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  1. Contact Form

    Hi, thank you for this free contact form! It took me a little while to get it working, seems the mandrill email setup was causing the emails to fail. Once I set my board to use phpmail then the email forms started working. I can continue to use mandrill for bulk emails and phpmail for other system emails. I did find a spelling mistake though and can't find the proper place to fix it. When a user submits the form they receive a confirmation message: As soon as possible, someone will respond your message. There is a word missing between respond and your. It should read: As soon as possible, someone will respond to your message. I tried to update the app_word table in the database using phpmyadmin to fix this but my forms are still showing the old text. Where can I update this to correct the spelling issue?
  2. Aurora Light

    Your skin demo site appears to be down. I'd like to see the demo site and play around with the skin before purchasing. When will the demo site be working again?