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  1. Aerosoft

    CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    Will Download plus be able to import an existing collection of download files? We now have about 5000 and I would hate to have to re-insert them.
  2. a easy work around is, you can simply change the css in this case, thats what we did as we never had a dropdown.
  3. Aerosoft

    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    forum.aerosoft.com i think we are one of the biggest user currently :-)
  4. After updating to v4 (lovely btw!) we find one element highly illogical. Why are these elements placed INSIDE the user's posting? It would make far more sense to place them below the whole post as they now look like they are added by the user. Is this something that could be tweaked?
  5. In IPBoard3 we had the option to enable Postnumbers like this is post #1 the answere is #2 ... etc. this made it easy for others to refere to other posts like "hey see #13 for the answere" is this feature still available?
  6. Aerosoft


    Can we assume this project is not being supported anymore?
  7. Aerosoft

    Category Tabs by IPS Themes

    I can do without the count down hook, no problems there. And I made a mistake with the rights, you should now see it.
  8. Aerosoft

    Category Tabs by IPS Themes

    Hey Tom, first of all thanks for the good service! Indeed, removing the count down thing solved the issue it does not display on anything but the main page. The formatting problem however remains. I made a temp admin account and send you the login data by pm.
  9. Aerosoft

    Category Tabs by IPS Themes

    Rather not put this online on the live forum but I think I can explain it. Here is how the top of the forum looks with your mod (I can clean that up, that's not the issue) . But when I click on [English Support Forums] I get this: Your buttons are gone and there is no easy way to get back to the top page. That makes it hard (if not impossible for me to use it). I also seem to have a formatting problem. The width of the page seems changed. This is with the mod active: and this is without: You see the right side is cut off, no matter what I resize the window at it is always like that. Hope you could help me because as I said you might be able to solve a massive problem for me.
  10. Aerosoft

    Category Tabs by IPS Themes

    Tom got it installed and it looks great, but.... once I have selected category the buttons are not shown and I need to use the 'home' button to go back the the 'front page'. is this because of my skin? Is there a way to always show the buttons?
  11. Aerosoft

    Category Tabs by IPS Themes

    Aha, that might solve a massive problem for me then with allowing people quick access to different language of the forums. You got a customer!
  12. Aerosoft

    Category Tabs by IPS Themes

    Excuse me for something obvious, but what are forum categories? These?
  13. Aerosoft

    Download: (SOS31) Recent Topics

    I like this mode, but it would be even better if we could only have the topic like, now it takes up a lot of space on the forum!