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Entry Comments posted by Aiwa

  1. 15 minutes ago, Daniel F said:

    Could you clarify this? There are no new form field types in 4.3.

    Literally everything on this page is built via extensions ( 4.3 will have 2 new extension types which are used to build the ACP member profile)
    @Mark did an amazing job here.

    Namely the e-mail field that's highlighted.  It's ultimately a text box, but only once selected.  Is that something readily available to 3rd party devs as an option, or something we'd have to reverse engineer to get to work the same way?  Agreed, @Mark did some quality work here.

  2. 50 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:


    Will something similar be implemented for audio files?  

    Oh god no... Please no profile audio player... Please no... MySpace all over again.  ::shudder::  Where's the mute button!!

  3. 1 hour ago, Mark said:

    Naturally, any restrictions you have on file space still apply, and you can always specify what types of files users can upload and exclude videos.

    Pretty much all this does is change what gets shown when a user uploads certain types of files from <a href="video.mp4"> to <video src="video.mp4"> - I'm quite impressed anyone managed to find a downside to that ?

    Glad I was able to impress you.  :sorcerer:

    6 minutes ago, Stuart Silvester said:

    As noted above, there aren't any changes to how videos are uploaded (it works exactly the same as it does in 4.2). The changes are how they're displayed on the page. Instead of forcing them to be downloaded, they can be played (if the visitors browser supports the video type).

    My point being, most users currently do NOT upload videos to IPS sites because they only show as a link and must be downloaded.  Most prefer to use a source that allows embedding, YouTube / Vimeo / etc.  By its nature, this offloads the hosting burden for videos.  This change ultimately means Administrators are going to need to be more conscience about their upload limits, allowed upload file types, and group permissions for each to ensure they either don't exceed storage limits or limit the increase in data storage and/or bandwidth usage of S3 services.  Getting more users to start using uploaded videos could have a large $$ impact on some sites if not administered carefully.

  4. The limited SSD drive I have is cringing at the 4.3 upgrade.  Honestly, offloading the file storage and bandwidth burden from video files to someone else, e.g. YouTube, was something that was appealing about the IPS limitation to play videos.  

    Amazon S3 users, get ready for a usage increase.

  5. Good stuff. 

    Based on the screenshots alone, looks like there may be some usability improvements for dispute handling... If you've integrated Commerce with Downloads, after the transaction was approved, show when the software was downloaded and the IP used to download the software all in one place.  Or simply a timestamp of the first time the software was downloaded with a link to a new page or modal that shows the IP addresses used to download the software. 

  6. 5 hours ago, Michael Ohana said:

    Thank you for releasing 2FA ! Just added it to my forum. 

    I force my Members to use 2FA (to discourage sharing login/pw)

    BUT it seems that I have a bug that appeared : Members can setup their 2FA correctly. But when they logout and reconnect, the login doesn't work anymore. To be more specific : they type in their login/password and nothing happens, they have no error message and the 2FA window doesn't show up at all. They cannot access the forum by refreshing the URL. I have tested this myself with a test account and I have the same bug.

    This bug only happens when Members log in for the second time. The first login works well and they get access to the forum. 

    Does anyone know how to fix this bug ? I would greatly appreciate any help

    Thank you !

    Submit a ticket via your Client Area

  7. 54 minutes ago, superj707 said:

    this could have saved my butt from getting hacked I believe

    Doubtful.  IPS only employs security questions to recover an account.  They don't use 2FA here.  In your case, you said they accessed your server via the FTP details they got here in your IPS account.  This doesn't help you with 2FA on your server itself, only your website login.

  8. 6 hours ago, kar3n2 said:

    If we need help from IPS who might need to log into our admin accounts will the two factor affect this?

    I had that same question... They may just have to ask you to turn it off temporarily if support needs to log into your site, or enable security questions for the IPS account and just give them the answer(s) to the questions.

  9. 23 hours ago, Jesper said:

    My 2 cents.

    PHP 5.4.x is still the mainstream version in CentOS / EL 7.x. Removing support for PHP 5.4 will require an OS upgrade from service providers that are unwilling to install non-stock RPMs / Source files. Most providers wont do that, just look how many years it took them to switch Apache 1.3 to 2.0.

    IPS should wait till EL8 is out before they remove support for PHP 5.4.

    CentOS 6.7 / EL6 latest official RPM's only have PHP 5.3.  So far I've not seen a true 6.7 to 7.x upgrade for CentOS, so anyone that needs to upgrade PHP either needs to use a 3rd party repo, or re-image their server with 7.x and re-install everything.  Even then, as you say, the official RPM's only have PHP 5.4.  So you're still stuck needing a 3rd party repo for anything higher.  

    I understand the internet needs to advance, operating systems and hosting companies aren't keeping up.  Making 3rd party repositories mandatory and a proverbial mine-field when they just stop releasing updates.  

    At least with MySQL, they have their own repository... You just have to add it and configure it.

  10. Personally, I feel it is irresponsible for IPS to not maintain several prior versions of their software for applying patches of this nature, most especially for security-related patches.  Not everyone is going to be running the latest version of the software, for one reason or another.  It would not take much time for Invision to have version 3.4.5 and 3.4.6 running on one of their virtual servers and to apply these patches to make sure there are no obvious issues.  This practice is very common with software patches of this nature--they usually are tested against the latest version (of course), as well as one or more versions back.  

    Given how much I'm paying Invision every year, I don't feel this is unreasonable at all. 


    ​Historically, they've not done this.  This is the same as asking IPS to port all bug fixes to previous versions.  If you submit a ticket about a bug in 3.4.5, that was fixed in 3.4.7, the solution is to upgrade and get the fix.  The same is true for security patches, which are just like bugs only IPS releases patches for the latest version for each major branch.  

    Not trying to nullify your suggestion, but the best place for it would be in the company feedback forum, not as a comment to a blog post.  

  11. Is there an official statement, that the patch is compatible with 3.4.5?

    ​They've already said patches are built for the latest version in the branch.  If you're not running the latest version, 3.4.7, IPS recommends upgrading to that latest version.  Should there be any unforseen side effects running the patch on an earlier 3.4.x versions, the solution is to upgrade.  IPS isn't going to build a patch for each and every minor point version.

  12. William,
    Not all versions of IP.Board accept the new license. Old 2.x and even 3.0 boards don't have a license key field.

    While it's a nice idea, I'm sure it's something IPS will do once they've received a report. There is a certain level of privacy to be kept for those clients that do follow the law.

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