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  1. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    I would LOVE to see this for the current version of the board
  2. Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic

    This will be in 1.2?
  3. News Ticker [ support topic ]

    For now it's fine. I just changed the background color which is fine. The default text color on my board is a dark blue and was very hard to see on that black. I just lightened the background up so no worries... One last question...this only supports 1 RSS feed and only 1 ticker correct?
  4. News Ticker [ support topic ]

    No I don't use your themes. It's a custom skin though
  5. News Ticker [ support topic ]

    Didn't know if you saw this since u replied right after I posted this...seems to be a bug
  6. News Ticker [ support topic ]

    Also changing the font color doesn't seem to work
  7. News Ticker [ support topic ]

    Ok I see what you're saying now it feeds it directly into the news feed. I was confused because it looks to me you can have multiple news tickers but if that's the way the RSS import feed works then I assume you can't have multiple different tickers? Example....if I wanted to put a plain text ticker at the bottom of my forum while I'm running the RSS import ticker at the top?
  8. News Ticker [ support topic ]

    I'm not sure I understand. When I click on edit to add a ticker the only one that shows up is plain text ticker. How do I add the RSS import ticker...I don't see it as an option
  9. News Ticker [ support topic ]

    Once I created the rss import block in pages how do I add it to the News ticker?
  10. Forums moderators

    Can anyone confirm this works in 4.2?
  11. Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic

    Did this get in the latest update?