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  1. A newcomer to the world of bulletin boards probably won't have a clue what that is anyway.. I, personally, like it w/o the popup... One less thing for you to have to close, and one less JS function to slow down page loads...
  2. Why not just right click, Copy shortcut instead of reloading the page? http://community.invisionpower.com/tracker/issue-36606-link-to-post/page__gopid__139369#entry139369
  3. I'd venture a guess he does... He just doesn't know how to use it... Same thing as not having it though... OP, If you don't know where phpmyadmin is (or what it is), you probably shouldn't be monkeying around with changing settings in core files to create your own back door... Submit a ticket to IPS and let them fix it for you.
  4. Yes... It is... Much... You'd also have to set the is_banned to 0.. Just fixing the group won't solve the ban issue.
  5. ooooo That's dangerous.... Will work, but make sure you do it quickly, otherwise ANYONE registering will have admin access... Make sure you change it back once you're fixed.
  6. Your account doesn't have an IP.Board license.. I suggest you log into your client account and submit a support ticket... You cannot un ban your account via FTP, you would need to do manual manipulation of the DB using phpmyadmin OR have another admin unban you. FYI, phpmyadmin is not something you install on your computer... It's on the host server and you can get to it from your cPanel...
  7. Mines been broken for a while, but have never remembered when I'm sitting at my PC... Or otherwise occupied... ha... the avatar is 'blocked content'. :)
  8. There WAS an app, but has since been removed, and there WILL be a new app soon...
  9. The board owner has access to client areas of the site where product modifications can be requested.. The best you can do is request the feature of IPS for a future release... Since IP.Chat is an IPS hosted resource, I would doubt a mod can be made to allow this...
  10. You posted in the 'FEEDBACK' forum... As you don't currently have an IP.Board license, your best bet would be to post this in the PRE-SALES forum. ;)
  11. SWEET!! Makes upgrading that much less painless to worry about the stuff you did once 6 months ago and forgot about...
  12. I don't believe that is true... If you have an active chat license of 20 users or more, you DO NOT have to have the board license it is on active... While they are linked, chat should still work. The free version is the only one tied to you board license to work.
  13. You're wanting the old 2.x dashboard back. :) +1 I agree.. It would be nice if the ACP dashboard could include commonly executed tasks.
  14. ::blink:: isn't that what the support note says??? As one of our "extra" products, IP.SEO does not have ticket or phone support and does not include install/upgrade service. Please use the IPS Extras forum for support or feedback as appropriate. Support on these forums is implied to be peer to peer. Official IPS support is ALWAYS through the ticket system.
  15. Nexus isn't free like tracker is/was. If you needed core Nexus functions to run a Nexus tracker you'd probably have to own Nexus and couldn't use it as a stand alone system w/o Nexus. That idea would probably not be well liked to have to pay for Nexus to get tracker.
  16. http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/359704-ipb-client-lounge-no-longer-available/page__pid__2247649#entry2247649
  17. Certainly, you could use it... But you'll be missing language bits...
  18. I had been using this prior to upgrading yesterday... And it was working fine, after installing the new version, it went screwy... To fix the above issue, I marked the entire board read, even though it should have already been so, and it appears to be working...
  19. The count is all over the map. On the IP.Content index i'm getting 9, on the members page i'm getting 11, on the board index i'm getting 0... I've defaulted my VNC to automatically select forums, so (0) is the correct number... I've also gone through Pages and Members and there is NO new content there... I don't know where it's getting it's numbers.
  20. This isn't for articles. It is a forum feed block.
  21. Aiwa

    One-Click Ban

    ShadowPuppet is MIA and no longer supporting his mods. This is still his work, I'm just taking an initiative to help others tweak it to work with future versions. There are no code changes to his original work, only updates to the core edits and hook point. You're living in the future if you're running 3.3.3. It works with 3.3.0 if you follow the instructions above.
  22. I'm sure it will come back... It being gone doesn't help anyone in the present... But I take Charles comment as being 'It doesn't reflect the quality of our company, we will look at ways to improve it long term.'
  23. Aiwa

    One-Click Ban

    Tested and verified that this modification still works with 3.3.0.
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