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  1. If you're community in the cloud, contact IPS support via your client area for specifics about how to do what your trying to achieve. If you're nor CiC, log into your domain registrar and add A records to point to where you want them to go.
  2. That's what quotes are for, reply to specific pieces of any number of posts. Highlight the text, quote selection.
  3. It's not that the full form is not recommended, it's that it's not the simplest approach for most communities. For your use case, use the full form, control what fields you want on that form, and use profile completion for the rest. IPS wouldn't give you an option to control what forms show if a method was NOT recommended. That said, however your avatar generator works, it can be modified, if it was made right, to look for a change to the gender field at any point, registration or profile completion. This is a case of "you're holding it wrong".
  4. I'm on my iPhone, and it's broken for me also.
  5. Submit a ticket, report as a bug.
  6. The session timeout is a PHP setting. I'm on board with a time out warning, though.
  7. Blank screen is a PHP error typically, anything in your error logs? What version of PHP is running? If it's out of the box RHEL repos, it's likely really really really old...
  8. This topic gave me an idea of using a matrix in a popuptemplate, yeah... Matrix has the same problems when it requires javascript. It'll render the initial form, but the add button doesn't add rows, it redirects.
  9. The first column is text, won't contain a member name. It's used to match a string from an external system (that is a source of truth) and assign a member group based on that admin controlled string. I didn't do much testing when it was a member field to see if the auto complete worked.
  10. What you've got is right, not working for me either... Swapped out a Text field for a Member field on an existing app I wrote, I get the same result as you. I'd submit a ticket and report this as a bug. While you might catch a little grief from T1 since it's 3rd party app related, it's something IPS devs need to hear about.
  11. Spell check is a browser thing, not IPS related.
  12. That's the REST API, and you haven't set it up, or submitted the request without the key... The suggestion was to look at the database directly, Phpmyadmin or the like to manually manipulate the database.
  13. Why not just use a member field that allows multiple entries? What's the use case for a stack?
  14. Are you asking about recounting? Or normal increment on create?
  15. If your community is big enough to need this option, you likely have your own server or node. At which point SSHFS would be a superior option, and it encrypts data. Handle the file storage at the server level. There is also Samba and NFS. I'd only ever recommend NFS if your storage machine is only accessible via LAN. NFS is not secure. As for Samba, not a fan... Personal preference.
  16. What's your base_url set to in your conf_global.php? I'm willing to bet it’s empty. It's trying to decode '/' which isn't a valid URL, and a ‘/‘ is appended to the end of the base_url if it’s not there. Or, a syntax error was introduced to your conf_global.php when it was updated that’s being suppressed.
  17. Have you checked file / folder permissions? Have you run the IPS4 compatibility checker on this new server?
  18. I am not quibbling over the broader request. I'm addressing an unfair statement. My post clarifies as much. This statement in the OP is unfair for exactly the reasons I stated. IPS change logs were so generic for the large portion of that time range that they didn't include specifics for new features or bug fixes. So how's one to know if IPS didn't publish anything? It's like looking at the negative space, static, and calling the absence of information fact.
  19. You can't say IPS made no changes to Downloads, not even bug fixes, through the entire 4.2 series. Because there are ZERO entries in the OP for 4.2 - 4.3. My point stands. Don't confuse my defense of IPS here in that Downloads is perfect. Sure it could use some love, but the OP is painting a very unfair picture. If you've got all the source, do a git compare between 4.0.0 and 4.3.6. Statements based on the code changes would be fair, though more difficult to quantify as discrete changes.
  20. If it exceeds length, truncate. Then prepend the content with a full length Subject: line. Maybe not an awesome idea, but an idea nonetheless so tickets aren't lost, nor data.
  21. To be fair to IPS, they weren't very thorough in their change logs for a fair portion of that update range. Something they've been greatly improving as of late.
  22. Ok, ban the IP within IPS. It's NOT going to stop the requests for files on your server. You just won't see it in your IPS logs anymore. The requests will continue to happen unless the IP is blocked at the SERVER level, or at least your account on that server. You're mistakenly thinking a ban within IPS would do any good in this scenario, it won't.
  23. I don't think you fully comprehend what's going on here.... The bot is attempting to access a FILE that lives on your server. Should that file be found, IPS would be none the wiser because your SERVER would deliver the requested file before IPS knew of the request. The ONLY reason you're seeing these errors is because the file WAS NOT found and the IPS .htaccess rewrites are funneling the unfulfilled requests into the IPS software. Where IPS proceeds to log the error you see. This has to be handled at the SERVER level. You simply can't ask IPS to manage file access on your server for you when the only reason they are seeing the requests is because they failed in the first place. Being on a shared host, you're going to be at the mercy of what the hosting company will install on their servers. This is a common thing that happens every day all day.... If you have a server with SSH open on port 22, you better believe that some bot is attempting to log into it at least once every few seconds. fail2ban is a wonderful tool there. What you're experiencing isn't any different. A bot is attempting, for lack of a better term, to brute force finding files by specific names. Any backups you take, don't put them in a web-accessible area on the server, and don't leave them there longer than necessary. Now, these logs are stored in the IPS DB. You can certainly write your own CRON job that will auto-fill an .htaccess ip deny file to stop these bots at the SERVER level. Because thinking IPS can block them, should the bot guess a valid file name, is simply wrong. It'd be an extremely false sense of security.
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