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Status Updates posted by Michael.J

  1. All my mods have been updated for IPB 3.4.x.

    1. AlexJ


      Special thanks!! :)

    2. media


      Thank you... :)

  2. Back online, support back to normal now. :)

  3. Very limited support for my mods until the 11th of March.

  4. Very limited support for my mods until the 11th of March.

  5. New hook available - "Random Logos"

  6. Better set a new status so people don't think my pm is still down.

  7. Just testing profile feed.

  8. Having problems replying to personal messages, will try tomorrow for those who sent PMs.

  9. Wish I had more time for new mods.

  10. Toothaches are the worst :(

  11. New display name to hopefully stop the name confusion.

    1. DawPi


      With what? :-)

    2. Michael.J


      The other modder Michael.

    3. Jeuhen


      @Daw: First it was Michael John.

  12. Portal for IPB 3.2 almost ready, hoping to get it out after the weekend.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ichirō


      Good work Michael, thanks for taking this on.

    3. ørret


      Screens, where? :D

    4. Michael.J


      @erret: http://i55.tinypic.com/n3u5jb.jpg

  13. Can't wait to start upgrading my mods to IPB 3.2

    1. xChris777


      I can't wait either. Your mods are amazing.

    2. Michael.J


      Thanks Chris :)

    3. AlexJ


      I agree with Chris. :)I use one of your mod. Works as said perfectly and no issue at all. :)

  14. Thanks for reporting, just talking "nicely" with my host now to get their stuff up.

  15. After 3 years of spamming, I've finally got 1,000 posts. :D

  16. I must have bipolar musical tastes, just listened to "1812 Overture" then "Sweet Child O'Mine" back to back.

    1. .Ian


      Hope you had the 1812 turned up loud to annoy the neighbours ;)

    2. Michael


      Nothing wrong with either of those choices ;)

    3. Michael.J


      @Ian: haha, yes always. @Michael: Definitely!

  17. Yay for 12 hour drives with no sleep before, going to be exhausted when I get back.

    1. AndyF


      I could not do that, I have to rest after about 2 hours normally :) , even if only for 15 to 20 minutes.

    2. .Ian


      Of course if only we could afford to do a 12 hour drive!

    3. Michael.J


      Made it back safely, now to catch up on sleep. :D

  18. Craziest interview today, Gaddafi or Charlie Sheen? :P

    1. media


      I bet Charlie Sheen will win LOL!

  19. Guaranteed weight loss plan, get tonsillitis. I haven't eaten in days.

    1. Tom Christian

      Tom Christian

      I've just recovered from it. Got so bad I could barely drink water. Didn't notice any weight loss though lol

    2. AndyF
  20. Hey, hurricane was a fair bit north from me.

  21. Cyclon Yasi approaching north Queensland, hope everyone up north stays safe. :)

    1. media


      I read this morning they are saying "Cyclone Yasi, Winds Stronger Than Katrina"... I hope everyone stays safe over there...

  22. Some old school tv viewing time, watching Encounter at Farpoint. Brillant!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AndyF


      :D , two part is it not ? , or a two hour one, I guess it depends what the TV people did when they stuck it together...

    3. Michael.J


      2 X 40 mins parts (dvd) but with ads yeah would of been 2 hours airing.

    4. Michael.J


      Never seen Skippy Ian, any good?

  23. Language translation rewards for translating any of my mods - http://community.invisionpower.com/blog/2570/entry-5761-language-translation-rewards/

    1. Connor T

      Connor T

      Thats an amazing idea, IPS should do that for their software suite. Then they can say "Available in x languages"

  24. In the future, I really should check I can actually hook into an area before coding everything else. :o

    1. Ryan H.

      Ryan H.

      I've discovered this today as well.

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