. But the funny thing is that if I log out, surf around a bit using the same session and return to the forum, I am still not logged in. It is only if I close Safari and start a new session that I am "Remembered" and still logged in. This happens using Camino as well. But not Firefox.
  5. Ever since updating to 3.4.1 I, I and other users, are logged in when returning - even if they uncheck the "Remember Me" box. This is distressing to Admins and Mods who are used to logging in with the "Remember Me" unchecked and just leaving without signing out. But now, when they return they are still logged on - not very secure. Has something changed in this latest version?
  6. [HQ] Badges

    Hope you (or other users) can answer the following. I'm using 3.4 Would it be possible to keep all my groups "as Is," but add a custom badge (of my own PSD design) that I can give to a group of users (in addition to the existing primary group icons, possibly secondary group) that would indicate a financial contributor? That is, a badge I would design with my own graphic for a secondary group (or individuals) that would be for "sponsor."
  7. I wrote the following to the tech that helped with my recent upgrade after a fairly long time. I wanted to pass along those user comments that I happened to agree with. I'll copy and paste below. Please let me offer some constructive criticism of the new version. Most all my users had a clever graphic or business logo for their avatar, and a pic of themselves or family for their personal profile pic - so consolidating the two was not a welcome change. ' alt='' class='ipsImage' >' alt='' class='ipsImage' > It was nice to be able to see a nice size personal photo of the user, and a colorful logo to identify his postings. Also, we had things set up so certain groups (those contributing money) were granted a larger avatar. I guess that is no longer an option either. We found it encouraged donations. ' alt='' class='ipsImage' >' alt='' class='ipsImage' > In addition, one of the major reasons for the upgrade was to be able to use the mobile app for iPhone/iPad. My users wanted more functionality from mobile devices - namely uploading photos. But the app seems to be fairly useless. And judging from the reviews, I am not the only one with that feeling. Many users are wondering why they paid for something that doesn't seem to do anything extra. And lastly, I guess all of our subtitles from the last 6 years and 100,000+ topics are no longer visible. Instead we can now add tags. What a mess that is going to be. Users are already adding heaps of useless or worthless tags. ' alt='' class='ipsImage' >' alt='' class='ipsImage' > This rendered a lot of the older topic titles incomplete. Six years of content erased - not good. Not complaining as much as offering feedback. Many features are of course an improvement - like keeping track of unread material - that is very nice now. But I guess there is still no photo resizing option available during upload. Or auto resizing within the Lightbox for viewing. Without the Lightbox at least the browser can resize large photos to screen/window size. Your photo management is not near as good as your competitors. But again, thanks for the help with the upgrade.