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  1. If you’re on iOS, the SMS code shows up above the keyboard. You just have to click it to have it fill it in. That said SMS is extremely insecure. Avoid at any cost. The point of 2FA is that you have specified a trusted device that can only be compromised with physical access. Sending a code to email is not device specific, you can log into email from anywhere... For those in this topic that are knocking 2FA, just get out, you're not forced to use it... 2FA is really for those that don't use unique passwords for every account, which leaves them exposed. 2FA "protects" those users. That said, it's also beneficial to protect anything financial with 2FA. Bank accounts, hosting accounts, etc. Keep in mind that for many their IPS Communities are financial, they are income for the administrator. If your community was your sole source of income, would you trust a password alone? Would you want to reduced the risk of your account being compromised on your source of income? All that said, e-mail is not a 2FA method that would be trusted. It may be better than nothing, but it would be the least advised solution.
  2. The best solution would be to include a source file with your app, your own defined class. Use the hook to collect the data you need, pass it to your object to do with what you need. You can put the break points in your class methods.
  3. I see it as an enterprise feature because it requires customization, always, brand matching I believe is the buzz word. There is no one-size-fits-all remote commenting system. They'll always need to be styled to match the site they are integrating with. Something that takes time. So you'll have to pay someone for that anyway. The REST API does give you most of the tools to do this. You can't blame IPS for pull through marketing here.
  4. It's usually near instant. Unless your payment got caught in their fraud filters, at which point it'll be a short delay for your payment to be approved. If you haven't heard / seen anything in 24 hours, submit a support ticket to the IPS sales department to check up on your order. Barring that, I suggest checking your spam folder to make sure your mail client didn't think your community details were spam.
  5. That can / will fundamentally change a conversation. When someone quotes, they are responding to a specific piece of content. If you make that content dynamic, it can make the person that replied look like a fool... Especially if the post doesn't show to have been edited.
  6. I suggest submitting a ticket via your client area. core_core_log is a table that does not exist, so the error is factually accurate. Have you tried disabling all 3rd party resources to see if the issue persists?
  7. I'd recommend contacting the developer of the add-on.
  8. Fair, just offering a suggestion. One thing it does do is solve a problem for you today, that could be converted another day (should IPS implement such a feature in Gallery). Quite often the enemy is time, how long until a feature you desire is available in such a way that you want it? Do you let small issues stand in your way now, or do you tackle what you can and give your community the best experience possible with the resources available in the present?
  9. You could also likely use Pages to do something quite similar. Yes, it's a separate app than Gallery, but you can always intermingle the two with blocks.
  10. Might I suggest a Support ticket to IPS describing your desired workflow? They are usually really good about explaining how best you can utilize the core software, regardless of app, to meet your needs. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like you're on a rant without having all of the information available. Best of luck.
  11. Furthermore, settings are common for all apps / plugins, keys should be UNIQUE to your application. 'access_server', with no prefix, is quite generic and runs a higher probabity of overlap.
  12. @Michael Parent you mean spam from users that put 90% of their posts in caps and an all caps topic title?
  13. The few things off the top of my head... Make sure the converter application remains enabled. Do you have an .htaccess file handling any of the redirects for you? Do you happen to have a link you could share, PHPBB source and IPS destination, so we can see what's not working correctly? I can understand the desire to keep your community private, hence the support ticket route noted above if you're not comfortable sharing.
  14. I suggest submitting a ticket via your client area. Knowledge of your particular set up is likely required to make sure you haven't missed something small.
  15. What's the specific value? Are you certain there aren't non breaking invisible characters? Can you link to the user's profile?
  16. I see the utility of a feature such as this. Good suggestion.
  17. Where the string is used along with how the pluralization works.
  18. You would have to customize the template and pass the forum name into the language string, in addition to changing the language string to accept another parameter. This isn't something you can do solely in languages because languages are forum agnostic. They don't have any context of where they are being used unless given that information from the theme.
  19. That's pluralization. 1 topic or ? ( !=1) topics It's not a 'short-code'.
  20. Sure /dev/null looks like a promising spot! IPS could simply add the app key / folder name to the ACP so it's more easily identifiable.
  21. For quite some time I worked with Sublime out of a Dropbox folder that was symlinked on my server to the webroot of my IPS test install. I've since dropped that complexity and just run localhost for development. That or use FTP to push / pull files as needed.
  22. https://www.jetbrains.com/webstorm/ It's not open source, but it's also not that expensive. Can pay monthly while you need it, and let it lapse when you don't. There's Sublime Text, NOT an IDE but can emulate some aspects of an IDE, and it's free.
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