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  1. Just realized I allowed my active customer license to lapse. Whoops. Will be renewing that....

  2. IP.Board 3.2.0 Dev Update: Editor Updates

    Nice! Too late to add "specify topic visible/hidden times" feature? :whistle:
  3. 15 Ways to Simplify Sign-up

    I know. Just throwing the topic out there for discussion.
  4. http://baymard.com/blog/simplifying-sign-up Thoughts?
  5. Links is still available here on IPS; just removed from nav bar so must point browser to it directly

    1. PKIDelirium


      There's a link to it on the marketplace's sidebar.

  6. What happened to the Links app?

  7. Macbook Air!

    I had that problem when I was using a Linksys router and Comcast (cable company for those unfamiliar) cable modem internet. Now I have Verizon FiOS and its complimentary router (Actiontec brand, I believe) and haven't had that problem. Not sure if the problem was due to the Linksys router or internet provider.
  8. Member Map

    Stoo, just wanted to say thanks for keeping up with this. It's clearly something a lot of people are happy to use :).
  9. New IPS site

    Sweet, I like. Someone should make an IPB skin based on it. Edit: Barring any objection from IPS, of course.
  10. Notification Feedback

    Agree with all of your suggestions, Luke. Usability is key.
  11. New Guest User Nav

    And you did so in a very sleek manner :). Now all you need to do is fix those gamma channel problems :P.
  12. New Guest User Nav

    Nice work! I think it looks great.
  13. Reported Content

    I think it's more an issue of preventing someone from reporting the same post over and over again.
  14. Reported Content

    Just what I was going to suggest :).
  15. Profile View in 3.1

    I like the suggestions in this thread :).