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  1. Portal

    Open the widget blocks when on the Portal main page and remove any default widgets like you would a widget on the forums.
  2. Guest Message Support

    Plugin file is included to remove any copyright in my free plugins or apps. Included any future free apps or plugins.
  3. Auto Welcome Support

    Not yet, nearly done with a few other bug fixes that I'll include in one single update.
  4. Guest Message Support

    This covers all my free plugins that may have a copyright tag.
  5. Auto Welcome Support

    I'm just not able to reproduce this. Not sure if you got my previous reply but do you have ftp? If you do, I've got a few test edits for you to try.
  6. Donations Support

    Could you provide screenshots of the member reward you have setup? Are you awarding promotions for each donation or a members total donation count?
  7. Auto Welcome Support

    What version of IPB and Auto Welcome are you using? PM Sent. This was an issue back several IPB versions ago but was fixed a while ago. I can't reproduce this locally so will probably need board access to troubleshoot on your end.
  8. Forms Support

    Yes if you add the {member_name} quick tag to the fields "Default field value" setting. It will auto fill in the username of logged in members. No not currently. It was a feature of IPB 3.4 and something I'll look at adding again but currently it's not possible with this version. New update is not far away.
  9. Auto Welcome Support

    Provided you did a fresh install, any old files shouldn't have an affect. Could you let me know what types of auto welcome alerts your sending out? i.e. PM or email etc... And if you have ftp access to your IPB files to test out some code. This was fixed some time ago and I'm not able to reproduce this but it might be your server not parsing the member field properly.
  10. Basic Points (Support)

    Not entirely. There were a few hook point changes in IPB 4.2 that required a separate version be built for it.
  11. Auto Welcome Support

    Yep this is a confirmed bug. I've got a test patch that's being tested now and will soon be implemented in the main build.
  12. Birthday Greeter Support

    I'm sorry I should of noticed this before but missed it. But the "Topic/Post Daily" setting should be enabled if you want to create only 1 topic a day and use the "{birthday_list}" quick tag.
  13. Portal

    I'm hoping you were able to solve this. Make sure you can reproduce this in non Portal locations, as that would indicate a problem with the widget itself. A few guesses but to be sure, could you either reply or PM me the contents of the block your trying to add so can test with it as well?
  14. Auto Welcome Support

    PM Sent.
  15. Birthday Greeter Support

    What do you currently use to run your tasks? A cron job or using web traffic? If you run the task manually, does it send anything out. (ACP > System tab > Advanced Configuration > View Tasks link > Run "Birthday Greeter" task.)