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  1. Aiwa

    One-Click Ban

    As soon as I get my live board updated to 3.3 I'll check and see if it works.
  2. No..... Admin CP > System Setting > System > Search Engine Optimization Keep in mind that any setting you change with regards to the sessions table you most likely won't see instantly unless you empty the sessions table.
  3. That would be nice, but there is already a setting in the ACP to not show spiders in the online list.
  4. If I recall correctly, that text wasn't there this morning when I patched my 3.2.3 boards. Looks like I'll be digging through my downloads to find the files to restore...
  5. If I recall correctly, 3.1.4 is not end of life until August of this year. When, hopefully, 3.3 would have been out for a few months.
  6. Inconsiderate? I offered a solution, don't upgrade, and a way to keep your board running for as long as possible. If you, the board owner, want 'feature' updates or ehancements, you need a hook or to modify the templates to display them, right? Hooks have gone a LONG way to reducing the skin changes required. You can add/remove code from here or there and not have to change the skin templates. But at the end of the day, some changes just MUST be a skin template change. You can go too far with hooks though.. I've seen some boards with 50+ hooks installed and it can get out of hand, quick.
  7. If you want your board to be timeless, don't upgrade... It's really that simple. Don't accept the new features that the web community as a whole are accustomed to. "status updates" are one of them. Who would have expected the impact social media would have on the internet as a whole. As many others have said, don't complain when your content doesn't parse on newer browsers or isn't compatible with the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, javascript, HTML, etc. Be prepared to be running your own server with all of the 'old' versions of software you'll need to make your board work in 5-10 years.
  8. Why would you want banned members to have access to their content? I thought the point of banning them was to deny them access to everything...
  9. I'm guessing it's because all clients are mods of the subforum of the client lounge. :)
  10. What i've done.. Go to the full version, navigate to 'My Content'... Bookmark that page and return to the mobile skin. :smile: It's a work around, but helpful.
  11. Uploaded new version 1.0.1. Let me know if it fixes your issue.
  12. I've got an updated version of this that I'll upload to the marketplace this evening. I re-did the parse url a bit.
  13. That's going to be something in your SEO FURL settings, I believe. The link is generated using query string. <a href='{parse url="index.php?showtopic={$r['tid']}&event=getnewpost"}' Go to ACP->Settings->System->Search Engine Optimization. What are each of the settings under 'Friendly URL Features' ?
  14. I know that. This is the 'feedback' forum. Just expounding on how I, personally, see it could be done if ever implemented by IPS or a 3rd party mod.
  15. Thinking about scale, That would probably best be handles by groups instead of by user. Send certain emails to certain groups and have the admins you want to get the email in that group.
  16. By default i think the board can only send out one e-mail.. You could create an e-mail account on your server that acts as a mailing list though.
  17. Glad to be of help. :) It's always bugged me too, just never looked into changing it until I saw this.
  18. Add this to the end of the link in the template. &show_mem=reg Should look like this app=members&amp;module=online&amp;section=online&amp;show_mem=reg OR, if you don't mind editing source file.... /admin/applications/members/module_public/online/online.php Find 'show_mem' => ( $this->request['show_mem'] AND in_array( $this->request['show_mem'], array( 'reg', 'guest', 'all' ) ) ) ? $this->request['show_mem'] : 'all', Change to 'show_mem' => ( $this->request['show_mem'] AND in_array( $this->request['show_mem'], array( 'reg', 'guest', 'all' ) ) ) ? $this->request['show_mem'] : 'reg', Just changing the last bit to 'reg' instead of 'all'.
  19. I know IPS recently hired a Mobile App developer... I would like to see a way to export an IP.Calendar event to iCal so your device will be able to remind you of upcoming events instead of the user having to manually add the event to their iCalendar.
  20. It has been adressed in 3.3. If you want it fixed on your current version... There are files in the marketplace that disable the AJAX login and use the traditional login page.
  21. I don't see that side effect. You aren't giving anyone addition permissions. The scale of your number of groups has NO effect. This new group will only house new members with less than 5 posts. If users have done something else to get them promoted into a different group, this change won't effect them as they aren't in the default member group anymore. You aren't giving out extra permissions anywhere; you are restricting permissions. All this does is add an extra step between registration and the member group without the start topic restriction. It has NO effect on any users outside those 2 groups and doesn't give users currently in the member group any additional permissions.
  22. Well, that's how it has to be done currently. It's up to IPS to add it to the stock software, but look at the multi settings. That setting is currently in the groups. If you put it outside the groups also, which one take priority? In all honesty, it's not a whole lot of work. It's only a matter of copying a group, and changing a couple settings.
  23. I would like the calendar comments to work like Ip content articles. You can use a forum to manage comments.
  24. Put new members in a 'new members' group that does not have permission to creat topics. After X posts, they get automatically promoted to a 'full memver' group that does nave topic create permissions.
  25. Could this be used OOTB to add hover to RSS feed content?
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