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  1. (VQ) Contact Form PRO

    its another copy of my mod, i created mine one year before the app you mentioned :)
  2. (VQ) Paste Board System

    What do you mean the spacing, do you mean the code indents? try using the normal editor without enabling the HTML editor and let me know disable this
  3. (VQ) Paste Board System

    That's a very good idea for future development, but for now the development had stopped until the release of IPB 4.
  4. (VQ) Contact Form PRO

    Actually no, not at the moment, but its a good idea for future development
  5. 4.0 - Messenger

  6. (VQ) Personal Font Styles

    Welcome :)
  7. (VQ) Contact Form PRO

    Okay, I installed it on a new board and it worked fine .. ALTHOUGH I have re-updated the files with new ones and new version.. please re-download the version that says app_contact_form_pro_4.0.1.zip '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Also, here's a screenshot of the app being installed normally If you still having issues, please send me your myadminphp login and FTP login
  8. (VQ) Contact Form PRO

    Will install it on a new board tonight to test the error and let you know, maybe there is an error with the uploaded files
  9. (VQ) Contact Form PRO

    Any one else getting this error? I just check the codes and it's fine. Please manually try to delete those tables and reinstall the app.
  10. (VQ) Contact Form PRO

    Please download and install this one "app_contact_form_pro_4.0.0.zip" not the -SRD3-_Contact_Form_Pro.zip
  11. (VQ) Contact Form PRO

    The Marketplace is messed up, 1st it deleted my other version, now I tried to reupload the updated version, it just wont save I will send you the updated version in PM
  12. (VQ) Personal Font Styles

    welcome :) yes, it is planned
  13. (VQ) Paste Board System

    Updated to 1.0.4 '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Added Profile tab pastes Fixed BBCode Bug PRivate pastes can now be shared via bbcode as "unlisted pastes"
  14. (VQ) Paste Board System

    Thanks :) I wont For the error: rebuild your skins, the error caused by templates not the App itself :) It happened on couple of websites and TBH, i have no idea why, but here's a quivk fix for now Goto BBCode Management in your ACP and simple add full your domain / board installaion url before the index.php?app=paste etc so it would be something like this <div class='rawBBCode'><iframe src='http://DOMAIN.COM/index.php?app=paste&module=view&section=raw&from=bbcode&pid={content}' sandbox='allow-scripts' width='100%' frameborder='0' scrolling='auto' seamless></iframe></div>
  15. (VQ) Personal Font Styles

    why would you want to change the location? its not interfering with anything I guess you can move it yes, but i just see no reason to do so.