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  1. QOTW: Name the one thing you cannot live without

    Well, let's see ... this blonde thing behind me... Ops, it's a girl (Finally... YES! THAT ONE! ) (...please don't tell her, i will always take ALL my videogamingconsoles with me... EVER... ::) BTW: The Post above (about the G7000) should be posted in the "first computer experience" post, i messed that up again ... GRRR... sorry.....
  2. QOTW: Name the one thing you cannot live without

    Born 1973, my favorite Uncle owned a Videogaming-Davice... It was Pong.I loved that thing Myself, i started with a Philips G7000 (I wanted an Atari, but my parents was told, the G7000 is better for learning stuff... YEAH, it was the only Device with an integrated Keyboard, but i still loved the Atari-Games (i also loved the G700-Stuff, too) ). When, the Route took its way for PC: C64, Amiga, PC.... And for the Consoles... No....I know/own/love all of them... NES, SNES, SEGA-Devices and so on... i love them till this day (XBox One X is the nextt ) That said, i miss all the Arcades and Pinballs (80s and 90s was a great time) - (I still own my G7000, C64, Amiga, etc.... )
  3. QOTW: What is your favorite TV show?

    I don't watch series, but THIS ^^
  4. Chat closes - how many of you have found a solution?

    No, and i think this will never happen - all the external chatprograms just read the users- and group-tables (this was also never possible for the social groups in vB, and they exits since a decade )
  5. Chat closes - how many of you have found a solution?

    He released version 9 end of june, there should also support for PHP7 in the free version now (but sorry, i did not know that there was a difference between free and paid regarding the phpversion)
  6. Chat closes - how many of you have found a solution?

    You can do it with Blab... You can add rooms and just give one (or more) usergroups access to it. You may also do this with ArrowChat. (I may post screenshot, if you need more details )
  7. Chat closes - how many of you have found a solution?

    What? I ran Blab (Pro) on php 7.1.7 and on 7.1 since 7.1 was released and never had trouble?!
  8. Hi, i love IPS.Connect and ran a master and connected three slaves to it... generally, everything is working fine... But you don't have much control over the masters and slaves. If you change a URL (complete or eg from http:// to https://) you will break your IPS.Connect Network. For now, i learned i have to check the core_ipsconnect_slaves-table. You are not able to see what slaves are connected in the ACP... It would be great to see, which slaves are connected to the master and have to option to remove or change them... The data is in the database (like i mentioned: core_ipsconnect_slaves), so i think you could grab it from there. This would help customers debugging and configurating IPS.Connect and keep some supporttickets away from your Helpdesk. That said, thanks to @Mark H and @bfarber for your quick and professional help in the supportticket.
  9. Chat closes - how many of you have found a solution?

    I bought it while version 5 (or 6?!) was the current version. I never paid again and run the current version (8.4.). You will not automatically lifted to the next release. Eg. while i was using version 7, he released version 8. You can choose if you stay with v7 or upgrade to v8. You just have to submit a supporticket telling him, you want v8 and he will update your clientarea (never took longer than 12 hours). You will loose downloadaccess to v7, but have access to v8 then. So, i currently have access to v8, but no longer to v6 and v7.
  10. Chat closes - how many of you have found a solution?

    No, BlaB has no Videochat. It's like IP.Chat was with more features. You may also try ArrowChat, if you need a Videochat-Option (https://www.arrowchat.com )
  11. Chat closes - how many of you have found a solution?

    @liquidfractal Yes, BlaB Pro integrates well with IPS4. What exactly do you want to know? That said, the programmer is very helpful if something went wrong. Setting up the integration is easy:
  12. Because we all need to laugh

    Ouh yeah... Still 32 grade celsius / 89,6 grade fahrenheit at my hometown
  13. XF 1.5 to IPS 4

    Hi and welcome to IPS. I just converted a XenForo 1.5 to IPS without any issue.Forums, Topics, Posts,Members.... Everything so far https://invisioncommunity.com/services/migrate Yes, RessourceManager will be migrated to IP.Download. Nö problem. The files will be copied in the filestructure of IPS4. I don't know about likes, it wasn't used in XenForo on that site, perhaps someone else can answer this. All the best...
  14. Gaming: Friday, the 13th

    Hi, anybody playing this Game... ? I am a horrorfan and really loved the old movies from the 80s... The Game really feels like the old VHS-Days I bought it on all Systems - Steam, PS4 and XBox... I know, there are Bugs and it's still work in Progress, but i LOVE this Game. And yes, BTW... Have a lokk at their Community... They also love good Community-Software Let me know if you want to play
  15. Chat closes - how many of you have found a solution?

    Yes, BlaB is great, but no option for CIC-Cumstomers ATM