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  1. Support Tickets - Let me reopen tickets

    What benefit does that provide? Awaiting Customer Action, as far as IPS is concerned, is 'Closed'. It won't show up in the queue for IPS until the customer replies and it changes to 'Open'. Then it'll show up in the queue based on it's creation date. I don't dislike the idea, I dislike the implementation. A clone feature that references the previous ticket would be a better solution IMO. Rather than getting a ticket that could be re-opened God knows how many times and have dozens of replies creating confusion about what version you're running when a particular issue occurred, etc.
  2. Support Tickets - Let me reopen tickets

    The problem with reopening tickets. Some would use the system as intended, reopen only tickets that were a repeated issue. But others would abuse it and open their oldest ticket so it shows up at the top of the support queue. Tickets are answered in the order received, giving clients a way to bypass that would impact support times for those that aren't facing a repeated or critical issue. An option to CLONE a previous ticket, essentially creating a new ticket, BASED on an old one would be beneficial.
  3. Release notes & theme difference tool

    You can do this yourself with your own private repo. Key word, private. Otherwise you'd be in violation of TOS by distributing files.
  4. On vacation till 9/16. Apologies in advance for any delayed support. 

  5. Battlefield Integration is now installed on https://aiwa.me Feel free to create a profile, navigate to the Battlefield 4 tab and add Player ID's. Keep in mind this is an alpha, if you run into any bugs, create a support request and let me know.
  6. Ran into a bug that pushed back soft launch. Will be done this week.
  7. Group functionality added in 2.1.1 with 4.2.2 compatibility.
  8. I'm willing to bet that was in the 3.x support forums that were hidden.
  9. Plan is to do a soft launch on my website, https://aiwa.me, by the end of this week. Profile view is done, haven't squared away topic view or a widget yet. I circled back to Steam Integration briefly go get Steam Group functionality added. Should be releasing that by the end of the week.
  10. There seems to be an interest in Steam Group functionality. I'm working on adding the feature into this app for 2.1.1.
  11. New: Two Factor Authentication

    Submit a ticket via your Client Area
  12. Tournaments

    Let it end already. Let Midnight fall away into Troll ether. His customers are doing a good enough job roasting him over his most recent failure. If you're interested in pursuing legal action against someone that makes a similar application, I suggest you contact a copyright / IP attorney and quit arguing here. And for the record, I'm not involved in any such manner with this 'other' version that's supposedly being made.
  13. Calling profile view done for an initial release. Circling back to the Admin side for some clean-up then the last thing to do is topic view. Won't make any date commitments, but it'll be done soon.
  14. New IPS community URL

    Best I can tell you is that zscalar is flagging it. I have no insight on IT rules I'm afraid.
  15. Nice, I like it, but looks like I'll be forced to spend less time here. It seems my corporate network thinks it's malicious