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  1. The Videos app has been updated with a few small bug fixes and the ability to limit the number of videos a member is allowed every x days.
  2. Can you tell me the steps to reproduce this. I just created a test forum with custom furl and when editing again, it appears just fine.
  3. New version uploaded that fixes that bug and adds support for "Purchase Renewed" and "Purchase Transferred" notifications.
  4. Yep already noted and should be included in the next update.
  5. What do you have set for the following and will confirm works with further testing then?
  6. Did you have access to your ipb files or cloud hosted? I was hoping to test this a bit more before releasing.
  7. I've got some test code that should fix this. If anyone has ftp access to their ipb files and willing to test this, please let me know.
  8. Can you reproduce this with the default theme? If not, can I get a copy of your theme or acp access to check it over?
  9. New version uploaded that patches a bug with the guest captcha.
  10. Offline donations already require approval before appearing in the Donations app. There isn't a separate PM for offline donations though, you would need to use the existing one that is sent for all donations if enabled. If you have any more questions, let me know.
  11. Already replied elsewhere. But just to reiterate, I have to put my time towards the most popular apps and plugins first. But I have noted this one in particular and will see if it can be done sooner. Don't really have an eta though.
  12. What kind of conflict you getting? Appears to be showing to Guests as normal.
  13. I've checked and it looks like your "Mondphase" portal block is the cause here. When I disable it, I can then add/remove other widgets just fine. Edit: There must be something in there that is causing the widgets saving to fail, I'm not really familiar with the code you've got in there so you might want to check it over. But a work around would be to just disable it while you add/remove the widgets you want.
  14. That's an interesting one. Are you using daily birthday topics or new topics per member? If you've got ftp access, I might be able to put together something you can try. Would anyone else find this useful? Any other criteria to what template is used or just purely random? It's not as versatile as a database section to manage templates but I think I could probably do this with 5 or so fixed template fields. e.g. https://www.devfuse.com/public/screenshots/image_1574836464.png
  15. I've been meaning to add individual collapse support to messages, so will likely extend that.
  16. What you could do is add the "Post Feed" widget above the internal latest topics feature. There is a bug that prevents setting the latest topics setting to zero right now but if you have ftp access to your ipb files, I can probably put together a patch for you to use. I'm sorry for the delay, I took a bit of time off over the holidays. I will be caught up with personal messages soon. It should be working independent of the truncate. Do you have the new "lazy load" setting enabled? That's kinda how the truncate works. There is an alternative that "hides" the rest of the content rather then remove it if that would work better for you?
  17. It will be added, I just wasn't able to get to it in 2019. I don't want to provide another estimate as I haven't been able to keep my previous commitments.
  18. Both suggestions saved and will be looked into. I'll have to think about the editor button though and the best way to implement it.
  19. Yes. It will only create the topic with fields you've got setup. It won't actually create an account if this is some kind of "application" form for guests. If you need more info or a demo, let me know. A good example of what fields the Forms app has is to check out the custom profile fields. Basically any field that you can create there is a standard custom field in IPB4 and available in the Forms app as well. I don't believe IPB4 has a field similar to that pic unfortunately. What kind of data are you needing to pass? It might be possible to add it into a quick tag. There's not really a "hidden" field in IPB4 unless it's hard coded. I'm not sure I understand, the Forms should be treating guest submissions like members.
  20. You can leave the existing profile open or disable access. But I get your point, I've noted adding a "redirect" option in a future update.
  21. I've fallen a bit behind in the lead up to the holidays but back and will be caught up with personal messages soon.
  22. Still saved as a suggestion and will be looked into in a future update. If you fill them in and go back and view the settings? Is the setting empty again? I'll note group permissions option next update.
  23. Yes will work with both subscriptions and normal products, as long as it has a "renewal" it will work. Both the subject and message fields are translatable for all the followup settings.
  24. This shouldn't be a problem, noted this for a future update. Like the tag mentions? @The Old Man If there's enough demand for this, I'll consider it. If it's just birthday topics, then adding a few additional message settings shouldn't be a problem. But adding multiple settings for personal messages, topics, emails etc... does take some time. Possibly... But it might just be easier to have something dedicated to anniversaries instead.
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