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  1. Why would you 'retire' an addon just because IPS baked it into core? Not all clients update right away, just because IPS put a feature into 4.3, doesn't mean the addon isn't still of value for those that are using 4.2 or older... Sure, the developer needs to be honest in their listing about their app / plugin not being needed for IPS x.x, but that's only if it's been tested against the updated version. As Adriano mentioned, if the compatibility box isn't shown for the IPS version you're using you should contact the developer first. I see this as being a client issue beyond that. It's up to the client to make sure they understand if the IPS core can handle what they are trying to achieve... If not, understand not only the compatibility of any application they purchase, or asking the developer beforehand, but also exactly what that file will help them achieve. Frankly, it's a bit presumptuous to put the onus entirely on developers for this problem because the client either didn't read, nor understand, what it is they were purchasing and why.
  2. Not as helpful, then.... Since Commerce isn't open to 3rd party listings. If it was just you, on the Downloads listing, you associate the file with a Commerce product. So as long as the Commerce product has an active subscription or purchase, they'd be able to download. It also means you can effectively hide Downloads from the menu, still has to be available to view with direct link, and the file download would be available from the Commerce Manage purchase page. I know this may not help you directly, but it may help others with a similar conundrum that can operate this way. It's effectively an entire Commerce front end with Downloads simply driving the version control and file distribution on the back end.
  3. Are you the only seller, or are you allowing your members to sell also? If the former, you can achieve what you're after with product linking in commerce. If the latter, your point remains.
  4. (\w+?){2} roughly equates to searching for at least (1) 2 character word, with no spaces between the characters. Test it with your expected data sets first, depending on the data set YMMV. https://regex101.com/r/cO8lqs/4
  5. If that's your stance, might I suggest you ask your support ticket be escalated to Management? You're not likely to get any better response on these forums when it comes to how IPS offers support in your situation.
  6. As has been suggested in the past, allow the IPS owned IP's, they'll provide them to you in a ticket, bypass key auth.
  7. Blank page usually means a php error. The only change you made was to your PHP.ini, have you tried reverting that change? You may have introduced a syntax error there that's causing this problem.
  8. Clear browser cache and cookies and go to admin/upgrade again. You don't have to reinstall, please don't do that. Also, submit a ticket.
  9. You don’t? Not without manual DB modification. Which has inherent risks, not just in making the change, but in data integrity also. You have now, potentially, altered a static value that is always consistently relative with the SQL auto-increment value, member_id between members. Out of curiosity, why are you looking to do this?
  10. I would suggest creating a new account, manually setting it to the admin group, login to the ACP with that new account and then change the password of the other account.
  11. If the data you're adding is related to other content in the template, you can append the data to an existing variable, if possible.
  12. It's lackluster from your perspective because it's not written for your purpose. It's about using variables already there, not adding new ones. You'd have to hook into the back end PHP code to alter the data before it is sent to the template. WHAT template you're trying to modify data for, and what variable you're wanting to modify would be necessary to point you WHERE in the PHP back end you'd have to hook into to add in your data.
  13. Yeah, no setting for that... You can hook into the content before it is saved to the DB and remove questionable content or flag the content for moderation, it's more difficult to do on the fly while the content is being generated by the user.
  14. Https? Something else? Can you give a high level overview of what your defining as image compliance for your community? There is imageproxy that serves images via https through your board URL in case someone posts a non https link. Keeps your pages from breaking with mixed content. If this is what you're after, it's a simple setting.
  15. Have you disabled 3rd party apps / plugins and used the Support tool (Something isn’t working) to rebuild the theme cache and see if it’s still an issue? If so, I’d suggest submitting a support ticket for IPS to look. It looks like a JS conflict somewhere... I’m on my iPad and can’t look into it, thought.
  16. Ironically enough this topic has received about as much attention as G+, near zero.... 😆
  17. So, you edited the category, saved the category, on the now saved page you clicked the copy, then select where to copy it? If so, and still an issue, submit a ticket.
  18. Try saving the settings first, then copy it.
  19. Agreed, it would need to be a script using built in methods to unhide, so ancillary areas are captured.
  20. There is no way of knowing what content was hidden, with valid reason, prior to the mod spam action. The only way I see to do that would be if there is a ‘date hidden’ stored somewhere, and reverse the action, if other than delete, based on a date range. Otherwise, I like @Joel R‘s idea. Make the butterfingered Moderator do this the HARD way, one.....by.....one.....
  21. Probably not hard to reverse the spam action with a script that does the exact opposite.
  22. Have you cleared your browser cache after turning dev mode on?
  23. If I understand what you're trying to do, it won't work like you expect it will. Adding in a public method to IPS\Db with your remote connection details there. Not going to work as you expect.. Don't hook into IPS\Db, hook into where you want the data and simply consolidate a method in you app / plugin that returns a DB instance connected to your remote DB. Look at the docs I linked above that show how to set up the DB instance to an external DB as it is intended.
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