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  1. 5) IPS has already announced why this was done... It is for SEO purposes so that posts on 'Page 2' are the same for ALL users. 8) You can watch forums and topics using the button at the top of the topic or forum... Some of these ommisions you're talking about could simply be an ommission in your personalized skin. As i'm sure you're aware, skins are infinitely customizable... In many cases omissions of information where you want them can be easily put back...
  2. So, subract $5 a month for a typical hosting fee, without software, and you're paying (10 user) $5 / mo for Board + 5 apps (25 user) $15 / mo for Board + 5 apps Considering all of those apps combined cost close to $350 one time and another roughly $175 annually in renewals... There hosting is a pretty damn good deal. I didn't take the time to get exact numbers, but you get the idea...
  3. I agree with that point.. I just disagree with nerfing the members data in 'view new content'... It should show status updates first.
  4. Wait, there's a gallery link there??!! Holy crap, never saw it.
  5. That's the million dollar debate. Currently it shows you new content from the app you're in currently. Members isn't a 'pseudo-app' its a full blown app that is included with IP.Board. Look at your app section in the ACP.
  6. Valid point. It would make more sense if new status updates were the first thing that showed up instead of newly created members. I'm at a loss of finding 'new status updates' from just clicking on the 'members' tab. All I get is a list of new members and no way to find new content in terms of status updates. So removing that view new content ability, you're still asking to remove finding new status updates.
  7. I respectfully disagree. Members can post new content in the form of status updates that are not findable via the forums tab. If you selected the members tab, you'd then have to find each member individually to find their status updates. As I said before, just becuase you don't use a feature of the board, i.e status updates / profile comments, doesn't mean that others aren't using it and like seeing new status updates for members. Member management is seperate from forums. Yes, the two are grouped together, but you won't have user accounts for people to create new forum content unless you have the members app. Hence why they are bundled together. Simple modifications, like the one I just PM'ed you, allow you to tailor your board to how YOU use it. That's the nice thing about IP.Board... Infinately customizable. I don't see a reason for asking IPS to nuke entire functionality of a feature just because some people don't use it. They have to tailor their product to everyone. If you don't use a feature, it's up to you to customize your board and remove traces of it.
  8. I was explaining how it works, and why (at least how I see it) it is the way it is. Some boards use it like facebook with status updates / etc. So view new content for members would allow members to see new status updates for other members... Keep in mind that just because you don't a feature doesn't mean others aren't... A better suggestion would be to allow board administrators to restrict what apps are available in 'view new content' and allow a 'default' app should the current app not allow new content view. What app you go to, by default, can be hard coded by modifying a single link in the global template... I'm not going to post the mod here in public view, but will PM it to anyone that is interested... It's also can be found with a quick search of the client forum section..
  9. View new content sends you to the newest content for the module or app you are in... i.e. if i'm viewing an IP.Content page, it shows me new IP.Content data... If in the 'members' module, it takes you to new members. If in the 'forums', it takes you to new topics / posts. New content is not just new forum topic / post content. It also applies to blogs, galleries, downloads, nexus, etc... You can go into the skin templates and hardcode it to go to new forum data... I've already done so. I'd have to dig around for the template modificaiton... If you want it, I can go find it.
  10. Need to make a little tweak to this... But don't have the time to dig through it... Would it be simple to FORCE this hook to ignore what the current app is and FORCE it to show ONLY new content for board? i.e. I don't want it to show new content for members or ccs, only new forum data.
  11. Aiwa

    One-Click Ban

    Tested... Works fine with 3.3.3. What problem are you having?
  12. Aiwa

    One-Click Ban

    Haven't tested it, yet, but it should. I don't believe there were any core changes to IPB that would have any effect.
  13. The only flaw with your logic.... If you have just an 'essentials pack' then it will be specific from version x to version y. You won't be able to make it universal. So now IPS would have to have a download pack for EVERY sub version to the latest.
  14. Does IPS ever give status updates or dates?
  15. Like I said before, you need to find a good open source javascript clock script. Specifically one that allow you to alter what timestamp it uses to generate the time. You can then throw in the data pertinent to the member or guest that trigers the load... I wouldn't call myself someone that knows much about javascript... I'll certainly putz with it since it is a good idea...
  16. You could probably get away with some open source java applet and a little CSS. Componsating for the users timezone wouldn't be hard at all either...
  17. Shoubox isn't an IPS product. You'd be best posting in the support topic for the shoutbox... http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/340044-download-shoutbox/page__st__2200#entry2276884
  18. Tracker is for reporting bugs. I believe it's open to everyone. Feedback is open to everyone. Application support is open to license holders. I would imagine IPS keep it hidden because quite often application modifications are posted there that is part of the service you get with a license. Otherwise everyone with a cracked copy of IPB could come get free support. I think that's how and why it's set up. You would have to contact an IPS staff member if you want the real answer, if they'll give it to you, or debate why you think it should be different.
  19. You do not hold a license and are therefore unable to view client only technical support forums.
  20. You really need to have the license owner submit a ticket. The feedback forum isn't the place for what appears to either be a bug or a problem with your specific board.
  21. I would imagine IPS is giving the trusted devs that are working on it guidance so the final product is a cohesive solution that reflects IPS quality. The last thing you want is 100 chunks of code all mangled together by a random DEV that thought it looked good that day.
  22. Aiwa

    Content Portal

    These aren't templates. Go to the blocks page and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to find the import feature for a block.
  23. To add to that... It's not 'IP'tickets... It's just 'tickets'... and it's not an IP product...
  24. Did you even read the thread? Your answers are within the last page or two of posts. I have no clue what ip.tickets is...
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