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  1. There was a problem during submission but I've re-uploaded a new version with the correct version information. There were quite a few changes needed to make this IPB 4.5 compatible, so I wasn't able to focus on other bugs or features at this moment.
  2. New IPB 4.5 version has been added and is pending approval.
  3. I've just released a new IPB 4.5 update awaiting approval. This has been converted to an application due to changes in IPB 4.5. The application will handle the conversion of existing data and automatically remove the old plugin. I aim to release this in the existing marketplace listing so existing subscriptions will get this update for free.
  4. I've released another update that should hopefully be approved soon.
  5. A new update for IP.Board 4.5.x has been released that IPS have yet to approve.
  6. The Collections app has been updated to support IP.Board 4.5.x.
  7. Yes I'll see if I can reproduce this in my browser and then go from there.
  8. Any indication this happens in the post area or status update area? This one might be a bit tricky because the widget area is much smaller then the normal areas the reputation button would appear in.
  9. No sorry not yet. I can manually patch those who have upgraded in the meantime. Just PM with login details.
  10. I'll PM you soon. Will have to take a look into this.
  11. No sorry not currently but I can note this for the future.
  12. Sorry but there was definitely someone on the leaderboard at the time?
  13. There are some database changes during the plugin install process as well. So it's not just a matter of copying the files into the plugins folder. I would recommend double checking with IPS first however. If not, I can refund this for you. Is there a way to get admin and ftp login details to troubleshoot this further?
  14. That's kinda a unique situation but I may have a patch if your willing to try a file edit on your site before the next update? I apologies for the trouble caused. This update should have fixed this. And as a backup it won't notify a member older then 2 weeks since they joined as well.
  15. Did you also adjust the whitelist setting in the settings area for this app? IPS rejected the update for some reason... If this is urgent, I can send you the files manually but you will need to uninstall and re-install as a custom app.
  16. It's planned but IPB 4.5 just makes modding more difficult. I need to deal with the update before I can worry about new features again.
  17. I've noted this as a bug. I don't really have an immediate patch available.
  18. Can you unlock it and run it manually in the admin cp? That might trigger the error in real time. Obviously make sure you try over a few days to confirm there is someone on the leaderboard.
  19. I assume you have ftp access to your files? I can probably give you a patch to modify this until a future update adds this. You can disable this in the group permissions. 1) For the rss import? 2) There is an %EMBED% quick tag you can use in the video topic instead of the thumbnail. Until I add a setting for this, I could probably provide a file edit that skips topic creation for rss imports if you want? Were you able to resolve this? I don't really have that kind of control over the marketplace. So you will need to contact them to see why you can't
  20. I can take a look at this when I have fully upgraded all my apps and plugins. Obviously confirm with your host but the content is hosted by YouTube and should count towards their bandwidth. Facebook videos should be supported already because IPB supports them. Do you have an example video that is not working? I can't reproduce this. Have you tried with the default theme? Any template changes in the Videos app that need reverting? The quick add or when you manually add a video?
  21. I'm already quite far behind in IPB 4.5 updates, so won't be able to add new features and will just focus on IPB 4.5 compatibility.
  22. I'm sorry for the delay, it will be a while longer. But I can patch your install until the update is ready if you would like? I'll just need login details for your forums.
  23. I'm sorry but reluctant to take on new custom requests until after I've finished these IPB 4.5 updates. They've already been delayed a lot longer then I would of liked. Would I be able to get admin login details to troubleshoot this further?
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